In some sort of symbolic exchange, the femosphere lost one of its more notable writers in the same week the manosphere lost Mark Minter. And for the exact same vice! Hugo Schwyzer, the self-proclaimed “pegging” male feminist came out of the closet this week announcing he was tired of being criticized by both feminists and normal people.

After I wrote about Manic Pixie Dream Girls, this guy Chris tweeted, “the number one job of male feminists is to never let Hugo Schwyzer get another freelancing gig.” It got 120 retweets and 140 favorites in an hour. I mean, that wildly overestimates the job, right? And it was just really hurtful. I was like, I don’t want to go through this anymore. I feel like a little kid trying to get attention.

And while he was at it, he just so happened let slip that he wasn’t performing his role:

Off-brand … as in out of character?
In that I’m supposed to be reformed. The affair was with someone in the same circles that you and I move in, so I have to protect her. But there’s a lot of gossiping. It may reach you. Don’t be surprised.


My Reaction to Feminism

Gee, who would have guessed that Hugo was a phony? No one would have EVER thought that Hugo was a lying, self-serving snake playing the game to get some slutty feminist snatch. He claimed reformed, but we always knew what kind of man Hugo was all along:

He’s a great troll.

He used to bang students, probably still does.

He’s mooched off of women. He’s been a gigolo. His notch count is in the hundreds.

Game recognize game.


He is the most disgusting white knight that there is: getting laid because he is famous and behaving in pretty much all the anti-feminist ways himself (yay for banging your students!), yet kissing ass to it and feeding hamsters worldwide with his man-hating bullshit. He is the ultimate parasite. The only comparable white knight that I can think of is that Claes Bogstrom guy, a famous Swedish advocate for the “expansion of definition of rape” (and responsible for Julian Assange’s arrest).

The fact that he has game doesn’t make him admirable. Imagine if Roosh used his fame to spout common feminist claims – I don’t think he’d remain admired (by us) for long.

And as Hugo predicted, the gossip around his affair went public. This chick (NSFW).


These text messages (NSFW):






Would you bang? I think most men would have succumbed to the temptation.

No matter what a man calls himself – Christian, Feminist, Republican, Communist, etc – he is, and always will be, a man, and he will share the same sexual nature. Hot poonani? = Yes please. Just as the manosphere’s Mr. Minter claimed he had learned the error of his ways and would avoid marriage, so too did Mr. Schwyzer believe he had had reformed his old ways to finally respect women:

HS: Hah, I love the ambiguity of the word “intense.” In terms of my sexual history with my students (which for the sake of clarification ended abruptly when I got sober in ’98), the key word is simply “unethical.” Though my promiscuity was hardly confined to my own students, that behavior stands out as deeply and profoundly wrong. Even if it was consensual, and involved students who for the most part were my approximate chronological peers, it was still a boundary violation. In the broader sense, that aspect of my past has made me keenly sensitive to power imbalances in sexual relationships. It’s made me mistrustful of the possibility of consent in those instances where one person has so much more experience and authority than the other.

Hugo’s lying and obfuscation skills are magnificent. I think they may even surpass my own, and I’ve told girls some pretty big whoppers. The fact that so many fell for it is still classic though.

However, realize that there were many who read Minter and probably felt the same way most of us felt about Hugo. There’s no need to start witch hunts for phonies, but always remember it’s far more important to judge a man’s character than it is to judge his ideology.

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