Academia has undergone a radical liberal makeover and is very different compared to even just a year ago. Just like when you enter a haunted house, you might feel a bad vibe in the air as you see all the trannies, feminists, and metrosexuals roaming your local campus.

Jumping in head first without protective gear into the shallow waters of college is dangerous, as you are a mere fish in the sea. You literally cannot afford to go to college without knowing a few things about it…

1. Liberalism Is Everywhere

Professors don’t teach, they preach. Prepare yourself for political rambling, and while it may not be as bad as what you see on the news, you’ll still get bits and pieces here and there. It all depends on which professor you get, but at some schools, even the president will publicly attack Trump for denying DREAMers. Expect to hear toxic masculinity discussed at lounges, and your professors’ social media will be filled with anti-Trump tweets.

The quality of education itself has also declined to disturbing lows. At one of my mandatory bio-seminars, there was a guest female geneticist from Rutgers who presented her research which sounded like a precursor to “scientifically proving” that women are superior because they make eggs. Some professors will check scores for their favorite sports team during lectures, and go off on tangents that have no relevance to exams.

If you need help, you’ll have to catch them during “office hours” at the pizza cafe. Make sure to bring your safety goggles while your teacher explains the material while munching on a slice.

2. Girls Have It Good

Opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) are practically handed to girls, and in most schools, the student body ratio is 60 percent female or more. They know the system favors them and they’re milking it good.

For example, Rosalind Franklin is constantly glorified whereas J.D. Watson is put down for “stealing her discovery.” I found his Succeeding in Science: Some Rules of Thumb very inspiring, but it was dubbed arrogant by the girls in class, and the professor and soyboys concurred.

A genetics professor I had called Watson an “asshole,” and my neurosciences professor told a similar tale before ranting about how black students don’t get as much grant money compared to whites and that women are being held back in science, using the recently deceased transgender scientist Ben Barres as an example.

Got baby troubles? No problem: free childcare is available, provided by the professor herself. Good luck paying attention in class when the teacher is holding a drooling baby. Women are strongly encouraged to do research and advance their careers, so men and family are the last things on their minds.

Game is illegal. If he hasn’t already, expect the creep himself, Joe Biden, to visit your school and scold you about rape. You’ll be advised to rub one out to prevent yourself from pursuing the gorgeous babes wearing butt-high shorts in class.


3. Walking Whales

Despite gaining muscle over the last couple of months, seeing these girls made me feel small. Their flabby thighs looked like they could feed a family of lions, as their gargantuan physiques defied the laws of physics. It’s just anatomically impossible how they are able to walk with all that blubber.

4. Favoritism

In biology, an Asian guy and I, along with girls in our group, turned in identical lab reports yet got average grades, whereas the girls got near perfect scores. That’s what happens when you get a progressive lesbian professor. In a calculus class, a guy questioned a problem marked wrong on his quiz and after examining, the professor laughingly responded that he was drunk while grading it.

Grades are given, not earned with no feedback or explanation. You simply take it, comply, and accept, unless of course, you’re one of the privileged minorities. Then you can claim racism and be quickly issued an “A,” complimented with a letter of apology from the dean of students. Your odds at getting into Harvard Medical School are also better.

5. The Professor is Always Right!

Don’t even think about challenging them. They “know” climate change is real, trans-humanism is good, Donald Trump is bad, transgenders are normal, and only globalization will save the world. They’ll spit out whatever gibberish they want, and nobody will dare say otherwise.

Speaking against the establishment puts your grade at risk. That’s college, and it applies to just about every school. Even in India, one of the most academically strict countries in the world, a professor dismissed evolution, because nobody “ever saw an ape turning into a man.”

Is College Even Worth It?

Tuition prices rise while standards keep going down even though schools have parked billions offshore, and the national student debt continues to soar while job prospects flounder. They also don’t like staffers helping students save money and will replace them with incompetent workers.

Universities are run like a business and want to educate students at the lowest possible cost. Professors are hired not for their teaching ability, but how much grant money they can bring in. The opportunities promoted at college are vastly skewed and there are certain demographics and factors which enable some to do better, which they don’t tell you about.

Degrees mean nothing, but with everything said, I still say going to college is worth it. There is so much more to reveal, but send me your questions, because I want to help students before the globalists get their greasy hands on their brains, and churn out more globalists.

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