Greetings, fellow dong-wielders of the Manosphere. As part of my efforts to be more involved in this space of ours, I thought I would first muse on a subject very close to my heart: music and the art of playing it.

Confucius said that “music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without,” which I thought was a pretty non-gay way of summing up humanity’s relationship with the auditory arts. When it comes to playing, there are a lot of different types and styles of musical instruments. While some are less popular and mainstream than others, most folks know someone who plays guitar, piano, or sings.

I’ve been pondering on how studying the discipline of playing music is a worthwhile endeavor with several benefits. Most of my data comes from personal experience: I’ve been playing guitar for fifteen years and have been teaching myself how to play drums for about two. I’m no John Mayer, but I have developed enough competence through time and practice to play a few complex numbers and craft original songs of my own.

That said, science itself lends a lot of credence to the claim that learning how to play a musical instrument is a very healthy skill for the body and mind.

It Makes You Smarter

These days, the norm seems to be letting your brain atrophy via over-consumption of (anti)social media, television, and video games. Bucking the trends and engaging in a skill that actually makes use of your brain as well as your body can make you more intelligent.

Some of you reading probably understand that tickling the ivories or throwing down a polyrhythmic drum beat takes mental focus as well as careful coordination, but you probably didn’t realize that learning how to play music could boost one’s smarts.

The American Psychology Association acknowledged that in a study from 2006, an experimental group that was “given a year of voice or piano lessons saw a significantly larger increase in IQ than a control group that waited a year for musical instruction.” The study mentions that six years of lessons could be associated with an increase in IQ of 7.5 points!

In the highly competitive world that we live in, even a small increase like that could give someone more of an edge against the competition. But while correlation doesn’t imply causation, I guarantee that being able to bust out even a simple song will always get a girl more soaked than your sick baseball card collection.

Persistence In Learning A New Skill

“If I don’t learn this Mozart piece by dinner, my family will be greatly dishonored…”

I’d assume most men who have made it anywhere in life would probably tell you that they didn’t waltz down Easy Street to get there. They’d probably mention how their beginnings were rife with failure, or how badly they sucked when they first started their current gig. I think persistence is a key trait that is crucial in the game of life, and that it can be developed like a muscle.

Starting any new skill can be vexing as you struggle to learn the ropes and get through the learning curve. For most people just starting out on guitar, their fingers will act like a bunch of possessed worms all over the neck of the instrument, and to add insult to injury, your fingertips will be sore and throbbing from pushing down on the strings. With drums, it’s flailing limbs and blisters.

But if one can stick it out and Not Be a Fucking Pussy, then with time and diligent practice, the calluses and coordination will develop and the frustration will turn into fun. Enjoy the process and before you know it, you’ll dropping panties left and right with a simple strum (results may vary).


It’s A Healthy Use Of Time…And It’s Fun

Still easier to figure out than the female brain…

In our modern era, it’s unfortunately too easy to throw away precious time by scrolling through manufactured media and vapid TV shows. Let me be real for a second: a lot of hobbies are absolutely worthless, but I truly believe that learning how to play an instrument is as fulfilling as it is useful. Crafting sounds into a pattern that is pleasurable to the listener is almost a sacred act of creation.

Have you ever listened to a piece of music that made your hairs stand up and really moved you? Another human being manipulated vibrations in the air to stir that emotion. It’s almost legitimate magic.

As a hobby, playing music has serious longevity. Playing sports in high school might land you high on the social ladder, but once you graduate, the utility dries up if you’re not one of the small minority taking it to the next level. Many treat music as a life-long pursuit and it’s not uncommon to see a few old-timers absolutely slaying it on stage.

It’s also a lot of fun once you start to gain a little bit of competence. The more you play, the better you get, so it’s a guilt-free way to spend a few hours as opposed to the brainless timesinks of modern entertainment.

Chicks Dig It

“Hey fella, why dontcha show me what else you can do with those fingers…”

I probably didn’t have to include this one because everyone knows that musicians fuck. Perhaps being serenaded pushes some sort of emotional buttons in the feminine hindbrain, or maybe it’s the fact that women are attracted to high status males that are excellent at their chosen craft. Either way, it seems that bandbros and rockstars never want for pussy.

Not trying to brag, but I’ve experienced this firsthand, and I can’t stress how crucial my musical skills have been in getting me laid. One of the hottest girls I ever plugged told me that one of the main reasons she met up with me for a date was because she was impressed by a video she saw on my Instagram. I also once sealed the deal with what became a very solid plate by offering to give her a quick lesson.  She brought her guitar over to my place, but the “lesson” didn’t actually happen.

It goes without saying that doing anything just to impress a woman is putting pussy on the pedestal, and if that’s your goal, then you’re probably better off buying a sweet sports car. However, if you want to potentially make yourself a little smarter, test your patience and persistence, and pick up a skill that could possibly help get your dick wet, I highly recommend finding an instrument that suits you and giving it a try. At the very least, you might gain a lot of personal enjoyment and creative fulfillment out of it.

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