Anne DeLessio-Parson, PhD, has been on Tucker Carlson and Jesse Waters recently where she argued that the consumption of animal products like steak and cheese both contribute to producing too much aggression. Through her activism, she is hiding potential health risks of a vegetarian lifestyle.

Parson graduated from the Poison-Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, and in her academic bio she mentions her work is on the sociological effects of diet, particularly in the absence of meat. She references that in India, one-third of the people are lacto-vegetarian, but what she doesn’t mention is that India has crime just like everywhere else, where gangsters, bribery, and corruption are a big problem today. 

Vegetarianism Hasn’t  Stopped “Toxic Masculinity” In India Or China

Varinder Ghuman, vegetarian bodybuilder

There are male Indians who are vegetarian but still are bodybuilders, soldiers, and wrestlers. This diet did not eliminate their aggression, in fact the high amounts of dairy they eat would suggest it promotes it. In India, dairy is actually an essential part of their diet, not a sin like vegans want you to believe.

In the Shaolin Temple of China, monks regularly exercise and perform intense martial arts. They smash bricks with their hands and withstand dangerous blows to their body. This requires yang, the masculine energy. As per Buddhism, these monks are strict vegetarians, eating simple foods like rice, beans, and mung, but they are not wimps. They most likely have a lot more testosterone than the average hot dog eating American.

The passive nonviolence of these cultures is more derived from their religions while the diet is part of following the moral code. Peace is sought first, and violence is a last resort. In Eastern martial arts, physically defeating an opponent is viewed as the lowest form of victory. Trained men from such areas frown at overly aggressive behavior. It is not because of veganism.

Carlson tried to get Parson to explain how exactly meat consumption promotes aggression, but he all he got were book recommendations rather than clear direct answers. She appeared to be more interested in promoting rather than answering the questions.

Jesse Waters Eats Steak In Front of Her


On Jesse Waters, Parson said she wants universal healthcare for animals. Waters then ate a steak in front of her. Her argument was that eating meat leaves blood on your hands, and that killing to eat is not ideal, but there are studies that show plants also feel pain too.

We all know that there are vegans/vegetarians who do it for moral or religious reasons and don’t condemn others for eating meat, but this is just another tactic the feminists are trying to use to attack the male gender using silly reasons without providing proper scientific evidence.

Violent Vegetarians

Some of the worst monsters in human history were in fact vegetarian, Hitler being one of them. Vegetarianism didn’t curb his aggression. If Hitler had a German sausage, a beer, and some Aryan babes, perhaps World War 2 wouldn’t have happened. There are many other examples:

  • Roman soldiers and gladiators ate meat sparingly, yet they were more aggressive despite having meat less available than the modern man.
  • Having non-vegetarian food can be dangerous in Ahmedabad, because the natives can be extreme and become very angry if they see someone eating meat.
  • There are cage fighters who are vegetarian and yes even vegan. Why haven’t they chosen a more peaceful profession instead of unleashing aggression in fights?

The PETA movement and alike are more political entities than humanitarian. They are forcing their views on people much like religious fanatics. You don’t really see meat eaters forming groups to go to vegan restaurants and attack, yet it is the vegans who are showing the aggression by disturbing people during their meals.

A Wrong Message

While she may have good intentions, Parson’s claims are taking it too far and she has misrepresented the vegetarian philosophy. Normal vegetarians in Asia don’t force their sentiment on others; it is simply understood as an individual choice. Even in Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine, meat is recognized as food and even prescribed to build up one’s strength. However, like anything else, too much does more harm than good.

So if you want eat a steak, go right ahead, you’re not a bad person. It’s ironic that a vegetarian has to tell you that.

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