Before Paypal shut us down, many of you were monthly patrons. It has taken several months but I have finally found a platform that accepts those on the dissident right.

Without the support of readers such as yourself, I would not be able to have a career producing content for men. Unless people find enough value in what I do to make a donation or buy books and merchandise, there would be no Roosh V blogReturn Of KingsRoosh V Forum, or YouTube channel (in addition to my email newsletters and occasional podcasts). If I don’t give value to you, I know that I will not receive value back.

“Shut it down!”

In the past, I was more hesitant to ask for direct donations because I was earning a stronger income through book sales and Return Of Kings advertising, but liberals have been busy shutting me down since my lecture tour in 2015.

Return Of Kings has been banned from Disqus, Google Adsense, and every other banner ad network I’ve tried to use. I was given a lifetime ban from Paypal for political reasons, and Amazon allows hundreds of fake 1-star reviews on my books, greatly decreasing sales. Without asking you for donations, maintaining normal operations will become increasingly difficult, if not impossible.


Roosh Booster Club

If you have been receiving value from Return Of Kings or my work and would like to show your gratitude, I kindly ask that you join the Roosh Boosters Club and make a recurring monthly donation (or a one-time donation). I have set up three monthly tiers at $5, $10, and $20 where you’ll receive some additional benefits as a show of thanks. Click here to see all three tiers. You will receive information about your tier benefits on the Friday after you sign up.

Of course I know you donate not for a handful of goodies but because you believe in what I’m doing and want to see me publish more content in the future. The most important guarantee I can make with your donation is that it will allow me to continue producing the work you value.

The Future Of ROK

If I gain $500 per month in donations, I plan on helping take ROK to its former glory by increasing the standard of articles that are published every day. The current promotion of paying for all guest writers has already led to positive benefits so I hope to make it a permanent feature, but this can’t be done without your help.

If you are getting value from ROK or my work, click here to learn more about becoming a booster. Thank you!

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