Unless you have been living in the woods for the past decade, it is impossible to avoid the epidemic of sexual groping allegations and their zero-tolerance repercussions. It seems that a new allegation is made almost daily, usually of powerful or prominent men, who are often terminated from their jobs. I have been struggling of what to make of these stories, the media’s decision to make them national news, and what the propaganda purpose is behind it.

Profile Of The Accused

The Bill Cosby allegations in November 2014 were among the first public attacks made decades later against prominent men. Several women complained that in the 1980s, they met up for drinks and drugs in the hotel or bedroom of the married Bill Cosby, alone, late at night, and were shocked! shocked! when they discovered that this innocent meeting led to a sexual liaison.

I just thought he really liked giving out free drugs and booze

Since Cosby, there was a lull of a couple of years, until Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was accused by several women of odd sexual behavior, including masturbating into a potted plant in front of young single actresses. The backlash against Weinstein was fast and brutal–he was forced out of the company he helped found, and his wife of ten years announced she was leaving him.

Harvey Weinstein doesn’t understand masturbation is for when you DON’T have a woman

According to his accusers, Weinstein’s M.O. was to invite young actresses or models to a hotel room or private office, and then perform odd behavior like (literally Hitler) jerking off into a potted plant or pressuring the women for sex.

No longer allowed to tell jokes

Other prominent men who lost their careers after allegations of sexual groping or harassment include comedian Louis C.K., who invited women to his private room where he masturbated in front of them. Louis, known for his “Everything is Amazing and No One Cares” routine, had some funny jokes in his early work, but now is deemed completely unworthy of using his comic talent, as his recent film project was cancelled days before its scheduled screening, scheduled TV interviews were cancelled, and Netflix cancelled his upcoming comedy special.

Because C.K. made 5 women allegedly feel gross and uncomfortable, he can no longer work in his chosen field, and his millions of fans cannot hear him tell another joke.

Katie Couric creepily dangling her hand near Matt Lauer’s breast without consent

NBC television anchorman Matt Lauer, a veteran of over two decades on the Today Show, was fired after the first allegation of sexual misconduct in his professional career was made last month. When no specific allegations of rape or violence are made, one must conclude that the behavior was at worst an inappropriate, childish, unprofessional act that made a woman feel uncomfortable. Nothing to be tolerated, perhaps, but does it rise to the level of termination and ostracizing Lauer from ever working again?

In November 2017, radio host Garrison Keillor, who created the wholesome “A Prairie Home Companion” on NPR, was fired after a woman accused him of inappropriate touching. Keillor said he touched a woman’s bare back while attempting to console her, and she felt uncomfortable. He apologized, she accepted his apology, but the outrage against this single act of misplaced empathy resulted in his termination, along with ceasing rebroadcasts of his 42 year old radio program. All because he is accused of making a woman uncomfortable once.


Sheriff Jim Kaelin giving one of his last hugs (note: the sheriff has not been accused of any wrongdoing)

Keillor is so white-bread and benign that when he was named funniest man in America in 1985, Bill Cosby said “That’s true, if you’re a pilgrim.” Touching or hugging has become so dangerous that Texas Sheriff Jim Kaelin has announced as of November 30, 2017 that he is no longer hugging anyone other than his family, because the risks for him showing kindness with a hug are simply too great.

Franken rapily thrusts his hands towards the innocent Playboy model in a violent and misogynistic manner

Finally, former SNL comedian and Minnesota senator Al Franken annnounced in December 2017 he is resigning from Congress because of pictures that showed him pretending to touch the breasts of Leeann Tweeden. Tweeden, a former Hooters waitress and Playboy model, was selectively outraged when Franken took a humorous photo which simulated him touching her fully clothed chest. No word yet on how she will retaliate against the millions who saw her naked body and pleasured themselves to it without her explicit consent.

Are These Actions Surprising?

Other than some of the bizarre behaviors, like Weinstein jerking off into a potted plant when he had a real live woman in his bedroom or Louis C.K. awkwardly asking women to watch him pleasure himself, it’s evident that most of the accused men (a) don’t know how to behave around women, (b) are in serious need of game, and (c) don’t understand masturbation is reserved for times when a woman is not in your bedroom.

Power is a strong aphrodisiac for women, perhaps the strongest of all. Why else would women fawn over DJs, who have high social capital in the nightclub scene? Why would twenty-something Monica Lewenski pursue a rather unattractive, much older, and unavailable Bill Clinton?

I’m here about the kindergarten teacher interview

We all know that sleeping your way to the top is a practice that certain women engage in. As long as there are women willing to use their bodies to pleasure men in return for favors (and this has gone on throughout time and cultures), men will seek out these women. Many of these allegations involved men who were used to women dropping their clothes and getting down to business, screening for future applicants.

Men in prominent fields, particularly in entertainment, are often surrounded by young, attractive single women. Who would not use their fame, fortune, and power, to seek out opportunities with the portion of these women who are eager and willing to have sex with far older men?

If a woman is showing up, alone, to my hotel room late at night, I have a very, very strong suspicion that we are going to have sexual intercourse. There’s simply no other reason to visit a man during sleeping hours at his bedside. In fact, excluding hotel maids, sex has happened 100% of the time a younger woman has come to my room.

Test For Dummies

Here’s a simple test for women. If it’s not okay for a guy to accept the same offer you are considering, there is a sexual component involved.

For example, if Harvey Weinstein reads an article I wrote and wants to meet me at 10:00 AM at his office to discuss turning it into a film, that is normal and I could accept. If Harvey Weinstein invites me to Atlantic City to spend the weekend in his hotel room, I would have to politely refuse. If it’s inappropriate for a man to accept the same offer you’re considering, then you can assume you are being invited for sexual purposes and you should refuse.

Next week we will analyze the mistakes made by the men involved, the meaning of the allegations, and the purpose of the media propaganda barrage and zero tolerance punishments against the men involved.

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