I have had my fair share of women. While some encounters were a truly positive addition to my life, most were sluturions (“slut” plus “centurion”) who’ve dealt with one-hundred spears. Below, I’ve compiled a list of the recurring patterns from women who I’m certain have been with over one-hundred men.

1. She has a piercing on her vagina or nipples

Sluturion threat level based on piercings

Having piercings in sensitive areas shows a tolerance to pain and a taste for self-destruction, attention, and validation. The more dangling and flashy, the higher the notch count.

2. She has at least two visible tattoos

The same attraction to pain combines with a chronic need for attention. Understand that tattoos are not edgy and not “who she is.” It is a mark, formerly reserved to prostitutes, that signals to men that they won’t have to work too hard to sleep with her. As above, the larger and more visible the tat, the more promiscuous the tart.

3. She thinks one-night stands are normal

It is never a good sign if they give it up on the same night or a few hours after knowing you, no matter how smooth you are. But hectoslags have no self-control when they get the tingles.

Sleeping with you is her goal in the interaction, instead of being a step taken towards something more meaningful. Sex—and the process leading to it—will feel like a formality.

4. She is an expert at giving blowjobs

My friend Sery likes to say: “She sucks dick too good to be a good girl.” Hectoslags don’t need direction or training. Their skills scream “slut/pro” while they show absolutely no emotion. She will keep eye contact, talk dirty and use her tongue in all the right places. If she deep throats you with no gag reflex or if she tries to lick your butthole, you might want to plan an exit after a few bangs.

Some might even advertise the fact that they are good and received “positive feedback” in the past. Giant crimson flag. Proceed with caution.

5. She has the thousand-cock stare

Women with high mileage are permanently scarred and it shows through a black, emotionless stare. She has the eyes of someone who could snap at any given minute. This blank stare comes from…

  • ..the physical or psychological ordeal they had to go through by sleeping with a high number of damaged men.
  • …the realisation that they are about to hit the wall and that their looks are fading rapidly. Only by opening their legs even more can they keep men interested.
  • …the absence of simple female happiness and affection towards men as they can only connect with them on a sexual level.

Learn to recognise the thousand-cock stare and never commit to a girl who has it.

6. She does not like kissing

A sluturion mainly gets her rocks off with sex in itself and the “supposed” empowerment of multiple partners. Therefore, she avoids affection to set an emotional barrier between herself and men.

Even though she shows no physical affection, she tends to overuse terms of endearment like “darling,” “honey,” “daddy,” or its national equivalent, but it will feel out of place. She attempts to compensate the total absence of actual feelings to keep her target unaware of her indifference.

7. She really enjoys smoking, drinking, or drugs

She cannot go a weekend without booze, pills, or narcotics. They take away the pain that comes with her spiritual solitude. Her states of drunkenness or stupor usually result in public shame, degrading sex, or accidents where others pay the price of her stupidity.

She keeps repeating the same mistakes until hitting rock bottom: tequila shots in a crowded club in her twenties, then a bottle of wine a night with perhaps one friend in her thirties, and back to hard alcohol while alone in her forties.

8. Her anus is blown out

This should probably be number one on the list. For girls who frequently take it in the rear, the “wrinkled surface” of her anus becomes larger and darker than a normal mucous membrane should be due to forced dilatation and contraction. It usually looks like a balloon knot protruding instead of being flat. It can also present tears due to excessive entry.

Sluturions show little signs of pain or protestation before and during anal. She might even ask you herself to put it in. Anal bleaching, another procedure on the rise, comes from porn stars who wanted to hide the consequences of years of anal abuse.

9. She only thinks about her orgasm

She remains selfish and only focuses on her pleasure and her orgasm. The man’s nut, although sacred, is not her priority. She may also ask for financial or material favours from men in exchange for sexual “bonuses.” She sees sex as completely transactional.

10. She has a popular Instagram account (over 500 followers)

What Instagram does to a woman. From wife material to Dubai toilet.

The advent of Instagram was to sluts what the invention of the wheel was to mankind, a way to be more effective and take the production rate to the next level with minimal effort (getting attention, money, and penises in this particular case).

