Working with women will always end in disaster. Over the last five years, I have been working as a freelance for a little translation company owned by a woman. Everything went well until my mission was ended unilaterally by my female client.

Here are the reasons why you should tread lightly before considering working with a woman…

1. When The Professional Relationship Becomes Personal, You’re Screwed

After several contracts abroad, I decided to return in my homeland, where the opportunity to work with a character I’ll call “Mina” came up quite quickly. She was in her mid-forties by this time. In her prime, she would have been a solid 8. I already knew people who worked for her, and I decided to ignore some red flags concerning Mina, namely that she was a single mother who left her former companion high and dry. But all things considered, she had a good professional reputation and I needed the money.

Mina and I started developing a personal relationship, looking much like a friendship. One day, she told me that I was like a brother to her, making me feel really comfortable with her. Retrospectively, I should have avoided this situation because I let emotions sneak into our professional relationship.

She assigned me to increasingly complex translation jobs, which I had no problem fulfilling. My efforts led us to land some good contracts, making cash flow in on a more regular basis. Everything was fine. I was 100 percent dedicated to her, even doing unpaid extra time. This prevented me from looking for other contract opportunities elsewhere, to cover my back if anything happened, another mistake.

2. You Are More Likely To Have Endless Conversations About Gossip

Gossip was part and parcel of our collaboration. Her former companion was the primary object of Mina’s gabbing because “you know, he was so bad at everything.” Out of curiosity, I tried to dig into the reasons why their relationship ended, naively thinking that gruesome stuff happened, but I only got answers like “he was spending too much time in the garage repairing his motorbike” and “he was too close to his parents and childhood friends.”

I just tried to point out that this guy was the father of her seven-year old daughter and shouldn’t be tossed away so casually, but she didn’t care. From then on, I acquiesced to everything she said.

3. Her Female Friends Are More Valuable To Her Than You

Her female friends were “her world” and she was very serious on advising them on how to handle relationships. Of course, if a relationship was failing, she would be kind of delighted, blaming the man for not being better. She even started a “divorced and happy club,” consisting of them sipping wine while bitching about men, and occasionally flying abroad with her friends to enjoy a cock carousel ride.


4. Women Make Decisions Based On Stupid New Age Crap

Mina was into parapsychology and astrology. Every time we met, she had some new fad going on. While I am quite spiritual myself, it was really hard to swallow stuff related to energy vibrations and planetary alignments. One day, she was down because some fortune teller saw that negative things would be happening to her in the future. The next, she was totally ecstatic because of a reikki lesson.

In her personal quest to find her “inner self,” she was totally influenced by the teachings of famous psychics, spending a considerable amount of money on their books. I listened to her constant babbling about the signs she saw in nature, sometimes trying to give my input on her nonsense.

5. Political Debates Are Always A Dead-End

While Mina’s New Age crap would make me smile or laugh, her views on politics would leave me totally clueless.

She was a diligent reader of the mainstream media and her thinking was molded by left-leaning columnists. Unsurprisingly, Trump was an ugly white male she feared. Our discussions in the aftermath of terror attacks usually revolved around her fears of nationalism and bigotry. Countries needed more women in charge to cure the mess that evil white men have left. On the other hand, she admired an angry spinster friend of hers’ who had gotten a job working in a migrant camp.

The money was too good for me to engage in a contradictory debate with her: she was naturally immune to real-talk.

In The End, It Doesn’t Even Matter

This quote from Linkin Park pretty much sums up our relationship. Over the course of our collaboration, I was assigned to more jobs and received high praise from Mina. Everything was supposed to run like clockwork and the future seemed to be bright. However, in the last two months, out of the blue, she started being increasingly critical of my work. In that case, it was totally unjustified, for I have more than ten years of experience in translation.

I tried to be resilient, and I even started working at nights to get more things done, but everything I delivered was not good enough for her. I had absolutely no clue on what was going on, but she fired me in the middle of a mission, explaining with a straight face that my services were too expensive. All that after five years.

Experience has taught me that professional relationships with women are doomed. A lot of articles at ROK show the difficulties of working in a mostly female environment. If you have the opportunity to work for a woman, be careful. In a blink of an eye, a woman can get rid of you with no regrets and it will always be for external and irrational reasons.

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