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Depression is a liar. It has no soul, no conscience. If depression was a person, it would be among the ranks of Bernie Madoff, Frank Abagnale, or Victor Lustig.

Depression will come knocking on your door dressed in a nice suit. It will try to sell you the concepts of self-pity, low self-worth, impatience, and low hope, among others. You must be prepared when depression does show up trying to sell you these lies. If you buy them, it will return day in and day out knowing that you put food on its table and gas in its tank. Depression’s only job is to survive and, when you fall for its sales pitches, you are a means to that end.

One of your greatest defensive measures against this con-artist is asking questions. Ask enough and surely you will start to catch it lying out of its teeth. When you can separate the lies of depression from the truth of reality, you can begin to piece your life back together.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free – John 8:32

Let’s prepare for the days depression shows up at your door…

Depression Sales Package #1: Self Pity

Depression will approach you and do its best to convince you that your life sucks. If it successfully makes the sale, it gains a position of authority over your thoughts.

You’ve probably already bought the premium version of this sales package. When unboxed, it looks like a victim-mindset: “Poor me. I’ll feel sorry for myself, continue my behavior, and wish problems away.”

Buyer Beware. This isn’t you.

This is depression telling your subconscious what to say. It then repackages it as if it was a thought of your own. From there, it nets you in a cycle of temptation and torment.

First, depression tempts you with pity and presents instant gratification as the best fix. Then come the side effects of self-pity induced instant gratification: weight gain, low energy, health problems, debt, etc. More things to feel pity over.

Just as the sun rises, this tormenting cycle continues unless noticed and acted upon.

Here are multiple sets of questions to break down the lies of self-pity. Each question will break it down like a Russian nesting doll, exposing its inner content.

First question set
  • Do I contribute to the problems I don’t want in my life?
  • Has my inability to say no to instant gratification brought me down this road over the years?
  • Would constructive daily disciplines improve my situation?
  • Do I demonstrate any discipline or do I live strictly off of my moment by moment feelings?
  • How long would discipline centered improvements take? Days? Weeks? A few short months?
  • Do I have any goals or strategies to better my situation or am I floating aimlessly wishing for better?
Second question set
  • Is my life really that bad?
  • Do I have things other people around the world would envy?
  • Have I delegated my happiness to material possessions?
  • Do I depend on circumstances to be a certain way in order to be happy?
  • What changes do I have to make today to set a better sail today?

(This article is an excerpt from Man’s Guide to Well-Being: Take Control of Your Mood and Life.)

Depression Sales Package #2: Low Self-Worth

Depression wants to taint your self-perception. It knows that the less you believe in yourself; the less confidence you have,  the further away change is.

This sales package hides an obvious fact: we were all born for great things. However, the low confidence depression sells us limits our efforts and it is our lowered efforts that destine us for failure. Then, our inevitable failure lowers our self-worth and self-confidence even more. Eventually, we stop trying new and better things completely.

Hopefully, you are starting to see why depression may as well be selling you heroin. It grasps your psychological reasoning and skews life results, forcing you into a depression addiction.

Here are multiple sets of questions to combat this. Each question will act as a full swing of a battering ram, destined to bust open the door of truth and free you faster than a 12-step program.

First question set
  • When was the last time I tried something convinced and determined on success?
  • Do I regularly sell myself on defeat before putting forth 110% of my effort?
  • Does this pre-sold defeat cause me to abandon methods before even attempting them?
  • Does my perception of myself align with what others think of me?
  • What methods can I use to improve my self-worth and shut the door in the face of depression?
Second question set
  • What events of the past have led to my low self-worth?
  • Have I been holding on to them for too long? Have these events unknowingly latched on like a leech, coming everywhere with me?
  • Is something that happened five years ago even a tiny bit relevant today?
  • Does a specific someone in your life perpetuate this false identity? Is it okay to smack them? (joke).
  • How easily can they be removed from your sphere of influence?
  • What steps are you taking today so that you can cultivate your greatness moving forward?

To read sales packages three (Impatience)and four (Low Hope), check out Man’s Guide to Well-Being. If you are depressed, this book is your solution.

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