The two basic needs of the sluturion, money and attention, are covered with the use of Instagram. She receives…

  • …an endless flow of likes and private messages from thirsty men, tricking her into thinking that “she’s still got it.”
  • …a way to flaunt her vanity with selfies and shots in tight gym clothing, while baiting the highest value male into contacting her.
  • …a means of earning a living by spreading it for Dubai sheiks in exchange of designer handbags and crumbs of oil money.

And if you ever see a girl on Instagram featuring pictures of Dubai, she is actively being shat on.

11. Her daddy didn’t love her

Having “daddy issues” is most common among sluturions. She tries to find the paternal affection she rarely felt through legions of sexual partners, but to no avail.

12. She is not “beautiful”

She can be “hot,” “sexy,” or “bangable,” but sluturions are rarely beautiful. Her physical appeal comes mainly from the sexual signals she conveys instead of her genetic beauty.

A beautiful girl might trigger feelings of love and protection from a man, but the sluturion only generates a mix of lust, disdain, and morbid fascination. It is not rare to meet quite a few hectoslags in the “butterface” department. I have yet to meet a girl that kept a stunning face after bedding several tons of men, probably because science has showed that mammalian females absorb DNA from a man’s ejaculate.

13. She has no control over her life

She cannot be bothered to improve her situation or stop drinking. She will not go out on a date with a good man who does not meet her delusional standards. She has zero interest in personal development or accomplishments. She never reads or questions her surroundings.

14. She always shows low cleavage

She cultivates the “bimbo” style of leopard print, trashy pink shoes, and absurd cleavage. In other words, she appears like a low-grade prostitute. Wind, rain, or snow, she always dresses like a whore, even with her family around (if she has one).

She actively advertises her promiscuity to dominant males while shaming average men who would dare look at her exposed flesh. She has no notion of public shame. She is ready to have sex anywhere, anytime, and always looks the part.

15. She loves sleeping with foreign men

She often fucks foreign men or of another race than her own. She can do it at home if her country is all about “refugees welcome,” or she might be a “horizontal traveler” who thinks Eat, Pray, Love is a manual to life. The fun ends somewhere between Istanbul and Mogadishu.

Eat Pray Love fail

She loves going on vacation overseas with “her girls” or travels alone, with little or no known source of income. Her holes start to have more miles than Donald Trump’s private jet.


16. She has had plastic surgery

The same woman

The sluturion’s attractiveness is artificial instead of natural. Putting in the work to become more attractive progressively (when the issue is not a birth defect) is out of the question, so she gets bigger lips, fake eyebrows, a nose job, fake breasts, and butt implants. The roadwork is usually being paid for by the state or a sponsor. Tuthmosis Sonofra once said “the bigger the cosmetic lie, the bigger the slut.”

17. She attended a Slut Walk

They sure do

She attends a Slut Walk to show how much she cares about body positivity and slut-shaming, since she is a slut herself. She wants to live in a world where sluts can be themselves without getting stoned.

18. She has beef curtains

The length of her labia depends on factors such as genetics, race, and age, but an “accordion” vagina which has a roast beef aspect is the result of broken collagen fibers from forceful impact during intercourse, sexually transmitted diseases, and hormonal disruption caused by birth control (Source: Sean A Runacres, Journal of Cosmetic Gynaecology, volume 29).

This is why labioplasty has became so popular. Über-sluts know that having labia that drags on the floor will peg them as a slut.

19. She hates spending the night at your place

You told her to come over. There is small talk after she arrives. You both undress. You get your nut. This is what usually follows…

  • Both of you catch your breath and look at the ceiling in silence (two minutes)
  • A towel is used to clean up the sperm (two minutes)
  • She goes to the bathroom (five minutes)
  • Awkward chatting or even more awkward silence (five minutes)
  • She gets an Uber, grabs her keys, then leaves (five minutes)

Out the door less than twenty minutes after climax. Once the deed is done, she doesn’t see the point in staying around. And neither do you.

20. She has physically assaulted a man

She is often confrontational and hostile. She craves drama and is mentally unhinged. Her temper is so unstable that she picks fights with alpha males. The usual accusation is infidelity (projecting) before leading to physical violence. She tends to avoid fighting with beta males to continue milking them of their resources.

Outbursts of violence are also directed at herself. Self-harm is common among hectoslags. They often try to commit suicide as a cry for attention.

