International dating is growing in popularity among Western men. The manosphere was instrumental in lifting the idea of dating abroad out of the hands of shady mail order bride sites and socially inept middle aged men; and placing it squarely in the hands of masculine males.

Now the topic occasionally even overflows into the mainstream consciousness. From the blogosphere to the water cooler, more and more men are hearing stories of conquest ranging from one night stands to marriage proposals. As tales of exotic, beautiful, and feminine women are shared by a few “lucky” guys, the rest often pine with curiosity, doubt, or even fantasy.

Tales of international conquest are more common then they want you to believe

International Dating Is More Than Just Pickup

There’s no shortage of resources on international pickup and flag hunting. Just about every would-be red pill blogger has a guide or course on the subject. However, information and dialogue run scant for the rare (some would say crazy) masculine man who has decided that for him marriage and family are worth the risk of investment, and who himself is willing to go overseas to find what he’s looking for.

In this post we’ll look at a simple process a man can use to meet and date women in Ukraine for the prospect of marriage or a serious relationship. In this process, efficiency and effectiveness are virtues. This approach is for the man who holds time and energy as two of the most precious commodities.

A Few Assumptions

This article also assumes a few things. The first is that you know what you want, and that is something along the lines of a beautiful women with traditional values and a feminine nature.

The second assumption is that you know how to get what you want. That is, if you met such a woman, you would know how to lead the interaction according to the principles of your masculine nature and her femininity (aka game).

The final assumption is that you have—or at least can attain—the resources for dating overseas. This includes but is not necessarily limited to time, money, willpower, etc.

Why Ukraine?

There are multiple Slavic countries with beautiful and traditional women, but Ukraine is the first choice of many men. Sure, the country has a global reputation for gorgeous females, but the real draw are probably its cheap prices and visa-free entry for most westerners.

Neighboring Russia and Belarus are also known for their women, but in both nations the cost of living is higher and you’ll have to wade through the mire of visa red tape just to get into the country.

You face red tape and visa fees if you want to get to Russian women.

A Four-Step Process

Now let’s took a look at how to actually go about meeting serious Ukrainian women.

1. Get Your Tools Together

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, blindly approaching women on the streets of Kiev is not very efficient, and if you have a limited time in the country, it’s simply not worth the effort. The logistical techniques of international pick up have their merit, but if you’re surveying a foreign country for wife material, you will have to amend ideas like pipelining and approach to suit your search.

You’ll want to choose a international dating site (of which there are many). However you should only use sites that meet the following criteria: a) is a paid site, and b) allows direct contact with women on the site.

Free sites tend to be flooded with bots, scammers, and prostitutes. A quality woman might be found in a such a place, but good luck trying to find her. A reputable paid site will have less suspicious activity and helps you cut through a lot of the usual B.S. that comes with online dating (though no site is perfect).

There’s an entire scam industry out there in the international dating world called Pay Per Letter (PPL). Basically these sites upload hundreds of profiles of beautiful foreign women and charge men for every message or letter they send. The catch is that the women aren’t real and you’re probably writing to a guy named Boris.

You can easily avoid all this by only using sites that charge an upfront monthly subscription and allow you to communicate with women directly as much as you want (similar to a normal dating site).

A good dating site or two will help you pinpoint your targeting. On my first trip to Ukraine, I made the mistake of thinking I could confidently wander about the country and meet women wherever I happened to find myself. That might work if you’re in the country for an extended stay, but for a short trip it’s a bad idea (especially if you don’t speak the local language).

For the majority of my trip I ended up in a small town limited to talking only to women in and around a local language school, which in my opinion is not the best hunting ground (more on that later).

2. Validate Your Destination

Next, you want to choose which city you will travel to. This method presupposes that one city will amply fill your entire stay, but in theory you could travel to others if it suits you.

The first and most obvious choice is Kiev. It’s the largest city and hosts Ukraine’s busiest international airport. Odessa and Lviv also service international flights and are fairly easy to get to.

If you’re feeling more adventurous you might also consider cities like Kharkiv or Dnipro. Each city has its pros and cons, so do your homework and decide which one appeals to you.

