The science is in, according to the gold standard of social science research, the General Social Survey:

When it comes to cheating, you may not think it happens that often, but according to new findings by the Institute for Family Studies, based on data was from the General Social Survey, Millennial women have higher rates of infidelity. The survey found that 11 percent of married women from 18 to 29 state they are guilty of infidelity versus 10 percent of married men.

You read that right: now, the mainstream cliche has reversed itself, officially. Women are the cheaters, not the men, at least among American millennials.

What could have happened to have changed this pattern? A few theories.

1. Feminism

Feminism, at its heart, is about empowering female sexuality while limiting male sexuality (as our friend Heartiste argues constantly). With the feminist mindset dominating the U.S. of A, it thus makes sense that women feel increasingly sexually empowered, enough so that it rolls over into all aspects of life, including marriage.

2. The Decline Of Traditional Patriarchal Values

This is a corollary to feminism. Traditionally, men would romp around while women stayed home and took care of the kids, often turning a blind eye to their man’s romping. But when men and women romp around equally, of course it makes sense that the women’s cheating would skyrocket.

3. Women Are More Obsessed With Sex Than Men

The third culprit, related to the previous ones, is a fact underappreciated by those who haven’t swallowed the red or black pills: women are the sexually voracious sex—probably more so then men, on average.

Most men are content and fulfilled with having a mission, a calling, or a passion in life and obsessing deeply over it. But women don’t have this drive, and their primary fixation is sex and whether men find them attractive. Just think about the stereotypes: how they dress (to look sexy), what they talk about (men, relationships, sex), what they do with their time (hair dressers, manicures etc. to look good).

Traditional society previously kept females’ sexual nature under wraps, but as these traditions are shed, the sexual flower blossoms.


But the news gets more interesting. According to the same study, it’s not only millennial women who cheat more but also… Democrats.

This may be a given due to their overall more liberal natures, but Democrats were more likely to cheat than Republicans… but not by much: 18 percent versus 14 percent, respectively.

This fact is probably a self-evident truism: those with a deep belief that certain things are morally evil (and they will go to hell if they commit them) are both much more likely to be Republican and to not cheat. This is as close to a tautology as you can get here!

According to this study, other groups more likely to cheat are:

  • Those who grew up in broken homes, with only one parent.
  • Those who don’t regularly to go church.
  • Those who started college but didn’t finish it it.

All these are consistent with the worldview that we here at Return of Kings advocate: science is increasingly realizing that our worldview is much more consistent with reality than the mainstream media worldview.

Growing up in a broken home is much more likely to make you immoral—as is not going to Church—and not finishing college is a sign of a lack of discipline, and a lack of discipline is one of the substantial underlying causes of cheating. Not cheating is hard for someone who is attractive, which is why deep self-control and internal discipline is correlated to the likelihood of not cheating.

We can’t fight statistics. Taken together, what these statistics tell us is that the person most likely to cheat is a millennial woman who is a Democrat, not religious, grew up with only one parent, and started college but didn’t finish it. That describes almost perfectly almost every women I’ve had a one-night stand or a relationship that ended badly with. The lesson in here is that to reduce your chance of being a cuckold, you should marry a women who is in as few of these categories as possible. Or better yet, in none of them.

Much more about conspiracy theories and protecting your privacy.

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