Google has been under increasing criticism for its censorship, feminism, and authoritarian practices.  Here is a sample of what they’ve done recently:

  • Fired James Damore for speaking out against its pro-diversity culture (despite hiring 35% Asians in a country with a 3% Asian population).
  • Worked with governments to censor speech.
  • Met with Obama White House weekly, more often than some Cabinet members.
  • Continued development of terminator robots, likely in coordination with government Military / Industrial Complex funds under the cover of AI research.
  • Supported a variety of feminist, degenerate, anti-family policies, and politically correct propaganda, including the #MeToo hysteria.

While in fairness, the company quietly removed its duplicitous “Don’t Be Evil” company motto in 2015, men should recognize that doing business with the company is helping further lead Western nations down the wrong path.

But perhaps the greatest danger Google presents is its subtle rewriting of history.  In an age where few know how to research facts in encyclopedias or libraries, most information comes from the internet.  Finding misinformation online is extremely easy, but the real danger is when large institutions begin misrepresenting facts and creating their own narratives.

In 2017, Google came under fire for returning image searches that were politically correct fantasies of what the user was searching.  When I first heard about this, I laughed and figured it was a bug or hack that someone exposed, that would be corrected later that day or certainly that week.  But here we are, in the Current Year, and the search results below  speak for themselves.

1. White Man White Woman

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

On the other hand, Asian couple returns:


2. Burglar

When you hear of a burglary, do you begin looking for Frenchmen with wispy mustaches and designer shoes?

3. Prisoner

100% of page 1 images are white men

Whites are statistically 35% of the US prison population, and that includes Hispanics.


4. Happy American White Couple

Notice anyone missing from these images?

5. Lazy Man

Did you know all lazy men are white?

5. Rapist

These men may be rapists, but the overall impression is very misleading

6. American Scientists

Typical guy in any scientific lab, really.

7. American Father

I’m surprised it wasn’t Homer Simpson

8. European Inventors

7 out of 8 are clearly not European

9. Unhappy Couple

Clearly, she should stop dating “rapists” and “burglars” and start dating a “scientist”

I’m sure this is all just a shoddy (((algorithm))) and despite search being Google’s primary product, and the images only affecting straight white men, surely at least one of its 88,000 employees is aware and the company is going to fix this bug any day now (2 years and counting).

Of course, when the problem involves a minority, like when gorillas began appearing in searches for black men, Google’s response is immediate. When it involves a conservative white man, don’t hold your breath.

But until then, if you, like the majority of young Americans today, are not a white male, and have limited interactions with white men, seeing these images would make you think white men are lazy, untalented, violent criminals, and rapists that make poor fathers.  The next generation is being programmed to believe a narrative of history that is in sharp contrast to the truth.

If all individuals have different talents, what are white men good for?

Even I greatly overestimated the number of blacks in America—they are less than 13% of the population!  But their media exposure is far greater.


The changes in my lifetime may be minor, but imagine a child being born today in majority non-white America.  When her teacher asks her to research and write a story on scientific discoveries, she may be presented with an entirely different set of facts than what you and I know today.

Of course, America is less a nation and more an economic zone, but that is a topic for another day.

Idiocracy–is it that farfetched?

While it can be tempting to use Google’s products, particularly since they are free, take the time to look for some alternatives.  Startpage and Duckduckgo are good search alternatives.

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