A common argument amongst feminists (in addition to their emasculated white knight and soy boy allies) is that women are better suited for leadership positions in the modern world. It doesn’t matter whether it’s being President, Prime Minister, Chancellor, or CEO, because men are just “too violent” or “too corrupt” or “too sexist”, and will inevitably ruin things for everyone like they have for many millennia.

Yup. Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and Dwight Eisenhower really ran the country into the ground alright.

However, they are dead wrong. Female leaders throughout the course of history have proven themselves capable of dishing out just as much wanton violence as their male counterparts, and a string of female leaders in modern times have equally proven themselves to be corruption-riddled grade-F garbage.

This article will showcase fifteen prominent examples, and make a valid argument that men should continue to be the best choices to run a country or corporation.

1. Wu Zetian – Empress of China

Rejected – China’s only Empress in it’s vast history would have been a shoo-in to be a “Diversity Disney Princess” if not for her horrible deeds

Proof that the world’s least criminally inclined gender and racial combination (East Asian Females) are not immune to being absolutely corrupted by power, it’s no wonder that one of China’s very few female rulers in over 3,000 years of history is not a modern feminist icon.

The 7th century autocrat is widely believed to have strangled her infant daughter to death in order to frame a key rival for the throne, ordered numerous people to commit suicide, and handed out treason charges like they were candy, among numerous naughty exploits.

Recognizing a problem before things got out of hand, the middle kingdom hasn’t made many attempts with female rule ever since. Much like East Asia has wisely opted out of western style “diversity” in the early 21st century, after seeing it’s negative results elsewhere.

2. Park Geun-hye – President of South Korea

She is currently languishing at the Seoul Detention Center

Clearly, China’s smaller next door neighbor (if you exclude North Korea) didn’t get the memo of what’s at stake when you put a woman in charge. The first female president of South Korea (2013), and the first popularly elected female head of state in East Asia in general, Geun-hye was impeached in late 2016 on charges related to influence peddling by her top aide.

And it doesn’t stop there. On 17 April 2017, she was formally charged with abuse of power, bribery, coercion, and leaking government secrets.

It sounds like Seoul Detention Center is exactly where she needs to be. Oh, and here’s a 2016 video of hundreds of thousands of Seoul residents taking to the streets in protest against her dismal leadership.

3. Cristina Kirchner – President of Argentina


If the Argentinian people had some high hope that Ms. Kirchner, the wife of former president Nestor Kirchner, was going to put an end to the countries notorious reputation for corruption and cronyism when she took office in 2007, they were left just as disappointed as ever. In fact, it arguably got even worse.

Four years into her presidency (2011), Wikileaks cables revealed that diplomats from the United States and several other Western countries had expressed deep concern about the current levels of corruption in Argentina. “Under President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner,” reported the Heritage Foundation in 2013, “respect for markets and the rule of law has deteriorated and corruption has boomed.”

Post-presidential indictments for corruption, money laundering, and even a federal judge calling for her arrest for treason, only amplify just how mediocre she was in hindsight.

4. Dilma Rousseff – President of Brazil

Brazil elects mate-slurping former Communist revolutionary into office. Proceeds to run the Brazilian economy into the ground and gets impeached.

Taking the helm of the world’s 5th most populous nation in 2011, Dilma became not only the first female president in Brazilian history, but also the first democratically-elected female president in the world to be impeached and removed in 2016. (Park Geun-hye of South Korea would closely follow suit in 2017).

Initially somewhat popular with Brazilians (both on a personal level and with her government), things soured quickly in 2015 after revelations of corruption were endemic in her left-wing / SJW administration, sparking the world famous 2015–16 protests in Brazil. The rapidly expanding economic crisis in the country played a huge role as well.

In July of 2015, her approval rating reached a new pathetic low of 9%, while her disapproval rating reached a whopping 64%. With the Brazilian people clearly getting tired of their Marxist matriarch running the show (into the ground), Dilma was suspended from office in May 2016 and impeached later that August.

5. Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany

Prost! To the death of western civilization!

