Think for a second back to when you were younger and met someone who was a doctor, attorney, or banker.  Unless it was someone in your immediate family, you were probably impressed, a little in awe, perhaps even inspired.  As you grew, maybe you carried this respect over into a belief that, if you worked ‘hard’ enough to become a member of one of those high skill professions, everything else would fall in line.

Fast forward a little further, perhaps during an exam prep all-nighter in your first year of law school, the third in four nights, and you may have used your perceptions of the increased attractiveness a degree would hold with women as inspiration to push through. I know I often did, as did many of my friends.

At some point during the first semester of law school, most of us realized that casually dropping the fact that we were ‘in law school’ during the middle of chatting up a girl got us nowhere fast, often even backtracking any game progress that had been made up to that point.  That became logical, as they knew “I’m in school” translates to “I’m nearly broke right now, monetarily and temporally.”

So the mantra became “just wait until we are attorneys.”  I faced the harsh reality that the opposite sex could give two-fucks about your professional success unless you have your entire frame together a bit early, because my girlfriend broke up with me after an 8-year relationship within a week of when I graduated law school.  After the day of shock, I started trying to look at it logically.

I could not move past the fact that she had stuck with me, begged to stay in fact, while I was a borderline burnout in college, but now chose to cut me off.  I thought my potential earning capacity, displayed intelligence, and all those logical markers we often use to gauge our own self-worth mattered to her.

Granted, this was all prior to discovering the manosphere, Return of Kings, reading the Rational Male, and so on.  Amidst studying for the bar and coping with being single for the first time in forever, I found solace with this community, a way out and a path to self improvement.  But I had other friends who weren’t complete strangers to the red pill and still intangibly linked their attainment of professional status with an inevitable flow of interested women.

I’ve had this conversation with some of them, but weekend after weekend, inevitably, they still name drop the prestigious law firm they work out, or how they spent the week prepping for a deposition. They appear surprised when the girl they are chatting up starts glancing across the room, disinterested.


I’ve abandoned that tactic altogether. In fact I’ve had far more success coaxing girls into talking about their thoughts on crypto than anyone I’ve known has had slyly bragging about their ‘accomplishments.’  I’ve even made it a personal challenge to see how far I can get with each girl before they find out what I actually do.

The success of this tactic boils down to three factors, in my opinion:

1. Mystery

For the most part, you emerge from the trials of attaining a professional degree a smarter, more impressive individual. I’ve noticed it in all my peers.  Women do not miss this.  If you explain your ‘intelligence’ away too quickly, the mystery disappears for them.  In fact, it likely seems less organic to them, becoming no longer associated with superior genes but more related to a good work ethic.  They start seeing you as boring and less mysterious with less sex appeal.

2. Over-Projection

While you may absolutely love operating on patients in 18-hour shifts and reading anatomy books in your spare time, that is boring to her at 11:30 pm on a Friday. Even if interesting, it likely isn’t sexy.

She knows what a doctor does, and maybe has slept with or dated one in the past.  Even if you have no intention of pivoting out of your professional career at a later point in life, it is beneficial to project that you are much more than your career, it is a temporary existence and is the least impressive or interesting thing about you. By holding out as long as possible in discussing it, you are building out her image of you, keeping it from being artificially narrowed by other professionals she has known in the past.

3. Frame

This is critical, as it always is. No matter how sly or casual you may think you are at dropping the fact that you are a high-riser with Goldman, she will notice, even if just subconsciously.  It stands out as an attempt to qualify yourself to her, to prove your own worth, and reeks of insecurity.  There are literally hundreds of thousand of women frothing for the opportunity to settle down with you, a high-earning professional in the Western world.  Even if you don’t believe that, make her think you do.

Many areas of the red pill community have handled the phenomenon of ‘illogical attraction’ in greater depth than this article is capable of.  Rollo Tomassi has mentioned multiple times that his most prolific period of game was when he was jamming with a band and living in a shithole apartment.  This doesn’t mean that your best days of wheeling are behind you, far from it.  It just means that you have to maintain that edge you once had, or recapture it if you feel it’s lost.  Don’t project yourself to her as a bland, suitcase-carrier, because unless she’s in deep debt, the amount of zeros in your bank account isn’t going to matter the first night.

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