A good case has been made linking feminism and the various disruptions in the sexual marketplace with the ratio of men to women. Historically, females have greatly outnumbered males, and the near-equal sex ratios of contemporary Western societies is an unnatural phenomenon that is both devaluing men and overvaluing women. This imbalance must be remedied if we wish to improve the quality of life for men in the West.

But what do we do to rectify this imbalance and reduce the male-to-female ratio in our society? Do we fold our hands and simply wait for catastrophic, male-reducing disasters, such as a major war or revolution, to materialize as conditions worsen? Do we promote male homosexuality and transgenderism as a sexual marketplace safety valve? Do we, as at least one writer has advocated, embrace gendo-nationalism and go collective MGTOW, abandoning women altogether in favor of sex bots?

Come, now, are we or are we not men? Instead of grudgingly dealing with things as they are, sheepishly hoping that conditions eventually improve, or embracing shameful ways to slightly mitigate the situation, we need to take control. The real problem before us is not that there are too many of us men. The real problem is that we men do not have enough women. And, to be honest, there really is only one solution to this problem for us truly masculine men: we must take other peoples’ women.

Give me your sweet, your sexy, your traditional women yearning to breathe free.


The most immediate means of increasing the female-to-male sex ratio is, of course, importing them. Many Western men are already doing this on an individual level by taking foreign wives, and this course of action should be further encouraged and the process streamlined. However, collective action must also be taken.

The immigration policies in United States, as well as Western Europe, should immediately be altered to favor females. Restrictions on the number of young females that are permitted to immigrate into our nations should be greatly loosened, if not lifted completely. Conversely, the quota for potential male immigrants should be drastically reduced to near-zero levels.

Of course, it would be foolish to expect the foreign nations from which these females will be flooding to passively standby and permit the inevitable babe drain from their shores. Thus, actions to further entice and enable foreign females to actually immigrate into the West will be necessitated.

The realpolitik of Western nations will have to be deployed towards the acquisition of these foreign females as no less valuable than the acquisition of rights to other natural resources that happen to be in foreign hands. Indeed, certain bargains may need to be made and pressures applied to compel acquiescence to this endeavor.

Ultimately, however, the West may have to resort to a more masculine—if also more drastic—approach to acquiring foreign females.

Western men have a time-honored tradition of taking other peoples’ women.


If foreign nations refuse to surrender their women willingly to us, we Westerners will be forced to acquire said females through more ancient means; namely, that of conquest. This method would have the ancillary benefit of speeding up the return to equilibrium of the sex ratios of our societies by culling a small percentage of military-aged men.


Furthermore, amongst the potential war brides, this method would also increase the desirability of our men, because women are evolutionary predisposed to mate with victorious conquerors of their own people.

The United States, for example, could easily utilize the superior military might that it is currently squandering upon policing the world to instead wage a war of conquest upon Mexico and the rest of Central America. Why build a wall across the vast and open American Southwest when you could instead build one across Panama?

In all honesty, manifest destiny was never really intended to stop until the entire continent of North America was placed under U.S. dominion anyways. Also, an invasion and occupation of Mexico and Central America would have the added benefit of giving the United States a chance to finally win the War on Drugs by creating a matrix wherein liquidation of the Mexican drug cartels would become a necessity. Let’s face it: conquest is a win-win.

Europe’s war bride fortunes, on the other hand, would naturally be more conveniently sought after in the Eastern Hemisphere. By subjugating and bringing order to North Africa, Europe could simultaneously end the flow of African migrants into Southern Europe, hitting two birds with one stone.

Furthermore, a deal could perhaps be made between the E.U. and Russia to divide the Middle East, which would have the added benefit of ending the flow of “refugees” from that region as well, replacing the waves of young Muslim men seeking to rape European women with waves of young Muslim women seeking to marry Western men.

Damnit… I forgot that we let broads have a say in policy-making.

Imported females shall not have the vote

Of course, the one possible pitfall behind the mass importation or belligerent acquisition of foreign females is the very real possibility that such women would then gain access to the democratic franchise and then vote for policies disadvantageous for us men.

Thankfully, in the U.S. at least, simply immigrating or marrying a citizen does not automatically guarantee citizenship, and that citizenship usually cannot be obtained until the individual has maintained permanent residency for at least three to five years. Still, three to five years is not a long time.

Indeed, it would be wise to formulate a plan to either deny women or immigrants the franchise prior to executing the mass acquisition of foreign females. And, realistically, collective action to increase the female-to-male sex ratio—whether via importation or conquest—will most likely remain impossible to embark upon so long as females enjoy any suffrage whatsoever. Why would they ever vote to alter their advantageous position?

It may, however, be possible to market these various measures to female voters via duplicitous means. Female importation could be marketed as a means of empowering women from under-developed nations or saving poor Muslim women from honor killings, or something.

A U.S. conquest of Mexico and Central America could be marketed as a final resort to ending the War on Drugs and illegal immigration, and a European conquest of Muslim North Africa and the Middle East could be marketed—as American misadventures in the region were once successfully marketed—as a means of bringing stability and muh democracy.

Let the world be as our clay.


At any rate, it is time that we start facing the problems that collectively face us men as, well, men. Let us not bend and adapt to conditions. Let us instead seek to masculinely alter those conditions, bending nature and remaking reality to our will and liking as Western men have traditionally done when faced with an unfavorable environment. We know the problem. Now, let’s fix it.

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