As of late, Return of Kings has had some unwelcome pests infest the woodwork. The closing of the former comments system has paved the way for an influx of mentally ill social justice warriors to troll their unwelcome whining. Still, every crisis presents an opportunity. Now is a fantastic opportunity to speak to our detractors man-to-cuck, and deliver a quartet of home truths for them to take home.

1. You Aren’t Really Liberals

If a duck quacks, it’s a duck, but a liberal fighting for their own gain at the expense of others is no liberal. No matter how many thumbs up your comments gain at HuffPo, unless you hold yourself true to the concept of egalitarianism, you are not a liberal, but a charlatan. A true liberal fights for equality for every human.

Yes, that means white males too. It means hearing the opinions of others that you may vehemently disagree with and giving them due process. It means you are moderate with your response when somebody offends you. It means accepting your share of responsibility and not passing the blame to others for your shortcomings and hardships. And it means you support every cause, not just the current bandwagon you are rolling on.

The next time you are “triggered,” please take a minute to ask yourself a question: in my reaction, am I taking into consideration the truth and the effect it will have on others? A real liberal would. If you’re a feminist and aren’t fighting for men’s rights, or an illegal immigrant appeaser that isn’t concerned about its effect on white communities, then you aren’t a liberal, you’ve picked a side. Just like we did. So get off your soapbox.

Is this really liberal enlightenment?

2. The Privileges You Enjoy Are Based Upon Freedoms You Are Trying To Destroy

Abraham Lincoln bust destroyed in Chicago.

In recent years, a dangerous brand of thought control has developed according to the demands of social justice warriors and their puppet masters, the mainstream media. The brave new world you envisage appears to have only one point of view: yours. An opinion that doesn’t fit the Marxist narrative assigned by the biased news outlets and their enablers is a surefire way to achieve social stigmatisation, or even prison. Although you may celebrate each small win the left achieves, they are merely pyrrhic victories.

The reality is that the hedonistic “rights” you now enjoy are based on achievements hard won in blood and sand, by better men and women than you. The (flawed) idols whom you adore, such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela all achieved their greater success by freedom of speech.

Free speech is precious because it is the only buffer between society and the people we elect. It is how we hold them accountable for their actions, and without it, we lose the only chance to protect ourselves against their bad decisions. Maybe consider what is of greater importance: the pacification of a childish liberal snowflake, or the protection of their right to be offended in the first place?


3. Conservative Men Are Not The Enemy You Think They Are

Toxic masculinity fighting for women’s rights.

Despite what the Soros-backed media says, men are very rarely misogynists. If we were, you can be sure the world wouldn’t be shaped the way it is. In fact, it is due to the ingrained sense of loyalty and care towards women that your worldview has been allowed to flourish at the expense of 2,000 years of tradition.

Name one liberal achievement that has occurred without the backing and commitment of thousands of men. The emancipation of women, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the National Park System, and the American Civil War are just some examples of supposed toxic masculinity working for the benefits of society. Not to mention the millions of male lives lost fighting for the safe spaces you now enjoy.

The Gestapo propaganda outlets that masquerade as news brainwash with you false tales that have no basis in truth. Make no mistake: as much as you have been programmed to hate Western values, it is the fundamental logic that underpins them that has led to your safety. The world you are building is not one you will want your children to inherit. And it is now too late to go back.

4. You Are Not As Important As You Think You Are

You wish.

The modern liberal is an example of unabashed hubris. A walking automaton of hot air and bile, your average social justice warrior has enough self-entitlement to last a lifetime. But the sneering façade belies the overall insignificance of each and every one of them.

The truth is that apart from our parents and close family, we are never truly special to anybody. Every bit of respect we glean is from hard work and achievement, especially for men. There is nothing wrong with that. Society is developed and sustained from the commitment and efforts of its contributors.

The assumption that you can become significant through virtue signalling or freakish behaviour is wrong. Sure, you may get some views on Facebook—or even a safe space of your very own—but you are still the detritus of the cosmos packaged into finite balls of flesh just like the rest of us. We owe you nothing. Our ancestors didn’t die on beaches for us to take orders from a 21-year old graduate with anxiety issues, and we never will.

Its true that not every liberal falls into the asshole category. A point of view well-made is valid, even if we disagree. But there are far too many people who, failing to understand the key concepts of the democracy that just about exists, invalidate themselves. If you have to troll the ROK comments, at lease be gracious enough to become educated first. You are supposed to be smarter than us, after all.

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