I write this with a heavy heart because I’ve privately corresponded with Mark and enjoyed his passionate diatribes, which I’ve published on this very blog not once, but twice. I’ve even invited him to contribute an article. But all is not what it seems to be.

In case you’re not familiar with Mark, he’s a prolific manosphere commenter who over the past year has hammered into our brains how destructive marriage in America is, wisdom learned from his own bitter divorce. Here is a sample of his previous writing:

Fine, marriage might work out for you. It probably won’t and you will fuck yourself bad. It happens to 1 in 2 men. 1 in fucking 2.


And when I die, the fact I got to live elsewhere for a time, will dwarf what I feel about here. It is the basis of my rants about marriage and this American life as a married man being insipid, stupid, and a waste of the life of man. Because it ties you to here, it chains you, it removes your option, your hope, that you might leave, and seals your fate as a slave.


Given the way women are, and the way most of you are, your odds of being in a marriage forever and not getting a divorce is about zilch.point.shit. 0.0000%. Enough zeros? Any of you that are married are probably on the way to divorce if you are not divorced already. Any of you that do get married surely will be divorced.

A man must avoid marriage, whether you are alpha as fuck or beta as a hell.


The reality is that after a few years of marriage you will probably prefer porn to your wife. And the reality is that porn IS better than your wife.

And as for growing old with her. You’ll be sleeping in different bedrooms and no fucking way will you be wanting to fuck that old beast. You’ll be thinking “If I have to watch her fucking chew like a cow one more time I am surely going to choke her and shoot myself”.

One enjoyable feature of his writing is a powerful voice that comes from being direct and unambiguous. You know exactly where he stands. There is no doubt he has been influential in causing young men to think about what the marriage institution has morphed into. I even sympathized with his preference of Colombian women, and envisioned him soaking up the eternal summer of Medellin to enjoy the company of feminine, more traditional women. And in spite of all that comes the bombshell announcement that he is re-marrying in America… to a single mom. He is signing into a legal contract where he will soon provide for another man’s spawn.

This revelation has shocked many, and while some understand his need for companionship as he advances into elderly age, he is getting eviscerated for not living up to his own principles.

Here is his response:

I practiced what I learned here. I am 58 year old man. None of you know what that truly entails until you get to that point in your life. Kate is an attractive 34 year old woman, with options galore if she chose to take them.

And in following what I learned here, following the suggestions, the psychology, the mandates, I have an attractive woman 24 years younger than me that is ready to commit to me.

Top that motherfuckers.

The criticisms against him have not been kind:

I’ve seen photos of her before because she used to have them linked to her profile on Rollo’s blog and to me the woman isn’t hideous but that’s about the nicest thing I can say. At least she isn’t fat. Supposedly she’s a single mother, but I guess that matters less as you advance in years. Most late middle-aged American men certainly do worse but at the same time, feeling lucky about marrying a not-fugly single mother whose neurosis has drawn her into the heartiste/rollo/roosh world of relationship dynamics, is like getting jacked that you hit a single cherry on the nickle slot machine.

Normally two people coming together is a cause for celebration and we congratulate the couple while privately hoping for the best against the odds. I can’t feel those sentiments given this context – an oscillating man waving a farcical anti-marriage banner and his shrill insistence on the deleterious effect of having a woman in your life. Suddenly a woman appears in his life, hardly a temptress, and he reflexively puts a fucking ring on it. This is after everything we all know about women and the common misery and drudgery of marriage. This is after everything he knows- that women can and will divorce you on a whim. I don’t even think it’s been a year since Mark Minter ‘entered’ this part of the web guns-a-blazin’. Well that fire went out quick!

I understand the desire for companionship, and maybe these things are more important as you get older. But please remind me: what are the benefits of a 58 year old guy going to the courthouse and getting married instead of committing to a serious long term and loving relationship? Did something about the inherent risks of marriage change? Did something about women change? Why put yourself in this situation? (Source)



Like most on the Internet, he was a paper alpha.

