Last week we were treated to the the latest viral video of women behaving badly. The self-shot episode depicted a wife breaking down and throwing a nuclear tantrum at her husband because he refused to take her on vacation on his one day off. The video is available here. Here are a few highlights:

0:26 — “It’s petty money,” she’s screaming and crying as he tries to talk to her rationally

0:48 —  “I need to get cigarettes!” Guy starts laughing shortly thereafter, which is a pro move

1:20 — Girl starts sobbing and crying, but the fake tears stop immediately with shrill screams

1:44 — She screams and kicks her feet around like a little kid. “I’m having an anxiety attack!” Dude plays it cool. Can you imagine your wife and mother of your children acting in such a manner?

2:25 — Guy calls her out for acting like a child who didn’t get a toy

2:45 — Girl pulls out her attention pacifier to text her friends. Notice no tears. Guy calls her out for getting support form her friends and beta orbiters

3:26 — Girl can’t take her car to do what she wants because of the “interlock thing” (punitive mechanism for DUI convictions)

3:31 — Girl gulps down a big mouthful of soda

To summarize, we have a irrational woman screaming because she doesn’t get her way. She’s a smoker, and a drunk, and her poor eating habits are reflected in a considerable amount of weight gain after only fourteen months of marriage:




As if she wasn’t fully embodying the stereotype of the entitled American woman, the only way this monstrosity can pacify herself is with her smartphone. The husband maintains his frame surprisingly well, treating her like the bratty little girl she’s emulating.

We might assume that men and women alike can come together and condemn this behavior as unacceptable for any adult in a supposedly equal and mature partnership. Nope. Youtube took down the video because it was flagged as “content designed to harass, bully, or threaten”. The woman goes on to rationalize her behavior in the same manner:

“Speaking to, Whitney, who works as a nurse, said her husband had promised to take her to the lake with some friends, but he changed his mind after they got into an argument. She said her breakdown was caused by him egging her on and that she felt like she was being bullied.

I can remember a time when bullying referred to a stronger party abusing its power to harass, coerce, or physically attack a weaker party without reasonable justification. Nowadays, “bullying” refers to anything that calls out a person’s bad behavior, disgusting lifestyle, or inane world view. When applied to adults, the term is used almost exclusively when a woman is on the receiving end of the tough love.

People suggest that her husband breaking a promise and laughing at her dumb antics falls under this catch-all description. Gawker commenters suggest that he is an abusive husband, despite zero evidence of this and a mountain of evidence that this woman is a shrill, irrational, immature, unstable person.

Facebook has recently initiated a similar policy to Youtube on “gender-based hate speech,” which has been used to censor posts that are deemed “offensive.” Of course these are private companies that are not required to promote free speech and open discourse, but this is a ominous omen for the future of our society.

The solution is that men must continue the charge to expose this hypocrisy. Is your wife or girlfriend misbeahving? Document it and shame her. At best you’ll initiate a long-overdue divorce or save yourself from domestic violence litigation, and at worst you’ll have a funny story to share with your friends and millions of strangers on the internet.

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