Remember when we assumed you know what you want in a woman? Use some of that criteria (age range, appearance, etc) to search on your chosen dating site for eligible profiles in your given city.

You want to make sure there’s enough potential contacts to justify your travel. Major cities in Ukraine typically have no shortage of beautiful feminine women, so this typically isn’t an issue. Still, double check.


Validate your chosen city before you buy a plane ticket.

3. Make Contact

Once you’ve verified your chosen city, book your travel and start contacting women. Obviously you’ll want your site profile and intro messages to demonstrate your high value as a man. This is pretty much the same as pipelining for pickup, but with one crucial difference: you have the advantage of being a serious man looking for a serious relationship.

If you mention the words marriage or wife, and that you are intent on face-to-face meetings in lieu of online correspondence, you will attract attention. If you can convince a Slavic woman that you’re serious about your intentions, you’ll have a huge advantage in the dating marketplace, one that less serious men can only dream of. Your main problem will be sifting through the interested candidates.

4. Go

This is the part were you actually step on a plane and meet the women you’ve been contacting. Once you actually start interacting with them, focus your energy on the ones who exemplify the values you’re looking for.

Cut off relations with women as they begin to disqualify themselves from your standard. The cream will inevitably rise to the top. By the end of your stay, you should have one or more women with whom you can continue to connect and test until you decide that a second trip is warranted.

The right woman will be worth a second trip.

Balance Your Expectations

There are two sets of expectations you will need to balance while meeting women in Ukraine. One is for the trip itself, and the other is for the women you encounter.

Defining A Successful Trip

When a man invests his time and money into a particular endeavor, he often feels compelled to see an immediate return. If he’s not careful, this compulsion will wear away at his rationality and drive him to make hasty emotional decisions.

If circumstances aren’t matching up to his expectations, he may try force a result out of desperation and spell disaster for himself.

Don’t lose sight of the big picture during your trip. Coming home without a prospect might be frustrating, but it isn’t failure. The hunt continues. Returning with a woman below your standards would be the true defeat.

What To Expect Of The Women

Hype has surrounded the women of Ukraine for awhile now. They’re lauded as some of the most beautiful and feminine women in the world. However, that doesn’t mean that the bread basket of Europe is also automatically the wife basket of the world.

My first trip to Ukraine was an eye-opener. I had my first dates with Ukrainian women in a city of about 150,000 people. The reports I’d heard made me assume that Ukraine was an untouched bastion of traditional values and gender roles.

Don’t get me wrong: in Ukraine your chances of meeting a traditionally feminine woman are drastically higher than your typical major city in the west. Even so, don’t be so gullible as to believe that just because a woman is Ukrainian means she’s worth your time.

One of the first girls I dated was a huge fan of Sex and the City, and said she wasn’t keen on having a family because she wanted to travel the world and see where life might take her. Needless to say, I was shocked to find that the tritest values of Western culture had made inroads all the way into small town Ukraine.

I also met a couple other women who plainly said that they preferred careers over starting a family. I even came across (but did not date) an uppity girl in her late twenties who lauded the merits of feminism and world travel. Sexual nomads seemed to have left these types out of their international pick up blogs…

The less English she knows the better (better work on your Russian).

Granted, these women were not the majority. They also had one unique thing in common: they all spoke excellent English. I began to notice that in this country there was a significant correlation between a woman’s age, English level, and value system. If a girl was young and her English was too good, it became a red flag.

You have to vet women in Ukraine just like anywhere else in the world. Don’t cut them any slack simply because they’re foreign. They definitely won’t be cutting you any.

Final Thoughts

Ukraine is still a hard country to ignore if you’re intent on conquering feminine women, though there are some signs and notable arguments that it might not stay that way. For now, a masculine man with a decent plan of action and a set of balanced expectations stands a lot to gain from even a short stay in the country.

If you’re ready and willing to make the highest of sexual investments, Ukraine still offers a worthy return: the kind of woman who will compliment your natural strength as a man and fuel the imaginations of lesser men on the wrong side of the red pill.

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