In the West, when a couple finds out they are going to have a baby, they—or should I say she—have three options, keeping the baby, giving it up for adoption, or getting an abortion. How many options does the man have? You know the answer: zero. He has absolutely no rights, no say in this case, at least not in front of the court.

This has led to a de-dramatization of the act of abortion, leading to an increased number of voluntary terminations. In some cases (most cases?), women may not even tell their partner about their pregnancy and get an abortion anyway.

The white population is decreasing. Do you want to save it? Forget about it until we have true reproductive rights. Today, men are nothing more than witnesses to sinking ships that women are captaining.

“No Means No”: No Abortion If One Of The Parents Says So

Abortion has a huge impact on the personal life of men. For all three main Abrahamic religions, abortion is considered a sin and a crime and it has always been forbidden. As a religious person, I personally agree with the fact that a fetus is already a human being and that it should be treated as such. But even for atheists, abortion is a very painful experience. A child—or at least the possibility of one—is being killed and that doesn’t leave you without some grief.

We have been told relentlessly about how women suffer after having abortions. But what about men?

Such a serious act can have very important and deep health consequences afterwards, such as depression, guilt, and possibly suicide. This is what emerges from research done by Dr. Kaeleen Dingle, who presented a study on the connection between young mens’ depression and abortion. Corrine Barraclough, a journalist for the Daily Telegraph, says she was absolutely “stunned” by this discovery. Really? Was it so surprising to discover that men have feelings? Surely yes when it is all about women.

However, she doesn’t forget to conclude with, “Of course, this isn’t a blame game. And, of course, this has nothing to do with pointing a finger at women who, rightly, have control over their bodies.” Of course…

I am sorry to disagree with you, Corrine, but I am going to point the finger at women. Firstly, women do not have control over their bodies. Even here in France, abortion is illegal after three months, and a woman who has passed this point is required to keep the baby. Secondly, if a woman wants to keep the baby, nobody can force her to have an abortion. So, if a man wants to keep the baby, he should be able to do so, regardless of the woman’s opinion. That’s basic equality.

My Story


I experienced this scenario when I was 26 years old and my girlfriend was 23. We were living in Paris and had been together for five years when she got pregnant accidentally. I will not comment on the reliability of contraceptives, but after a fairly long period of dating and the large number of sexual relations that come with it, the chances of pregnancy are no longer negligible.

However, everything seemed to be going fairly well in our relationship and I thought we were ready for a stable family life. After all, we’d spent five long years together and we’d talked about having children several times before. So, when she announced the big news, I didn’t hesitate long before telling her that I thought we should keep the baby.

I was very excited by the perspective of a small child coming into our life, one that we would be raising and teaching to have his way in the world, the normal joys of normal parents. Also, coming from a Christian background, life was sacred to me and abortion was not really an option. At first, she agreed with me—or at least that’s what I thought—because she looked pretty happy about it too. I couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Some days later, she told me without tears nor trembling that she had decided not to keep the baby. I argued with her, trying as best I could to convince her to change her mind, but to no avail. No way she was going to sacrifice her youth and body, no way she was going to commit to a steady situation so early in her life. Damn, how did I fool myself so much for so long!? I was blind, I should have understood, I should have seen that she still had countries to visit, people to meet, and dicks to fuck.

Actually, she was always worried about her fertility wondering whether or not she could have children, and I guess this news quite reassured her about her womanhood. That was the only reason she was so happy, not because of the kid that was going to come into this world, not because of the perspective of a family life, but the confirmation that her uterus was working well.

She didn’t give a fuck about the baby, she didn’t give a fuck about me, all that mattered was herself. I could not imagine anything more selfish.

From the day she told me she was getting an abortion, my world turned black. I was over-thinking what was going to happen. Was I letting my own child be killed? What could I do to save him?

After one week, she had her abortion simply by going to a physician and taking two pills. Did the doctor ask what the opinion of the father was? No way. Did he even ask whether she told him? Absolutely not. That’s how easy it is today. No questions, no problems.

The pills were taken and the pregnancy terminated. The baby was five weeks old.

I regret it each day of my life.

Want to know the cherry on top? She was Irish, and in Ireland, abortion is illegal. Too bad she didn’t stay there; in France, the degeneracy had begun long long ago. Thank you, Miss Simone Weil.

Reproductive Rights For Men

When it comes to the life of your own baby, your opinion should always be taken into account. That is a fundamental right that is not granted to us today. Whether or not you think that a fetus is already a human being, your voice should count.

Aborting a baby is a very tough experience for both parents, who might regret it for the rest of their lives. For that reason, it should require the consent of both of them.

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