Forty-three Democrats in the United States Senate decided to shut the government down last week. In doing so, they’ve made a choice that is open and clear for all to see: they prefer illegal immigrants over American citizens. They’re not hiding it anymore. Even ten years ago, this would have been inconceivable. Today, it’s reality.

Democrats and their leftist base prefer illegal immigrants to paying America’s soldiers. They prefer illegal immigrants to the jobs and 401ks of American citizens. They’d prefer to see a market selloff and for Americans to lose their wealth if it’s required to protect illegal immigrants.

They want to see illegal immigration continue rather than securing the borders, which means they’d also prefer to see drugs smuggled in to stopping them.

Democrats even put themselves in a terrible position because the Children’s Health Insurance Program they claim to love was in the continuing resolution, but they chose to shut the government down anyway.

The details of these things don’t matter. The story does. Nobody’s paying attention to the specific situation of the DACA recipients or what parts of the government will or won’t get funded in the shutdown. The story is that Democrats and their leftist base care more about illegal immigrants than Americans.

An advertisement of their priorities. They’re dumb (or brazen) enough to put it as their headline.

Any persuader worth his salt in opposition to the leftist peacocks should welcome this as a gift from heaven. It’s a golden opportunity heading into 2018’s midterms. Assuming the Republican Party has a grasp on any basics of persuasion (admittedly, this is always a dicey proposition), this should be used as a prime weapon to make the November elections a massacre.

The Priorities Of The Left

All the same, this is another step in the left’s Year Zero project. In openly and actively declaring themselves on the side of illegal immigrants over American citizens, they’ve also taken a giant step in committing themselves to overturning American society and replacing it with an artificial one built on nothing. Since they’ve now committed themselves to the priority of illegal immigrants over American citizens, we can expect this kind of commitment to continue and accelerate.

Another core principle of persuasion is that once you can get someone to agree, they’ll be more likely to continue agreeing. This shutdown might well be a short one, but since the Democratic Party and their insane base now agrees with it, they’ll be more likely to agree to even more brazen acts in the very near future.


The most powerful Democrat in the U.S. government cries for illegal aliens.

We’re not far removed from a government that is openly acting not in the interests of the American people, but for illegal aliens and whatever other identity group the left sees fit to prioritize at any time. The shutdown and California’s recent revival of the nullification theory (again in favor of illegal immigrants) are indicative of this.

The left is very close to openly abandoning the theory of representative government. For a long time, this has been de facto the case, as both parties care more about their puppetmasters than the American people, but never has there been such an open and brazen display of it. Should they regain power any time soon, catastrophe awaits.

It isn’t entirely without merit to say that a post-Trump leftist government would look like a foreign occupation. Illegal foreigners are now clearly above the American people in terms of importance.

The Future Of America

A vision of the future the left wants.

It didn’t take long for my preview of 2018 to come to fruition. My outlook on the year was that it would be a dark and golden age. Despite the good news rolling in, leftists are still in such hysteria and denial that they simply won’t take part in the good times. They’ll refuse because their dogmatic view of the world tells them that society is tainted and they need to purify it.

Because of this, they’ll actively work against any good times struggling to emerge, and the sum total of their behaviors could create a dark age by a self-fulfilling prophecy. The shutdown is exhibit A and we’re only getting started. It probably won’t last long but the most important thing is that the first plank of its kind has been hammered into the ground. To avoid a dark age, the left must be prevented from taking power at all costs.

In the 1850s, America looked like two nations competing for the same space. In the 2010s, it’s looked more and more like that with each passing year. A government shutdown over such an issue as illegal immigration is unthinkable in a united country that, while disagreements exist, shares a more or less common interest and outlook. In one with different identity groups with no common interest, however, the story is different.

Instead of doing everything to counter the latter possibility, the Democratic Party and their leftist base welcomes it. They don’t care about America or its people, and that point has now been made unambiguously clear. Act accordingly.

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