Much like Dilma Rousseff, ‘Mother Merkel‘ was indoctrinated with much Marxist-Leninist garbage in her youth, despite being born in the prosperous free-market Republic of West Germany rather than the “everyone is poor but at least we’re equal” Communist East. The key difference is while Dilma presided over Brazil to temporary economic doldrums, Merkel may go down in history as the woman who caused more long-term damage to Germany than (literally) Hitler could ever imagine.

She has been supportive of a seemingly endless influx of “refugees” and other welfare-loving migrants to her country. Most of whom tend to have minimal job skills, zero compatibility with western values, and a vastly elevated propensity towards crime (especially rape).

Bombing Dresden and other cities to ashes didn’t permanently destroy Germany in World War II, but the sheer demographic replacement of the nation due to her policies certainly will in the long run.

6. Hillary Clinton – Two Times Failed U.S. Presidential Candidate And Ongoing Cuckquean

We gon’ get you Putin! We gon’ getcha!

This is one nasty woman. Hillary Clinton, also affectionately known as “Hitlery” or “Hilldog” by her 100+ million domestic detractors, has been a giant metaphorical gnat on the U.S. political landscape for decades. No matter how many times you swat at her, she just…… won’t…… go away.

Sinister, conniving, fraudulent, feminist, and known to treat her staffers like dog shit, we can thank the lucky stars this ticking time bomb did not become president. Also a bloodthirsty Russophobe, nobody in the oval office would have ever brought us closer to nuclear war with Russia than her.

7. Jacinda Ardern – Prime Minister of New Zealand

jacinda ardern

Durrrrp! Can I make my country more mediocre too please?

Better qualified to be gnawing on thick carrots rather than running a small country, New Zealand’s woefully inadequate selection to be their latest Prime Minister has gone on record as saying “capitalism is a blatant failure” amongst other feminist and SJW rubbish coming out of her Mr. Ed mouth. (Would she prefer that New Zealand, consistently rated among the world’s top 20 most prosperous countries, become more like Venezuela as an alternative?)


Jacinda is also a firm believer of the “gender wage gap,” a boneheaded social position which should disqualify anybody from public office, due to their lack of ability to comprehend logic, reason, and the insurmountable evidence to the contrary.

Most insultingly, the 37-year-old Ms. Ardern got herself pregnant for the first time very early into her role. A nation’s leader needs to be concentrating on the welfare of their country first, second, and third for the duration of their tenure. Not taking lengthy maternity leave and juggling raising a child in its most vulnerable first years.

8. Mary I – Queen of England

She liked to burn people

Bloody Mary‘ is a well known monicker (and red colored cocktail) derived from this 16th century English tyrant. And when you consider her legacy, it’s not too difficult to understand why.

As part of her aggressive attempts to reverse the English Reformation which was put in place by her father (Henry VIII), more than 280 religious dissenters were burned at the stake via her beck and call. Now that’s not very feminine behavior!

9. Ranavalona I – Queen of Madagascar

queen ranavalona I

She wuz queen (and she was shiet)

Black women don’t get off the hook for horrible violence or screeching ineptitude in a position of power either. In fact, this lady was notoriously bad for both of those things.

Ruling Madagascar from 1828 to 1861, Ranavalona I was hardly a sweet mother figure for the large island nation off the coast of eastern Africa. Her reign was beset by regular warfare, disease, forced labor (black-on-black slavery!), and cruel measures of justice which resulted in a high percentage of the population being prematurely killed.

Just how out of whack was “Ranavalona the Cruel”? Well in 1845 for example, the queen wanted to go on a buffalo hunt. Naturally, she brought along her entire court and (black-on-black) slave community for the ride. About 50,000 people would march for four months on this wild and unprofitable expedition, with one-fifth of the party dropping dead from exhaustion, while others were killed for trivial infractions.

10. Elena Ceausescu – “Mother Of The Nation”

The wife of “President” (Dictator) Nicolae Ceausescu in the former Socialist Republic of Romania, Elena became the second most powerful figure in the country thanks almost entirely to her husbands influence within the Communist party. In retrospect, she is now known as a professional nothingburger.

Her extreme vanity and desire for (meaningless) honors led to her being appointed as “Mother of the Nation” and Deputy Prime Minister of Romania, along with an ever expanding cult of personality. She was even promoted as a scientist, and was bafflingly awarded a PhD in chemistry despite having minimal formal education.

