STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education has in recent times been proposed as a miracle cure for young adults trapped in a job market that is rapidly losing lucrative opportunities for all but the top percentage of college graduates.

The assortment of fields associated with STEM majors are by no means immune to rampant globalization, mass immigration, and increasing automation. While a STEM degree still affords students more opportunities following graduation than a liberal arts degree, it is no longer a free ride to a well-paying and respectable career.

Gender “Science”.

Why biology is the worst STEM field

All fields encompassing STEM are not created equally. You will find that a degree in one of the scientific disciplines (biology, chemistry, and physics) will not afford you the same high-paying career options as a degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or data science. In fact, graduating with a science degree can often be a mistake on the magnitude of graduating with a gender studies degree.

The primary example of this is biology. Biology is the youngest of the three aforementioned scientific disciplines, and easily the worst field for a young man to major in under the STEM umbrella. Biology programs tend not to require much in the way of mathematics or computer science courses, and are thus considered the easiest of the STEM programs.

Much of biology has to do with memorizing and regurgitating ‘scientific facts’ rather than solving challenging, complex problems. As technology trends away from rote memorization (e.g., search engines, online databases) and towards complex problem-solving, the skills you will learn in biology will rapidly become obsolete. The most important work in biology today is really performed by trained physicists and engineers.

Just not this engineer.

1. Limited Career Options

Typically, biology majors will work in some form of research lab for their first jobs. If you thought you would be curing cancer and synthesizing life-saving drugs, you are mistaken. Lab work is rote, boring, and tedious. You will spend the majority of your time moving small quantities of liquid to other small quantities of liquid under mind-numbing florescent lights for minimum wage. There is little opportunity for career advancement in research without going to graduate school and kowtowing to the far-left ideology of academia.

Lab technician work will largely be automated with a decade. Currently, academic and industry research labs employ a majority of unqualified women and H-1Bs who are more than happy to move small quantities of liquid around day in and day out. Women have rapidly assumed positions of authority in biology, and the biology departments at most universities are comprised primarily of women.

It’s not as great as it sounds.

What this means for a young man is that your lab manager (principal investigator) will more than likely be an aging, ‘educated’ career woman. If you are a long-time Return of Kings reader, you already know how this will go. Being ordered around by a greying cat lady and having to walk on eggshells in the workplace will drop your testosterone levels faster than drinking a gallon of Soylent in the morning.

2. Left-wing indoctrination

Furthermore, if you thought the scientific disciplines would be safe from the far-left ideology infecting academia, you are wrong. The field of biology has been marked for destruction by those who seek to undermine Western civilization. Biology has the naughty habit of contradicting many far-left talking points and ideas.


For example, biology directly refutes the notion that all men are created equally. A basic understanding of genetics would explain that we are not born as blank slates and are later shaped into evil, racist Westerners by Christianity or Republicans or some other such left-wing boogeyman. Nature over nurture is an inconvenient truth to those in power.

Biology also tells us that men and women are completely different. This simple fact of nature flies in the face of over fifty years of feminist indoctrination. The women’s rights movement is founded on selective ignorance of these very biological truths. A woman who has forsaken her most beautiful and fertile years to make PowerPoints for HR well into her thirties is going to bury her head in the sand when confronted with this reality. She will then seek to discredit and destroy these inconvenient truths by assuming positions of power in academia.

Modern education.

You cannot take a genetics course or a human reproduction course nowadays without being confronted with talk of gender dysphoria, transgenderism, and related disorders. Professors seem to take special pleasure in teaching these topics over more valuable subjects like endocrinology and metabolic biochemistry. Do not expect either to learn of human biodiversity or the inherent racial differences in IQ and temperament. We are all equal, they remind us.

3. Pre-meds

Lastly, a significant reason to avoid majoring in biology would be to avoid pre-medical students. Never has there been such a wretched and melodramatic group of people as pre-meds. Pre-meds will lie, cheat, and steal to gain any advantage on their single-minded quest to attend medical school. They are, by and large, treacherous sociopaths who have no place working with the ill and infirm. A good strategy if you are intent on going to medical school would be to take the required courses for admittance, major in something easy to raise your overall GPA, and avoid these rats altogether.

You can’t trust doctors either these days.

As aforementioned, biology has the lowest barrier to entry with regards to the STEM disciplines. The more mathematics courses you have to take for your major, the less you will be exposed to the virulent strain of leftist thought floating around universities. It would be difficult to alter math or coding courses to include far-left talking points. The engineering and mathematics disciplines are furthermore largely free of women, meaning they are safer for the time being if you want to avoid progressive indoctrination.

Studying STEM will not solve all of your career and financial worries, but it still remains preferential to earning a liberal arts degree. You would do well to avoid the sciences and stick with engineering, coding, and mathematics, as these skills will afford you more lucrative opportunities following graduation.

The future will only get more competitive as the middle class evaporates and wealth is concentrated into the hands of the self-styled cognitive elite. Low-skilled lab technicians, researchers, and those without coding and math skills will be left behind. Be smart by selecting the right field of study and do everything you can to be on the winning side of this imminent reality.

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