One month ago, I announced that I would be paying any article I accepted in January with $10 in Litecoin. I’m happy to say that the results of this promotion has far exceeded my expectations: we’ve received dozens of additional articles and have been able to post four original articles every weekday without relying on syndicated news. Traffic has also increased.

If you have submitted an article, you already received instructions to fill out the invoice form after your article goes live. Payment will be sent out on the 10th of the month after you invoice me. So if you invoice me today (January 31) for a published article, you will be paid on February 10. If you invoice me between February 1-28, you will be paid on March 10. Since we’re still working through a large backlog, it may take up to three more weeks for your January submission to appear. Email me if you need additional clarification or help.


Even though $10 is not a significant sum of money, it was a gentle push for men interested in crypto to submit articles. I’m definitely keeping that lesson in mind on deciding whether I should implement some kind of permanent reward system in the future.

I thank all the writers who have submitted as part of the promotion. If you are a reader, feel free to share your thoughts on if you noticed any difference in content throughout January compared to the previous months.

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