Nothing ever happens in a vacuum, and no movement suddenly blossoms into existence without some kind of endgame in mind. And if you were wondering what the final phase of the whole #MeToo phenomena might resemble, the November 17 edition of Newsweek spelled it out for you in living color.

“Pop goes the weasels,” the cover of the magazine read in a a comical, cartoonish font. “#MeToo is bringing down powerful men in all fields,” read the sub caption. Interestingly, both “weasels” and “powerful men” were depicted in the same standout, red font—an old color psychology ploy to make the brain immediately draw parallels. And of course, where would any gender-baiting headline be without a rhetorical question to goad passersby into a second glance? In this case, the coup de grace is the stinger “Is Donald Trump next?”—which, in direct violation of the Associated Press guidelines Newsweek’s writers are supposed to follow, would seem to suggest the president is a “weasel,” which is not an objective fact but a matter of opinion.

Oh, and the image on the cover of said issue? Well, it just so happens to be a female hand—presumably female, of course, because of the red fingernail polish—poking a giant penis-shaped balloon with a pin. Talk about subtlety.

Alas, there is something quite intriguing about the cover. Nowhere does it bring up the terms “sexual abuse,” “sexual harassment,” “sexual misconduct” or any of its permutations. There are no references to “rape,” “justice,” “corruption,” or even “equality.” Indeed, if you had no idea what #MeToo was referring to, you’d be plumb perplexed as to why a major news magazine was seemingly advocating the wholesale puncturing of latex ding-dongs.

Rather, the Newsweek cover seems to post a general “war of the sexes” message, with men—those vertical pissing neanderthals they are—depicted as the deserving victims of an upcoming penile purge. “Watch out boys,” the cover implies, “us women are here to take control, and we’re taking your peckers with us as war trophies.”

Nope. Doesn’t look like the kind of guy who tries to rape women whatsoever.

Victimhood – a for-profit cause?

The driving force of the post Harvey Weinstein tsunami of sexual assault accusations becomes apparent. Women are shamelessly leveraging incidents of sexual misconduct—some, most certainly true, and many more most certainly untrue—as a means of obtaining financial and institutional clout. In short, they’ve parlayed pussy grabbing into power grabbing, and it doesn’t take much sleuthing to figure out what’s really going on here.

Now, as a writer for a website oft vilified as the last refuge of unabashed misogynists, I’ve got something kinda’ controversial to declare: I don’t think women should be raped. Nor do I think they should be molested or forced into having any kind of sexual contact they don’t want. And not only do I have nothing but respect for women who were actually sexually abused and speak out about their mistreatment, I’m more than willing to stand up with them and condemn sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace.

But there’s a difference between being an innocent victim speaking out about being abused—with the sole intent of getting your victimizer charged and convicted of said crimes—and being a woman who willingly went along with iffy sexual activity who is retroactively trying to profit from it.

Long story short, a lot of these harassment accusers—be they real or phony victims—aren’t looking for justice. They don’t want their harassers tried in a court of law for their criminal  misdeeds; they want free and easy money. They couldn’t give a shit about their dignity, all they’re seeing is dollar signs and quite possibly the ability to salvage their sagging careers under the auspices of a trendy hashtag.

Why else would anyone drudge up alleged sexual misadventures that took place in the late 1970s, or suddenly spill the beans about gross harassment incidents after 20 years of working with the alleged pervert? The statutes of limitation have long since passed, and the only three things that can come out of such accusations are public sympathy (itself a precious commodity for many a washed-up or never-was actress), the public shaming of their alleged abusers (which I suppose can also be considered a commodity of sorts), and out of court pocket change.

Come on – why let a couple of sexual assaults tarnish an otherwise healthy working relationship?

The politicization of harassment 

Isn’t it just a tad suspicious that—despite Roy Moore holding public office for almost 30 years—it wasn’t until he ran for a national congressional seat that a deluge of supposed rape victims came out of the woodworks to shame him off the U.S. Senate ticket? Where were these women when he was running against Luther Strange, or jockeying for a seat on the Alabama State Court—you know, the one he was apart of for only 20 years?

That none of his accusers are pursuing legal actions in the aftermath of his Senate defeat tells you everything about their underlying motives, doesn’t it?

And if Rose McGowan—who has benefited more than just about anyone from Sexual Misconduct-A-Thon 2017—is so incensed by the actions of Harvey Weinstein, then why did she choose to star in a movie directed by a CONVICTED child rapist, even telling one publication that she wasn’t aware of the full details of his arrest?

Let me spell it out for you, baldya guy who filmed himself making a child blow him and spent several years in jail for the disgusting crime asked you to be in a movie and you accepted his invite. At best, that makes you a brass-ovaried hypocrite, and at the absolute worst, a remorseless pedophile-enabler. Try explaining that one at your next Women’s Conference keynote address.


