Four members of Polish metal band Decapitated have had charges of kidnapping and rape against them dropped in Washington State. From September to December, they served time in jail, first in California and then in Washington when they were extradited. Two women had made sexual allegations after a concert in Spokane in late August.

The victim’s friend was pulled over later that night and cited with a DUI. While in the back of the patrol car, she told the officer her friend was being assaulted, but without a specific location the officer was unable to help.

This is just one part of the ridiculous series of events surrounding two women’s allegations of rape against members of the Polish band Decapitated. Why didn’t she call 911 for her friend before the DUI (driving under the influence)?

The primary accuser, who insisted all four band members gang raped her, has previously admitted lying to police about a domestic dispute with her boyfriend. Another woman first reported the allegations to an officer “while in the back of the patrol car” upon being caught driving drunk. Why this secondary accuser only told the authorities of her pal’s “kidnapping” and “rape” following her own arrest for breaking the law is beyond comprehension. What happened to calling 911 to try and save your friend?

Though the main rape accuser cited bruises as “evidence” of her claims, witnesses from the concert countered that the woman had been in the mosh pit, where wild but typical metal music dancing and jostling regularly takes place. One Australian musician, from another band touring with Decapitated, said “she was violently dancing” at the event.

Who’s going to compensate these men?

Who’s going to reimburse these men for their jail time, without them even facing a trial? Well, no one.

Almost certainly no one. Yet, notwithstanding prosecutors’ refusal to commence the trial, the innocent band members, Waclaw Kieltyka, Michal Lysejko, Rafal Piotrowski, and Hubert Wiecek, have all served more jail time than many unrepentant, proven criminals. They have undoubtedly spent many thousands of dollars on lawyers, lost income from their time in prison, and had their reputations trashed. Oh, and surprise, surprise: the accusers have not been named in the media.

The “journalist” in the most recent article concerning the matter, Jonathan Glover, continues to inexcusably refer to the accuser as “the victim.” We can tell that the band members will always be regarded by the media and others as guilty felons.


When prosecutors turn Orwellian

And putting men in jail for “rape” without a trial or evidence is “justice”…

Spokane County Deputy Prosecutor Kelly Fitzgerald mentioned a number of bizarre but sadly common “reasons” for dropping the charges. “The well being of the victim” and “in the interest of justice” are just cop-outs, unless by “justice” she means the right of the Poles not to go on trial based on virtually non-existent evidence.

Even if we assumed that both girls were not lying, prosecutors knew from the start that the charges involved “a multiple defender case.” It supposedly required four months for them to realize that prosecuting four men at the same time would be additionally “traumatizing” for the woman. How convenient.

Fitzgerald, despite her job to organize cases based on evidence, is all about feelz and not facts:

We’ve discussed with her [the accuser] and her advocates and feel at this time it’s best for her to heal.

If the evidence is “sufficient” (a term already set at a dangerously low bar in the current “he said, she said” climate), prosecutors proceed with the trial. When the evidence is much more than insufficient, however, prosecutors declare that they are dropping charges to ensure “the well being of the victim.” It is simply all a smokescreen to cover the frequently flimsy cases “supporting” allegations of rape.

What happens when accusers don’t screw up or aren’t caught lying?

It now works for DUI arrests, too.

I have lost track of the number of times when I have said that what undoes most of these publicized rape cases is a history of lying from the accuser or “smoking gun” revelations that definitively prove any sex was consensual or didn’t happen at all. For Liam Allan in the UK, 40,000 messages helped save his skin, for example.

The members of Decapitated have been incredibly hard done by, but they are also incredibly lucky. If these two groupie women had not had all this baggage, like the prior lying to police and only reporting the “rape” after being arrested for driving drunk, the standard criminal procedure of “he said, she said,” trial, and conviction without any substantial evidence whatsoever would have very likely occurred.

There is presently a whole lot more evidence to suggest that the women are lying, but we can be sure that these accusers will never face prosecution, let alone jail time for falsely reporting rape and kidnapping.

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