After the Revolution of 1989 and her execution along with her husband, several scientists came forth and claimed that Elena had forced them to write papers in her name. Today, nearly all universities and academic institutions worldwide refuse to acknowledge her alleged academic merit in any shape or form.

11. Elizabeth Holmes – Founder/CEO of Theranos

Deified by the feminist/cultural Marxist western media for being an ultra-rare self-made billionaire with a vagina, Elizabeth Holmes’ blood testing empire famously went crashing down from “4.5 billion to nothing” in the span of a year (2015-2016) due to propagating fraud.

Following these revelations, Fortune named Holmes one of the “World’s Most Disappointing Leaders”. The Wall Street Journal investigative reporter John Carreyrou, who was responsible for uncovering and exposing the allegations, stated that “the company was, in effect, a sham.”

12. Elizabeth Bathory – Hungarian Countess

A Hungarian noblewoman who lived between 1560-1614, Elizabeth Bathory has the devilish distinction of being the most prolific female serial killer in all history, and quite possibly the most prolific serial killer in history.

Bathory and four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of young women between 1585 and 1609 (purported to be over 650!), and these crimes were verified by the testimony of over 300 witnesses and terrified and mutilated survivors. Now how’s that for a “Me Too” hashtag campaign?

Her powerful birthright status was no doubt vital in helping her avoid arrest and retribution for many years, and it was only after rumors of her heinous atrocities spread throughout the kingdom that King Matthias II ordered a full investigation. This finally led to her apprehension, proof of guilt, and solitary confinement until death.

13. Heidi Beirich – Chief Ogress at the SPLC

Fee Fi Fo Fum! What can I do today to shank the goyim!

“Intelligence Project Director” is the fancy title that ‘Fat Heidi’ holds at this cancerous Montgomery, Alabama based shanking organization. Clearly angry that she got heavily beat with the ugly stick at a young age (and accordingly was probably never very popular with men), she now wants to redefine men’s improvement websites such as Return of Kings as “hate groups“.

Why? Because they teach their readers how to make more money, avoid divorce rape, get in shape, and sleep with women who look at least 4 or 5 points higher on the 10 scale than her. She’s a liar, a fraud, and acidic to the eyes and ears.

14. The Defense Ministers of Albania, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Italy

defense ministers

Those women aren’t even worth naming. They are nobodies.

It’s easy (preposterous, but easy) to place a woman in a virtue signalling role as defense minister when your country is guaranteed protection by the United States dominated, and British and French supplemented, NATO defense shield.

This stands in stark contrast to the clearly far more qualified and serious minded defense ministers of Russia, Iran, and China. They are tasked with defending their nations FROM the United States.

Any member of the armed forces of Albania, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, or Italy should be absolutely insulted that these women are their bosses. Absolutely insulted.

15. Theresa May – Prime Minister of The U.K.

We must ban this “Roosh” character from entering Britain! He might ask for women’s phone numbers on the street and later have consensual sex with them!

Last but not least. The current head honcho of the United Kingdom doesn’t bathe in the blood of young girls (or at least not that we know of), but her gross incompetence as a leader was put on display when she was a key figure in having ROK publisher Daryush Valizadeh (Roosh V) banned from entering her country for “unacceptable behavior” in the form of non-violent thought crimes.

Any leader who lets emotions and hearsay falsehoods dictate their policies in lieu of concrete evidence, logic, and reason, is thoroughly unfit for office. Mr. Valizadeh presents the ridiculousness of his predicament in the following video.


Beyond a few Tudor-era mega killers, a rambunctious African queen, and a Chinese empress who was arguably never supposed to be there in the first place, did you notice how contemporary a lot of these women are? That is because this wild experiment with female leadership is mostly a very contemporary concept, and it is clearly not working out how people would have hoped.

A few isolated examples of successful female leaders from the past do exist (Britain’s Queen Victoria, Spain’s Isabella I, and Russia’s Catherine II come to mind), but they are both few and far between, and were bred and trained for those positions via royal birth.

In modern times, popularly elected female leaders have proven themselves to be a disaster, time and time again. They are weak, ineffectual, prone to corruption, or dangerously SJWey. For the good of our nations, it’s time for women to “lean back” from filling up offices and government cabinets, and start filling up baby cribs again.

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