Despite there being scores of men—Matt Lauer, Mark Halperin, Charlie Rose, Louis C.K., Garrison Keillor, Tavis Smiley, etc.—getting fired for alleged sexual misconduct over the last few months, to the best of my knowledge none of them have actually been arrested for sex crimes. Indeed, in most cases absolutely zero proof has been presented to the public backing up these claims.

Even in the most high profile of cases—Bill O’Reilly and Bill Cosby being perhaps the two most noteworthy—actual proof that the accused did anything criminal have yet to emerge (and in the only major criminal wrongdoing case to make it to a judge thus far, Cosby was legally exonerated on a mistrial.)

At this point, we’ve become a culture that simply accepts all allegations of male sexual misconduct as veracious. We don’t need proof, we simply believe the women making the claims are telling the truth. Up until very recently, all of this stuff happened behind closed doors. A woman would effectively blackmail the alleged abuser/harasser/rapist/whatever and they’d reach an out of court settlement. Here’s a gag order, here’s a million dollars, and both our hands are cleansed of this.

Now, the idea is to get the horse in front of the cart, so to speak. Publicize the alleged wrongdoings, get the asshole fired and then threaten him with jail time until he agrees to give you all the moolah he can afford. Oh, and then you get to commodify your victimhood status, which means ABC or CNN will probably give you your own TV special, which means you can probably beg for an extra couple of dollars on Patreon for your homemade rock jewelry.

Communist China – believing in girl power before it was cool.

The endgame revealed?

Jim Goad wrote a great article shortly before the 2016 Presidential election warning that if Hillary Clinton won, her presidency would usher in a new age of fractured gender relations in these United States (a’la Obama ushering in a new Golden Age of strained racial relations in the U.S. during his tenure.) Well, that’s happening even without her in the Oval Office, as apparent by the political leverage gained by the #MeToo movement.

You know who’s reaping the most profit from Harassment Gate? Gloria Allred and all of her feminazi lawyer kindred. You see, she and Lisa Bloom are more or less creating a proxy anti-patriarchy warchest from all of these alleged misconduct incidents, and they’ve already said what their economic final solution entails: not just draining rich and powerful men of their bank accounts, but all of their fiscal assets.

You can try to church it up and give it a philanthropic handle, but let’s cut the shit— a “victim’s fund” is still just a gigantic slush fund. These skirts don’t just want rich and powerful men on their knees, they want them evicted from their houses and the keys to their kingdom gifted to them like gay divorcees. They might not be able to create their own matriarchal empires from the ground up, but you know what they can do? Just like all of those Maoist Red Guards who struggle sessioned planters off their property during the disastrous Cultural Revolution, they can publicly shame rich and powerful men out of their own multi-billion dollar companies and seize them as their own.

The same thing is happening in the world of politics. What are the odds that notorious somnambular tit grabber Al Franken would be replaced by a Planned Parenthood veep—not by a democratic election, but by a governor’s appointment? And surely, it’s only a coincidence that a pro-amnesty immigration attorney from Silicon Valley whose hobby horse is resurrecting the Equal Rights Amendment just so happens to be the presumptive frontrunner to replace John Conyers as the head of the House Judiciary Committee, right?

We are on the verge of general society becoming an unconstitutional gynocracy where due process amidst sexual assault allegations – much like it is in higher education—is suspended. News has already broke that Lisa Bloom (one of Weinstein’s former defenders and wouldn’t you know it, Gloria Allred’s daughter) tried to pay women nearly $1 million to bring sexual assault cases against Trump during his presidential campaign, and the mainstream media hivemind continues to play protector for its chosen political foot soldiers (i.e., Chuck Schumer) yet fan the flames of hysteria whenever a pol from the other side is accused of sexual misdeeds, regardless of the lack of evidence.

Ours is a cultural milieu where the powers that be tell young women that men commenting on their smile constitutes a form of verbal sexual assault, while women who publicly call for the mass genocide of male babies are considered level-headed freedom fighters for gender equality.

Throughout human history, all concentrated power grabs have been cloaked under the disguise of some phony moralism and shameless scapegoating of a much villified “other.” Puritanicalism was used as an excuse for the Catholic orthodoxy to murder thousands of alleged heretics in the Inquisition, McCarthyism was used as an excuse for hardline conservatives to blacklist dissident idealists in the 1950s and today, feminism is being used as an excuse for hyper-liberals to cajole, connive and outright defraud men of their wealth, property and basic ability to economically sustain themselves and their families.

Be careful out there. It may only be a matter of time before the #MeToo Wehrmacht comes after your livelihood, too.

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