Like I’ve said time and again, men who get divorce raped were white knights in a previous life. Once a white night, always a white knight. A 58 year old leopard does not lost its spots.

Minter wrote well because he wrote out of bitterness and anger. His writing did not reflect deeply held philosophical beliefs. He wrote to process his anger.

Just as there aren’t many atheists in fox holes, there aren’t many MGTOW when hot snatch is in their face.

Who is that morbidly obese radio host that so many guys look up to? The fat fuck can’t control his eating and has been married 4 times. Yet guys look up to him because he TALKS a good game.

Best of luck to Minter. Since he is a beta male to his core, the cycle of his previous relationship will repeat itself. But maybe he’ll have a nice, if short, run. (Source)


Seeing one of the biggest pillars of the dark manosphere self-destruct voluntarily is incredibly repulsive.

In the manosphere’s early history books Mark Minter’s name will now forever be associated with fraud. The guy took a dump on everything he has learned in his 58 years on this earth. And pissed on everything he supposedly stood for in his divorced life. All that for an officially-sanctioned state-sponsored union with a second-hand internet slut who is about to hit a wall while handing in another man’s child to this old cuckold to raise. That would be really funny if it wasn’t so fucked up.

As horrible as that act is, the biggest insult is in the ego-driven rationale he has given for it:

“Top that motherfuckers!” taunts Mark Minter the manosphere community where he has found nothing but love, support and understanding audience in his darkest, loneliest days.

This is from an internet swordsman who was self-reportedly a sworn archenemy of the institution of marriage. Someone who has guided other men with his unsolicited diatribes as much as he sought support from that same community of men. Only to turn around with “top that motherfuckers!” the minute he was comfortable enough to believe some used internet broken female fairy who pinky-promised to submit and commit to his ego.

This is disgusting also because the one thing that separates us/men from women is the principle of our beliefs. Women are whores because they have no concept of ‘self’. Men are different from women in that once we believe in something, once we have that steadfast, unwavering faith we will never break that promise, that commitment, that belief. The real men are like bulldog locking its jaw unto a victim. The true men of history, the Jesuses, the Genghis Khans, the Hitlers, the Gandhis, the Che Guevara’s of this world, all died for their beliefs and principles (even if those beliefs were fucked up), rather than let go of them.

And now we have Mark Minter.

The first internet groupie who wiggled her tail in his direction wins him over.

A man instantly vaporized.

It’s that easy with men who are not real men.

Let that be a lesson to careless fools.

In hindsight Mark Minter’s change of heart comes as no surprise at all. Any amateur psychologist will tell you that a person who calls himself “narcissistic and Machiavellian” (like Mark has called himself) has an inherent capability to completely change his tune on a dime. But the way Mark Minter’s ego has rationalized it (“top that motherfuckers!”) is in really poor taste and is the biggest slap in the face to all real men in the manosphere. We all know that the weak-willed men will do anything for a pussy, including selling out their brothers for it. That’s exactly why the phrase ‘bros before hoes’ was coined. But to have this guy who was supposedly a walking, breathing epitome of that maxim turn around and with straight face tell us: ‘was just fucking with you, it was hoes before bros all along’ – is actually a temporary defeat for the manosphere. The manosphere can not afford to have its biggest anti-marriage spokesman run off to get married the first chance he gets. Because it leaves the system looking like a joke. I see this and I know that his shallow, self-serving ‘do as I say, not as I do’ example will more than likely lead other doubting men to eventually go on that same certifiably wrong path. (Source)

He is like the conservative politician who espouses family values while diddling young boys on the side. He is the PUA who sells products on how to get laid but can’t even approach a single woman, someone who creates a false character to gain either money or—in this case—praise, at the expense of everyone’s trust. For that reason, he has lost all respect from me. If he were to knock on my door, starving, begging for food and drink, I would only place the sustenance on my front step. He would not be permitted to enter my home so that the foul odor of hypocrisy that now trails him does not infect my place of sleep.

I hope his name will forever be synonymous with a man who doesn’t live by his own code. He deserves to be permanently exiled from the manosphere community. No more praise or compliments should be directed his way.

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