Obviously, the first consideration is, why date feminists at all? Some guys refuse outright; others can work with it. Really, it’s all about numbers.

If you’re on campus (which is another can of worms entirely), girls get propagandized quickly. In a liberal city, much of your available target market identifies with feminism at least somewhat. If that’s unsuitable for you, escape to a better city, or defect to Flyover Country. Still, although I’ll move for work, I’m unwilling to move for chicks. Finally, you might discover a girlfriend’s views after you’re already dating.

Despite my frequent tirades about radical feminists, I’ve actually had some decent relationships with the moderate ones. Everything depends on how deeply they were indoctrinated.

Girlfriend Security Advisory System

The threat classifications include:

  • Severe – Fanatic, short temper, not grounded in reality
  • High – Has some bad attitudes, suffers from Princess Complex
  • Elevated – Thinks feminism is only about equality
  • Guarded – Average modern chick
  • Low – Ladylike, very down to earth, knows feminism is nuts

Women are increasingly rejecting feminism, but you’ll often encounter the following.

Go for the one on the right.

Code Yellow really isn’t too bad. They’re fairly normal, only moderately indoctrinated. They’re usually liberal, but probably okay with polite discussion or agreeing to disagree. Ideology needn’t be a barrier.  Romance and politics are as related as chocolate cake and Boolean algebra. I’ve had several hookups and short-term relationships in this range.

I’ll overlook many flaws for ginger hair

Code Orange enters more dangerous territory. Some actually can be cute, though others experiment with strange fashion choices (weird hair, lots of tattoos, etc.) As for personality, think of the bumper sticker “51% sweetheart, 49% bitch”, helpfully warning you she’s barely tolerable. However, having good game can be mitigating.

I learned many valuable lessons in the trenches. A couple of decent long-term relationships were in this range, and a turbulent one too (Daddy issues, epic Princess Complex, verging on Code Red). Also, I had a great start with a soft butch lesbian, but unfortunately she was a druggie; long story.

A chip on the shoulder means “do not bang”

Code Red includes hardcore feminists, often fanatically into every other flavor of cultural Marxism too. These ball-busters generally aren’t worth the effort.

Still, I almost made it work with one, back in college. (That could’ve been the oddest relationship since Jack London and Anna Strunsky.) I got considerably further with another a few years later. She was a nineteen year old natural redhead with bodacious curves; I couldn’t resist. It burnt out quickly after severely overdoing her “Hot and Cold” shtick and none-too-endearing passive aggressiveness.

Code Reds aren’t always obvious, but tells include:

Beware; she probably has a bitchy personality, and her ideology justifies it.


Managing the ‘tude

Don’t let it get to this point.

Feminist programming often makes direct approaches (and even indirect ones) difficult. Inflated egos and expectations can worsen this too. Sometimes even Code Reds have friendly moments, but knowing how to deal with Bitch Shields is often necessary to break the ice. However, if she persists in being snotty, find someone without a defective personality.

If your relationship game isn’t on point, your girlfriend will be (shall we say) difficult. Keep your frame sharp. Get good at passing Shit Tests. The higher the threat category, the more important this becomes. A Code Red will be a major pain in the butt unless you have frame control like Darth Vader:

Her: That’s not how our relaaaationship should work!
You: I have altered the deal. Pray I do not alter it further. (wheeze)

They’ve been programmed to rebel against male authority, yet they instinctively expect leadership from you. If you act indecisive—or worse, let her boss you around—you’ll pay dearly. It’s okay to be reasonable and talk things out, but ultimately, sometimes you must remind her that Mussolini is always right.

The good news is that being fair but firm from the beginning will earn respect. She’s used to soy boy male feminist orbiters supplicating to her, but she instinctively wants a real man.

Banging feminists

Ah, such maidenly charm and grace!

Concerning attitudes toward sex, there are two very different varieties of feminists. (Yes, they bitterly disagree with each other.) The first are crabby, pickled prunes with more issues than National Geographic. Long spells of sexual frustration will worsen their disposition, creating a self-perpetuating spiral. Steer clear of those; they’re often Code Reds anyway. They’re the likeliest to make false rape accusations for revenge, though that’s possible in any threat category above Code Green.

Then there are the sex-positive feminists, generally Code Oranges and Yellows. They even call themselves sluts. They can be lots of fun in the bedroom, so long as you’re not expecting someone with low mileage. The choices they’ve made mean they’re not exactly wife material, but they generally don’t want to be reminded of that.

Personally, I love sluts, for obvious reasons. (I’ve been around the block myself, so I’m not exactly holding out for a virgin.) They’re more likely to go in for any kinky stuff you’ve been curious about but never had a chance to try before. You’re probably not her first for all that!

Many are into “alternative lifestyles”. I don’t mind when women bump and grind with their girlfriends. (That’s cute, and I still have something they don’t.) Some are into polyamory, particularly those in offbeat subcultures like hipsters or the kink scene. If you can put up with that, be warned that polyamory is typically more drama than an Off-Off-Broadway troupe in Greenwich Village. For those imagining weekly threesomes with hot bi babes, the reality is much different, but all that’s another discussion.

Can feminists change?

Remember that they were once normal girls, before they got propagandized. Some have found their redemption. Even the nutty big-name feminists are people too (just very unpleasant ones).

Fortunately, things can improve over time. After a Code Red graduates, a few years of exposure to the real world usually takes some of the piss and vinegar out of her. A Code Orange nearing her expiration date must tone down the Princess Complex and snotty attitude if she hopes to keep her social life going. A Code Yellow might become aware that Western women have it pretty darn good already. A Code Blue might even take the Red Pill.

Unfortunately, there are no quick cures for years of brainwashing. However, there are ways to convey your message slowly and gently, if she’s open to discussion. The facts are on your side. The last six decades of radical feminism didn’t grant women equal rights; they already had it. Since then, we got vast increases in divorces and broken homes, hostility between the sexes, a dysfunctional social environment, and that’s just for starters. If you can lead someone to the truth, deprogramming feminists is a service to humanity.

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