This month will be, in many ways, another month for me in which I am trying to better myself.  It’s another moment in time when I approach my goals with renewed resolve.  I look over the books that I plan to write, the blog articles that have yet to be finished, and what I really want for myself.

Once again, I rearrange my computer’s bookmarks and then ensure that those bookmarks are perfectly synced with all my other bookmarks.  I aim to be more productive and promise myself that I will stick to it “this time.”  I re-prioritize my goals and vow to finish the Jordan Peterson book that I bought before I go off buying other books, and then make a list of the other books that I promised myself that I would finish as they remain unread on my Kindle.

Most importantly perhaps, I resolve to clean up my internal state and my own mental environment.  I resolve to get busy and put my nose to the grindstone and work on that business, rather than sulking because I’ve gone two straight weeks without a piece of ass in my bed.

That’s when Elon Musk shot is cherry-red Tesla Roadster into outer space.  I was watching on YouTube at my desk at work when it happened.

My first thought?

See, a woman would never do this.

It was my first guttural reaction in a time of vitriolic, violently militant feminism.  “The Force is Female,” is the new calling-card of the once mythological and majestic series we came to know as Star Wars.  That’s over with now.  #MeToo is the war cry of every once-rejected actress who slept her way to the top – of course there are some real victims in the mix, but I suppose it is now the solemn duty of “all men” to sort it out, repress ourselves and behave differently.  It is the time of the relentless utopian ideals of the postmodern left – rammed down our throats.  Cat-calling and unsuccessful flirtation with women is now punishable by fines in certain parts of the world.  In Canada you can be fined or imprisoned for using the wrong “gendered pronouns.”

A woman would never launch a perfectly good car into outer space.  That is, if she let you have the damned two-seater you always wanted in the first place.  Women are too practical.  She would tell you to sell it and invest that money in your child’s education or use it for a down-payment on a new Ford Explorer, or whatever she wants or deems to be wise and reasonable.

Women exist to preserve the home and the status quo.  Men break the mold.  Why are over 95% of all U.S. patent filings made by men?  Because the first world is still so horrifically unfair to women, even though they make up the majority of all high school graduates, college graduates, and advanced-degree graduates at all levels?  Because without the “patriarchy” keeping women down, everything would be just-so, perfectly equal across the board – in STEM fields, in computer technology, in driving race cars, and in bodybuilding?

No.  Elon Musk shot his car into space because it is BAD ASS.  It’s a middle-finger to the establishment.  It’s a “fuck you” to NASA, to everyone who said that he would never make it or said that it couldn’t be done.  It’s a testament to personal genius and unwavering, obsessive ambition – and those are qualities that women, quite simply, just don’t have.

The next thought that I had, as I watched Mr. Musk’s sports car go cruising through space:

This is like that scene from Heavy Metal! 

Who could forget that beautiful corvette dropping out of that space shuttle, all to the iconic sound of Riggs’ “RADAR! RADAR! RADAR!”  I thought to make a YouTube video of the Tesla footage to that soundtrack, but of course some GUY beat me to it.

I was inspired to rent Heavy Metal that night.  It had been a while since I’d last seen it, and I must tell you, it is fantastically refreshing.  In an era of all-female Ghostbusters, all-female Ocean’s Eleven sequels, talk of a female James Bond (let the eye-rolling begin), and a Mary Sue replacement for Luke Skywalker, Heavy Metal was inspired by the magazine of the same name, from a once-proud era when it was okay for men to consume content for men.


Heavy Metal the film, like the magazine, was full of bare and sexually eager big-titted babes.  They were the reward for the man’s adventure-well-done.

The film concludes with a female warrior, a “bad ass chick.”  One might conclude that this is somehow a testament to feminism, but you would be wrong.  The “bad ass chick,” so often depicted in fiction as the female warrior, or she-barbarian, or Red Sonya, or the heroine found in so much of Japanese anime, is a male fantasy, not a statement of liberal progressivism.

We men like the idea of a female bad-ass.  She could do bad-ass things with us and would appreciate our ambition or the obsessive projects that we want to get ourselves in to.  The perfect partner in crime.  When a Frank Frazetta type drew a female badass, that was the expression of a strong sexual fantasy.

“Body of a woman – brain of a man, now we’re talkin’.”

Please don’t be fooled by women who (all too often) attempt to create the pastiche or aesthetic of “bad assery” in their social lives.  Women love to take photos of themselves shooting guns, taking MMA classes, or oven partaking in a cage fights or becoming professional fighters themselves.  But you and I both know that this is not real combat.  The theater of infantry-driven warfare?  Women suck at that when compared to men, and that’s common knowledge.

Hot chicks take photos of themselves shooting guns because they know (as in Heavy Metal), that you fantasize about it, and they can captivate your attention in this way, and assert their sexual power over you by captivating your attention.

I don’t fall for women’s bullshit when they boast about how tough they are, or how they aren’t afraid of anything because they take kickboxing classes.  They live in a world where they can say whatever they want and do as they please without reprisals.  It’s easy to talk about how tough you are when you’ve never been in a real fight before or face a real person who truly means you harm.  Most women have never had the experience of having to nut-up and punch that bully in the face so that she can return home with her pocket change intact.

The modern female ego is a construction of falsehood and mirage.  They put some shit together with a glue-gun, sell it on Etsy and deem themselves “entrepreneurs.”  Meanwhile, Elan Musk shoots a perfectly good car into outer space BECAUSE HE CAN and BECAUSE IT IS BAD ASS.

So, the next time you are faced with a lonely moment, and are doubting yourself, get to work.  Know that women don’t respect the process at all, and only the output of that process in the form of money, fame and material goods.  Women don’t have any respect for a man with dreams and ambitions of creating a wildly successful privatized space exploration company.  Those dreams are incredibly important and are worth pursuing, as you can plainly see.

Do it, get it done and become successful.  Then, if you wish, find a good woman, have a quality relationship with her and don’t marry her.  Despite what the courts think, she is not entitled to half of your hard-earned work and success, because if she were in your shoes and given the same opportunities, she would not have done as well as you did.  If she had been there while you were working on it, she would have nagged you to stop, “do something realistic,” and become jealous of your distracted attention.  She would also secretly be fearful that you very well could become successful one day and leave her for a hotter, younger and nicer girl.

You have the potential to be a Bad Ass and women do not. Know that and sleep easy tonight, even if it’s by yourself.

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