Websites for “sugar babies” have become trendy, thanks to modern technology, declining public morals, and an unbalanced sexual marketplace which exacerbates female entitlement complex. It’s a hot new way to profit tremendously from simply being a girlfriend—or at the least, going through some of the motions.

However, sometimes this modern NC17 version of Cinderella can have some interesting twists.

Get Rich Quick

As The Sun write-up begins:

“I’m tired of boys our age” I sighed, tossing my phone onto the couch. My friend laughed at my frustration.

At 18, I was fed up with the immaturity of teenage boys I’d meet in town. I wanted an older man who knew how to treat a woman properly.

I was saving every penny I earned at my sales job to go travelling in Australia, so it would be nice to find a man who could spoil me whilst I saved.

“You should try this dating site I’m on,” my friend suggested, handing me her phone. I glanced at the browser she had opened.

So this eighteen year old working a sales gig began her quest to be “spoiled”. Ordinary chicks thinking ordinary guys aren’t good enough for them? I’m shocked, shocked!

Being cute—and barely legal, of course—Anna Ryan was in a position to make some serious bank.  Let’s face it—if that wasn’t the idea, there are plenty of conventional matchmaking sites focusing on compatibility or looks, rather than “generous” guys. If the “sugar baby” sites are sausage fests like traditional online dating, then that too works in favor of those desiring to milk a “beta bucks” relationship for everything it’s worth.

After creating a profile, she got a reply pretty quickly. This was James Walsh, a stock trader who made 50 million pounds a year, drove a Lamborghini, and even owned a gold mine. Looks like she hit the jackpot right away! How did the whirlwind romance go?

What followed was an incredible seven months of text messages and some phone calls, with her finances being one of the topics. Mere mortals struggle to maintain even a week of text game without things going cold. They’ll usually put things on the back burner if they haven’t closed the deal after months. So, apparently the rules change when online dating starts to look like high-stakes gambling.

At long last, they met up. No Lamborghini though; it was in the shop getting a flat fixed. She noticed his watch, which looked like a gold Rolex, and on the date he took some calls relating to his high finance job; surely this piqued her interest.

They met for a second date. The Lambo was still out for repairs, which seemed slightly odd. She took him home for drinks, and (as you might guess) he spent the night. All seemed well, and he mentioned taking her on an upcoming vacation.

However, there was a little snag. Specifically, he had to pay a court fine.

Too good to be true

Not exactly Bernie, but…

“James Walsh” said he had to pay five thousand pounds, but was unable because the legal trouble got his bank accounts frozen. If unpaid, he could go to prison. When she was reluctant to “loan” him the money, he got aggro and even threatened suicide. Likely she would’ve been on an emotional roller coaster by then; standard operating procedure for an experienced fraudster. She complied, and he cleaned out her bank account.


A more level-headed assessment would’ve set off the bullshit detectors. A legal matter meriting a £5000 fine probably wouldn’t be enough to have bank accounts frozen. Further, an actual rich guy should’ve had several other resources available to pay it. Prior to that, some basic fact-checking would’ve been prudent. Even ordinary people usually have a substantial digital paper trail. She could’ve called his office to see if he really worked there.

After doing some research a little too late, Anna found the answer quickly. This wasn’t the first time he’d run this scam. This crook defrauded eight other known marks. As the Daily Mail write-up concludes:

Feeling overwhelmed by what happened, Miss Ryan, who now lives in Dubai, searched his number on the internet and discovered he was not James Walsh and found a forum about a conman called David Overton, who scammed young women.

She and eight other victims testified against him in February last year and Overton pleaded guilty to fraud and was jailed for 15 months.

Fifteen months seems a fairly light rap for ripping off so many people, possibly totaling enough to afford a real chick magnet car. Still, it’s an encouraging sign that British law enforcement is actually doing more than investigating trifling matters while turning a blind eye to loathsome crimes by immigrants. Anyway, hopefully David Overton learned his lesson and will henceforth make money working productively.

This Dubai thing seems a little curious, though. Did she find a better-paying retail job there, or is it something else?

Something for nothing

On the other side of the equation, it’s quite possible that “sugar babies” will one day acquire a reputation for receiving payments but not delivering their precious goodies. With merely an ambiguous understanding, what could a scammed “sugar daddy” do? Buyer beware!

However, the greater problem is that “sugar dating”—what some call soft prostitution—is inherently skeezy and immoral.  Websites with a worldwide reach, facilitating maximized perks for highly ambitious cyber-courtesans, have taken gold-digging (and Princess Complex) to a new depth. Trying to win the lottery in bed is basically expecting something for nothing. Overweening pride tempts fate.

Getting paid lavishly for being a girlfriend (more or less) has its appeal to some. Still, participants should be aware they’re getting deep into shady moral and ethical territory, and everything that comes with it. Undoubtedly we’ll be seeing a lot more bullshit on both sides of this mercenary arrangement they seek.

Whatever happened to young ladies looking for promising young gentlemen, whose intelligence and work ethic will bear fruit with a prosperous lifetime for the couple and their children? That’s rhetorical; I already know the answer.

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