Human Resources hates you and the normal, hard-working, heterosexual guy next to you, but they love the drama queen over in the next cube. They set the stage so that no positive human interaction can occur between you and the girls in your office. Never fear—a good solution to this problem exists.

A quick example: in my branch office of GloboHomo, Inc., this year’s “ethics” training was a video. The villain was a white male project manager. He comments to a girl on his team about how she could wear shorter skirts since the weather was warming up. That was it. No grabbing his cod, no proposition of anything; in fact, nothing vulgar at all.

Next, the video showed Blondie’s decision as to whether she was aggrieved enough to complain about the project manager’s behavior. (As if a real woman would waste a chance to complain about anything!) Of course, the right answer was that she had to complain about it.

In addition, a hapless fellow who just happened to be nearby and heard the conversation had an obligation to narc the guy out for the comment as well. Blondie tells a nearby wise Latina about it, and in #MeToo fashion, she concurs that they need to go to the Big Boss, since she once felt uncomfortable about something the same guy said to her.

Mr. Big Boss is a an impeccably dressed, well-mannered, articulate black man. He relates to Blondie in a sensitive and caring manner and makes sure that she feels validated in her complaint. He sets the wheels in motion to fire Mr. Manager without even talking to him, despite the offender being a technical wizard who has a great rapport with the client, would be hard to replace, and who could hurt the firm by leaving.

In short order, the manager is fired, and it is clear that the hurt feeeeeelings of women in the company involved trump any sort of rational discussion of the events. The fired manager is replaced with an obvious beta male who, while not an effective manager, presumably kept his words and eyes and limp dick to himself.

In the mandatory Two Minutes Hate discussion after the video, one millennial office gelding, whose wife won’t take his name and who intentionally lives in the ghetto to prove how multicultural he is, started equating the bad guy in the scenario to Donald Trump. The rest of the class agreed, going down a rabbit hole of anti-Trump comments. This was tolerated. My plea that the guy was getting shafted and that his firing would hurt the company was ruled out of order.

By the end of training, the lesson was clear: the firm apparently is willing to sacrifice getting the job done effectively on the altar of keeping the harpies happy. The firm was not going to tolerate banter and was not going to allow the white alpha males of the world to think that they are in charge of anything. Our competitors—who are not such pussies about things—are going to hire away our alpha talent and eat our lunch.


These are the ways that HR hates you…

1. Her Word Always Takes Precedence Over Yours

My man in the video was not allowed to defend himself. This is realistic. Men have no real voice in HR dealings. In short, you lose, especially if she gets some of her SJW girlfriends on the bandwagon. A mere comment or a look—along with the perception that you are not a SJW pussy by the females of the cube farm—is enough. This is especially if you have cavorted with one of the hotter chicks in the office but have ignored the fuglies and fatties.

2. You’re Not Allowed To Banter In The Office

If she likes it, all is fine. Until she doesn’t. Then there is no statute of limitations for what you said before she got pissed off.

Let’s be honest: working in the cube farm for Globohomo, Inc. is a soul-killing experience for the most part. Pleasant interactions with your co-workers can help make the time go by faster, but you better confine your talk to the weather and innocuous sports comments. Anything sexually tinged, even of the mildest manner, is verboten. And politics better not rear its ugly head, unless it is Trump-bashing. And yes, this means that fag jokes are out, too.

3. You Have To Snitch On Your Male Coworkers

You really do not have this option. The only safe course to avoid the wrath of HR would be to report anything that you possibly saw or heard that might be offensive to anyone. Of course, that would make you the office narc. The choice seems to be either be a narc or be ever at risk for not reporting something that a woman thinks you should have.

So, What To Do?

Presuming that you don’t want to give in and become a tranny, you need to escape from HR. The solution is leaving the cube farm for a job that allows you to be a man. Men are meant to work with other men to do something useful for the world. If you are a welder or a mechanic or something like that, you will be more likely to be around men who see things as men ought to. You can laugh and joke and have tool company calendars featuring pretty girls hung up in the workplace.

If you become an entrepreneur, then you can select your co-workers to be the people who you want. Just don’t ever hire an HR person. If you financially can’t just quit tomorrow, make a plan to escape from Alcatraz with a specific timeline of six months or less. Longer than this, and it’s really not a plan, it’s just pissing in the wind.

If you already own a business, fire all the diversi-twats in HR, rename it to the Personnel Department, and then hire someone level headed to help recruit and hire. Then, hire for competence and attitude and leave all the political correctness to your competitors.

America was made great by strong men who didn’t sit in diversity class before they built the railroads and the skyscrapers and the heavy equipment that made the country. It is high time that the pendulum swung back from the hostage situation where the faggots and fatties of Human Resources are turning aggressive men, the best workers they have, into politically correct pussies or sending them to the unemployment office. Let us hope that Trump leads us there, and men, do what you can to help.

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