It is one of the tenets of red pill truth that millennials and their descendants are a lost cause because they are weak and effeminate pansies who are hedonistic, self indulgent, and entitled. They have little respect for culture and tradition, and their thin-skinned cowardice is harming Western civilization.

Those of us who embrace our newly rediscovered masculinity can stand tall and proud. Our opinions may not be popular in the mainstream, but we believe in our hearts that we are right. We embrace stoicism and nobility. While Rome burns we don’t fiddle, but write the music, at least for our own lives.

But does our sense of pride and resilience hide an uncomfortable truth that we have lost the ear of a generation of young men? The tradition of passing masculine rites to our young has disappeared amid the haze of single mother families, bad TV, and a ruthless propaganda campaign against male values.

Who is really to blame—the 21 year old soy boy bamboozled by teachers into believing he might actually be a girl, or his father for ever allowing it to happen? Is a young man really at fault for joining antifa when he has been conned into the myth of white privilege by a hysterical, race obsessed media? How did things ever get so bad that our own children hear the voice of degenerates like Kim Kardashian over their own parents.

The Child Is Father Of The Man

Recently, I did a spell of music teaching in a primary school (elementary for American readers), and it became abundantly clear why young people have such a distorted view of reality: they have terrible influences, both at school and home.

To readers of ROK, that’s a very obvious point. The problem is that the hole goes deeper than you could imagine. It isn’t as simple as teaching a young man game and sending him on his way. From the moment of birth through adolescence, a young man is subjected to a non-stop barrage of cultural manipulation that causes a damaged psyche, one that that is almost impossible to escape from.

Think of some of the social norms we take for granted. It would be unthinkable for a rational person to defecate in the street or to expose themselves in front of their parents. The perceptions of right and wrong are hammered into us, first from reasonable parenting, and then shaped by society’s standards and expectations. They are unquestionable truths, and we know deep in our soul that they are “right.”

But recently the lore and the unquestioned has become corrupted, not just in the demented rantings of the far left, but in the fabric of society. What was once purity of knowledge and decency, shaped over centuries, has been twisted into decadence which would have been unthinkable 40 years ago. The reasons for this are numerous, and there are plenty of good articles on ROK to explain them. What’s important for our purpose is how this impacts young men.


As we know, modern school curriculums are fantasy first, reality second. Here are a few lies told to children everyday: women are as strong physically as men, white people cause third world poverty, there are 24 genders as opposed to two, masculinity is toxic, the patriarchy was a conspiracy to keep women downtrodden, and traditional nuclear families are old-fashioned.

Despite the above being merely arguable at best, it is presented as incontrovertible fact to many children who are not yet capable of questioning those in authority. The effect of this continual bombardment has led to many kids graduating high school with a complex of hatred, both for their ancestors and themselves.

Bringing It All Back Home

So what can be done? Have real men lost their positive influence on young people forever? The influence that men have on their relatives is becoming increasingly marginalised. Pressures of work and divorce, among other things, means less time is available for our sons, brothers, and nephews. The time you can spend together is even more precious, so make sure it isn’t wasted.

Encourage children to question everything they hear in school and on television. Teach them the truth about women and game. And be unapologetic. Life isn’t fair, and no amount of hand wringing is going to change that. Remove the mentality that life owes favours instead of the other way around. Avoid films that indulge in anti-male rhetoric, even if all their friends watch them. Persuade them to read good books by male authors who have experienced life, not a gender studies course. Cultivate good health and get into sports (just don’t fall into the trap of worshiping the sport). Your children and family are your birth right, so make your influence felt.

The Truth Will Come Out

Modern life is toxic, but not for the reasons that feminist HR managers would have you believe. The scourge of political correctness has supplanted the logic that led Western civilization to such advancement over 2000 years. Even so, the truth has a strange way of liberating the mind.

At every opportunity, as long as you are not in a situation that could get you arrested or fired, uncover reality in stone cold bites. If you have an annoying blue pill co-worker who pedestalizes women and kisses their ass, reveal your best cocky jerkboy game in their presence and show them the way. If a young feminist gets angry when you ask for men to help you move some heavy equipment, allow her to tag along, and then when she struggles to lift it, leave her to it. Make it your mission to pave the way with truth.

Now is not the time to abandon hope of saving young people from the liberal hellhole. Every man has the masculine instinct inside of him—it just needs to be brought out and stamped in. It’s up to us to provide a future. Indeed, we are the only ones strong enough to do so.

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