When he asked me out, Barbi recalls, I was 18 and he was 42. I said I’d never gone out with anyone older than 24.  Hugh replied, “Neither have I.”

If you pick up any book on evolutionary psychology, or do even some light research scratching the surface of any type of gender based scientific research, one thing pops up over and over again… a man’s desire for younger women.  There are of course strong reproductive and biological bases upon which this desire is founded, but I will leave such elaborations to those more skilled in the arts of science and research.

Instead, I will try to memorialize those feelings most men get upon seeing an attractive, young girl out on the streets, at a bar or in the grocery store.  I say most men, because you will naturally run into those who based on their inability to attract the younger sect, rev their own hamsters up rationalizing young girls as undesirable based on their purported inability to carry a conversation, their lack of maturity, or the scarce number of things they have in common with said men.  This is quite the bulky hamster.  Last time I checked the conversational ability, maturity levels and thoughts in common of a young girl stemmed from the fact she was a woman rather than how old she was.  And if you truly desire such characteristics in your woman, just head east where college girls there will blow their American counterparts out of the water.

Physically, Young Girls Dominate


Yes, there are portly young piglets out there.  Yes, there are women in their 30s who have done Pilates all their life and look amazing.  But overall, the bodies of young girls are tighter, firmer, and aesthetically more pleasurable to look at.  Their skin is tighter on their bodies.  Their skin glows more on their face and there are no wrinkles.  Want to see a thing of beauty?  Notice how their breasts defy gravity.  The distance between their nipples to their chins is less than the distance between their nipples to their belly buttons.  Sadly as every year passes that beautiful ratio dissipates. Even internally, their vaginas are nicer and tighter (usually).

There’s a reason why models are kept in a specific age range, usually expiring by age 24.  If you take a random sampling of some of the more famous models that we have had the pleasure to fantasize about, most started their careers at a young age:

  • Adriana Lima – 15
  • Naomi Campbell – 15
  • Cindy Crawford – 17
  • Claudia Schiffer – 17
  • Heidi Klum – 19

After about 22-24, they deteriorate.  This is no secret, and why many girls you see that rely on their looks for money make a shift around age 25 into some other related field that relies less on aesthetics and more other aspects.  Models become designers, receptionists become data entry assistants, and so on.

Innocence And Energy


“The only reason to wait a month for sex is if she’s 17 years, 11 months old.”  – Barney Stinson

The physical aspect of youth is subjective.  Most girl head towards a decline by their mid 20s.  However, with respect to dating younger girls, this is more subjective in terms of what is desirable.  In my early 30s, a 20 year old girl is a lot more preferable than a 27 year old girl.  To a man in his 70s, a 27 year old girl is euphoric.

Having dated girls in various age ranges, there is a lot to be said about being in the presence of someone who is generally carefree, happy and enjoying life.  Take Mary, a 30 year old marketing assistant.  Since graduating college 8 years ago, she’s been in the workforce on a daily basis, waking up at 7am to get to work and sit on a desk, get yelled at for her incompetence, spend happy hours with her friends recounting the fact that her boss “is such a jerk!”, and heating up a frozen dinner as she sits on her couch watching the Bachelor at night. When she can, she’ll go to that bootcamp down the street 2-3x a week.


Conversely, there’s Alyssa… a 19 year old college girl.  She spends some nights partying away, but usually will sleep until 2 p.m. the next day.  Her worries are what she will wear the next day, what’s going on with her Facebook friends, whether her roommate is going to do the dishes, and a few times a year studying for some tests.  She’ll walk across campus and down into town daily and pick up a fresh juice from Whole Foods.

If I go out with Mary, the night will look like this.  She will meet me at a bar by her house after work.  We have a drink, she tells me about how horrible her day was and how hilarious it was that her friend Susie went on this horrible date with this doctor that didn’t do x, y and z for her.  When she finally does ask about me, she wants the specifics on a case I’m working on.  We go back to my place, she sets down her $4,000 Chanel purse and removes her $1,200 Louboutin heels, things she “has to have” and why she needs to make more money at work.  She asks for a grey goose and tonic, specifically by brand name.

When I start making out with her, she stops me and says she’s not that type of girl for a first date. She wants me to respect her.  Of course, little does she know that my level of respect for her is irrelevant, considering she is not a viable candidate for a long term relationship.  Now buzzed, I have to drive her back to her car at the bar because she has to wake up early for work.  When we eventually do have sex, on the third date, she insists on a condom because “maybe I have AIDS” and she is not on the pill because the hormones make her feel nasty.

If I go out with Alyssa, the night will look like this.  I will pick her up because she doesn’t have a car, as she’s in college and doesn’t need one.  She is 19, so we go to a local restaurant where I know they will serve her some wine.  We have a snack and a drink, and she asks me about what I do, and when I say lawyer she responds “cool!”  She tells me about her history class that she’s now taking, and how hilarious it was that her roommate forgot to set her alarm yesterday and slept through class.

We go back to my place, she kicks off her $50 heels and jumps on the couch.  I ask her what she wants to drink, she responds “whatever!”  When I start making out with her, she stops me and says she’s sorry that she doesn’t have huge boobs.  I tell her not to worry as I stare at her stomach that remains foldless despite her being seated.  We have sex, condom or not my choice because she’s on the pill.  We have sex a few more times because she has the energy, she sleeps over and I drop her off tomorrow on my way to work.

These illustrative examples demonstrate the difference in energy and overall vibe younger girls bring with them.  It’s a beautiful thing.  As a man in his early 30s, my energy levels are not what they were.  Recently my friend and I spent a week vacationing with two 22 year old girls we met.  They would drink, dance, run around the rented vacation apartment, laugh, cook, clean, bang, shower, you name it.  They were just enjoying being a young, carefree happy girls.  They never ran out of energy and it rubbed off on us.  It would have been a much different trip had the girls been… say 32 years old.

When Given The Option, Youth Is Always The Preferred Choice

James Woods recently dumped his 26 year old girlfriend for a 20 year old girlfriend.  Jason Statham just got engaged to a 26 year old Victoria Secret Model.  The same practices abound with other people of status and power.  Why?  Because they can.  When given the option, why wouldn’t a man want to have a younger rather than older mate?  It is very rare for a man of high value to date older.

Just know next time a woman tries to berate you for being attracted to and dating an eighteen year old, calling you a “pervert” and “creep” take solace in the fact that deep down, she knows that she just can’t compete.

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