We’ve heard it all before: tales of the Far East enraptured in mystique and intrigue. Men of yesteryear such as Marco Polo and Lafcadio Hearn taking the roads less traveled and venturing into territories once seen incomprehensible to the Western palate.

Despite much of their content being praised for its integrity and nostalgia, unfortunately, much of the material and reporting you see on Japan nowadays borders on mainstream clickbait and blue pill perspectives. Catered to English audiences, the American male is rationed a hearty staple of “OMG Japan is <insert snarky comment here>” from the conformist bastion of Western news platforms.

The MSM is more concerned with Japanese fertility than their own.

Don’t buy into the hyperbole of the media reports. Much of Japan is insulated from the cultural malaise plaguing America. For those who want to see a different side of the country, looking at how the women interact with men is a good indicator of how the society operates. Here are three areas where Japanese women can teach American females a thing or two…

1. Looks

Not a day goes by where you won’t be in awe of how many women here looked like they walked out of some high-end fashion magazine. Despite what you hear about how Japan is a homogenous society, the phenotypic variation in people is astounding. From the palest of skin from northern parts of the island to the more tanned variant in the south, you’ll be able to find a type that best fits your affinities.

As far as bodies are concerned, don’t listen to the nonsense saying that the ladies here lack in the curves department.

Body sizes of women in Japan.

Countless times, my friends have come here and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. There is a word here that exemplifies what is considered the ideal body type for women. Referred to as bon-kyu-bon (ボンキュッボン), this describes what we refer to in the English-speaking world as an “hourglass” figure. From all of the dieting products, skin care regimens, and tons of health food options available here, many ladies go over and beyond to ensure they look their best at all times.

Contrast this with the “beauty at any size” movements and the deep push for rainbow-colored hair in the West and it isn’t difficult to see how the Japanese variant is head-and-shoulders above the so-called competition.

2. Femininity

Not a day goes by where you will see an ample number of city dwellers dressed to the nines. Floral blouses, pencil skirts, and high heels rule the day as you’ll see as many women dolled up and ready to face the world. Many visitors who come here for the first time are taken aback by the womanly fashion that breezes past on a Shinjuku sidewalk. Sites like Bijin-Snap focus on such a paradigm, as the concept of the site is to take snapshots of various girls going about their day.

Contrast that with the yoga pants, ugg(ly) boots, and North Face jackets you see many American females wear like a badge of honor. Like many things in life, initial impressions are to be taken seriously and can determine how outsiders perceive you. Many Japanese women understand that.

A random Tuesday in Tokyo.

While general appearance is essential, the personality traits of many women here are what separate the wheat from the chaff. If you’re coming from Western culture, you’re playing on hard mode: constant shit tests, negs, and having inane chess matches with the opposite sex just to get anywhere substantial.


I don’t know about you, but as someone with several business ventures, hobbies, and goals designed around self-improvement, I don’t have time to play mental gymnastics with some girl who thinks she has to demean you in every aspect of her interactions with men.

With many of the ladies here, there’s a value towards peace and harmony that transcends any dysfunctional platitudes. As a man, as long as you’re confident, respectful of the cultural mores, and strive to improve yourself, you won’t have to worry about being ball-busted. That’s the way it should be.

3. Commitment

Like many women, Japanese girls are relationship oriented and if they like you enough, don’t be surprised how quickly things develop. For the more traditionally-minded men, a lot of women here would be right up your alley, as the ideas of giving and taking care of you are practically ingrained in the culture.

An example of this is on Valentine’s Day, where women buy men gifts. While men usually return this gesture of love the following month, the idea of giving and taking as a feeling of expression showcases the caretaking ethos of the culture. This concept is a just a small example of the countless number of ways ladies show their appreciation for you.

A common scene during the month of February.

Generally, as a Western male, you have quite a few opportunities to play the field, but if you have a good girlfriend, often you won’t need to. In fact, I would urge you not to, as racking up numbers—while fun in its own right—will put a negative image of you in the socially conscious structure of society.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of men here who are manga dweebs and mentally unstable pudwacks who think that just being from the Anglosphere gives them license to print pussy. Honestly, while those sorts of individuals can get laid, they are often relegated to those women who hang out around the “gaijin” (外人) spots and have been ridden harder than Seabiscuit. Ladies of a different caliber don’t want to be around such guttersnipes.

What most foreigners end up going home with.

If you are in good shape, have a modicum of game, and some parts of the language under your belt, then you won’t go without here; that I can assure you. Just respect the culture, observe your surroundings (空気を読む) and understand the rules of the game. Just because people “don’t say anything” doesn’t mean that it is the right action to take. Keep these aspects in mind, and you’ll be able to maximize your ability to thrive here.


If you’re tired of having to climb uphill just to have healthy relationships with women, then Japan might not be a bad place to go. The combination of looks, personalities, and the ability to have lasting relationships are what matter regarding the dealing with women.

For centuries, the Western world understood those ideas, and thus great societies were born. Nowadays, the cultural ailments plaguing these lands have become so apparent that many men decide to drop out altogether. But you don’t need to. The intrigue of the Far East kept numerous men coming back for more, and if you follow some of the cultural nuances of this part of the world, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in Japanese women.

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