I’m reluctant to admit that I have my finger on the pulse of American feminism. I’m familiar with the biggest web sites, their arguments, their activity on Reddit, and their most vocal spokespersons. Therefore I think I’m qualified to say that I’ve noticed a change in the past year.

They’ve moved away from providing something resembling intellectual arguments to now shouting down all dissent, even from within their ranks. They feel in their soft bellies that their arguments are “common sense” and that anyone who disagrees with them is an enemy that must be immediately outcasted. They know they’ve won the main battles so why bother putting in effort to keep convincing the masses that women are unfairly and brutally oppressed?

Even their supporters are getting turned off. Whereas in the past comments on Jezebel were a mere echo chamber of what the writers were spouting, you can now actually find critical comments that are voted up to the top of the page. Instead of taking a step back and re-thinking their approach to provide compelling arguments, the feminists are essentially resorting to a “You’re stupid” strategy. A good example is a recent article by feminist writer Kate Harding, titled Fuck You, Men’s Rights Activists.

The article has eighteen uses of the word “fuck,” but not one instance of a cogent thought. Here’s an excerpt:

Fuck you for trying to make “misandry” happen. Your feminist enemies don’t hate men; we only hate men who proudly stand up for the rights of abusers, rapists, and deadbeat dads.

Fortunately, there aren’t very many of you, no matter how hard you try to build a “movement.” The simple fact is, most men don’t beat, rape, or resent caring for their own children, and thus have no need for the kind of support and “activism” you specialize in. The “work” you do guarantees you’ll continue to attract entitled shitbags who hate women, while driving away decent people who thought you might have something interesting to say—right up until they realized what you’re really about.

Here is a picture of the author:


Now check out this video of feminists letting the expletives fly to protest a famous male feminist speaker, Warren Farrell, who has served on the board of the National Organization of Women (fast forward to 3:56)…

In other example, when Jenna Marbles, Youtube celebrity extraordinaire,  recently shared her thoughts that one-night stands are generally a bad idea for women, Jezebel came out to attack her along with an army of Youtube feminists, particularly this one, who deemed her video “dangerous thought” that should not have ever been uttered. Imagine for a second what type of state feminists would prefer if they were to lead a country. Dissent would be squashed. Everyone would be “equal” with a focus on redistribution of resources. And the idea of marriage would be eliminated in favor of being devoted to the social welfare state. What type of government is that, again?

I know a scared rat when I see one. The feminist response of whack-a-mole is not strengthening their cause any further than what we’ve seen in the past five years. They are worried that the MRA’s are making progress and I personally predict that 2013 will be the year that MRA and other manosphere properties break out into the mainstream. The inclusion of many manosphere sites on an SPLC hate list was just the beginning of their melt down. It’s not time to bust out the champagne, but their movement is in trouble, and they know it.

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