Those in the manosphere who study and discuss game have a lot of critics. White knights and feminists alike are quick to shame, calling knowledge of game and discussion of it an unnecessary waste of time (at best) or evidence of misogyny (at worst). To hear them tell it, you could be forgiven for concluding that an understanding of game and how men/women interact is useless or evil.

Individual life experience, of course, tells us otherwise. Unlike women, men cannot obtain high sexual value by merely growing up. For most young guys, self-improvement is crucial to building a rewarding sexual/romantic life. In a world rife with feminist-inspired androgyny and plagued by a genuine dearth of honest instruction to young men about how to actually be men, the manosphere is a lifeline. It is one of the only places available where men can have honest discussions about masculinity, what’s right/wrong when it comes to women, and how to honestly evaluate themselves and tackle their own romantic/sexual faults.

What you are about to witness is the result of the absence of that lifeline. Incredibly needy, insecure, whiny and utterly unwilling to acknowledge and correct his own weaknesses, this is the kind of male bred by the actions of those who stand against game and despise the manosphere that helps to promote it.

I’ll let the evidence speak for itself.



Those who oppose game and the manosphere’s promotion of it often cite the need for men to turn to such sources for advice as “tragic”. To them, I say there is no tragedy in seeking self-improvement from like-minded men. The tragedy is in preventing men (especially young men) from doing so and risking the creation of more “males” like this one.


Game and self-improvement are the best ways out of the pathetic abyss illustrated here that so many young, desperate, inexperienced and insecure males fall into. Nobody wants to be Moses Garza and, hopefully with the growth of sites like this one, nobody will have to be.

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