21. She has done “professional” photoshoots

She feels a need to broadcast her narcissism while baiting potential lovers or sponsors. She’s an expert at using filters and Myspace angles. She will have the exact same photo taken a hundred times because it hides one of her flaws.

She might do regular “shoots” at first, but they will soon involve less and less clothes, as female vanity pushes her to maximize the amount of attention she receives.

22. She watches porn at least once a week

She regularly watches videos featuring gangbangs, interracial cuckoldery, violent sex, and lesbianism. She reaches a point where her brain became completely rewired and she can only climax watching the most obscene material. The normal sex that was good in the past becomes boring.

Thanks to porn, her love life feels forced and staged. Her lines in bed during the act will sound like they come straight out of a porn set (e.g., “Spank me daddy,” “I am your little slut”).

23. Her hobbies, circle, or profession are directly linked to the sex industry

Birds of a feather flock together. Was she a bartender in a strip club? Does she have stripper or camgirl friends? Has she ever worked in Vegas, Macao, or other locations rich in casinos and wealthy businessmen? Did she take pole dance classes, strip in the past, or help promote a burlesque club? Unload and leave.

24. She lies about her life on social media

She puts a front on the internet while she is miserable in real life. She experiences a “happy relationship” or “love at first sight” when a repeat pump-and-dump gets lazy and sticks around for a few weeks. Every now and then, she carts around a man as the “boyfriend” as an act of public relations.

25. She blames others for calling her a slut

Even more than other women, she can’t accept guilt. Anything that happens is always someone else’s fault. She can’t help it! She is just sexual! A slut is just a woman with the morals of a man! The rationalisation hamster is already quite busy with normal women, so it must work around the clock within the brain of the hectoslag.

Another red flag is if she has seen a shrink in the past. Instead of trying to solve the root of the problem (hook-up culture, substance abuse, no goals, childless existence), she ends up taking prescription drugs to make the problem even worse.

26. She is a single mother

No protection. Drunken hook-up. An abortion appointment that was booked too early on the Saturday following Ladies’ Night at her favourite club.

She has pictures of her children all over Facebook but secretly loathes them, because they took away her looks (instead of her just having a bad lifestyle), hindered her sexual agenda, or were not sired by the alpha male she wanted.

27. She is 30 and still single

The dreaded three-zero has finally arrived without a boyfriend, but it doesn’t mean she was sexually inactive during the preceding fourteen years (seven men a year is all it takes for her to hit one hundred by 30). Imagine the psychological impact of being with that many men but still not finding a man to commit to you.

It’s no surprise that the rate of early sexual activity and the number of sexual partners for women is directly linked to the stability of their marriage, their happiness, and their mental sanity.

28. She has homosexual friends

She collects more fags than an ashtray in Soho. The gossip! The drama! The sexual promiscuity and the thrills induced by the risks of getting AIDS! The fact that the sluturions are known to enjoy the company of gays is very bad news.

Monkey see, monkey do. Women who avidly frequent homosexuals tend to mimic their debauched, dodgy sexual behaviour, and often have the same mental illnesses and life-threatening sexual diseases to boot.

29. She lies about the number of men she slept with

“I had only two/three boyfriends.” The one-night stands and drunk blowjobs in club toilets never count.

She avoids speaking about her sexual past as much as possible. “I do dirty things only with you” and “All my exes are bastards, don’t ask” are common responses. She becomes defensive about her notch count or projects her own guilt by accusing you of being a player.

A shift might occur when she has been through so much cock that she knows her cause is lost and just opens up about it. Hearing those things will make you enter black pill territory pretty fast.

30. She loves being spanked and choked

She responds positively to rough sex, actual physical violence, psychological torture, and humiliation. She gets off by being spanked when you take her from behind. It is worse if she spanks herself.

The biggest red flag is when she gets off by being slapped in the face, especially if she asks for it in words. Same goes for choking or God forbid, being pissed on.

This need for pain comes from the boundaries she has already crossed, when she has been with so many men that traditional sex is not enough for her to climax. She seeks a new fetish through pain and humiliation.

S’associer aux putains nuit gravement à la santé

No man wants to invest more than a few hours in a woman that has been soiled by the sweat and semen of a hundred men. It is repugnant in addition to being dangerous. So let this list be a warning.

Compare those signs to the couple of absolutely godless sluts you have plowed through in the past. How does the most promiscuous girl you have ever met score?

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