Raise your hand if any of these sound familiar:

“Ukrainian girls are beautiful and feminine.”
“Ukrainian girls are great girlfriend and wife material.”
“Ukrainian girls love foreigners.”

But how about their negative aspects?

Keep in mind that the average person living in Ukraine is very poor, especially compared to Western standards. Often in poor countries, especially in ones where corruption is rampant, many people naturally become good at scamming in order to survive or prosper. It’s perfectly understandable and it’s not a reason to avoid those countries entirely, but it’s also something men need to watch out for when going to Ukraine with little or no experience in these situations.

Although the overall beauty of Ukrainian girls can be subjective (i.e. bad skin, bad teeth) and femininity is slowly declining (i.e. less prevalence of heels and dresses, increased tattooing), they can still be significantly better than girls in countries like USA. There are plenty of beautiful good girls with girlfriend or wife potential to be found, but it requires some weeding out of the bad ones.

As far as the girls’ love of foreigners, this common belief needs to be clarified. For example, it’s not necessarily like Poland where the girls just generally dig the look of foreign men. Sure, there are Ukrainian girls who do like the look and exotic factor of a foreign man and can be considered a foreigner/English groupie. And then there are the girls who just want a good guy regardless of his background.

Pretty much all of the girls do associate foreign status with being “well-off” to some extent, which isn’t abnormal. The big problem is that there are tons of girls who only see foreigners as a living wallet, and that’s really why those girls “love foreigners.” The men who have been spoiling girls with gifts and trips have done normal guys a disservice. They’ve helped create monsters out of girls who were born with minds that were already very sharp and genetically predisposed to hustling and calculating. So remember this when you’re going on a date with one of them.

Roosh’s book, Bang Ukraine, is a great book for navigating your time in Ukraine and not only do I highly recommend it, but a Ukrainian girl who had read it told me how extremely accurate it is. In addition to reading Bang Ukraine, you should be aware of scams that are currently happening in Ukraine.

Below is a list that I’ve compiled from my time in Ukraine this year. It’s a list of red flags and scams to watch out for so you can better protect yourself from the bad girls. When she pulls one or more of these, don’t think “she can’t possibly be scamming me because they love foreigners and she must feel lucky to be with me.” Instead, have the mentality of “she’s going to scam me because I’m a foreigner.”

If she actually turns out to be a good girl, then great. Don’t be afraid to call them out. Be strong. Be a man. If the local men won’t put up with it, you shouldn’t either.

1. She touches you too much

Ukrainian girls are not overtly touchy in the beginning. Beware if she keeps touching you and is being too affectionate. It’s likely just manipulation to distract you from a scam she’s planning to pull or has just pulled.

2. She asks you too many personal questions

If she asks loads of questions and leads the conversation in the beginning, she’s likely had experience with Western men and knows what to do to fake attraction, just like touching too much as mentioned above. Ukrainian girls usually aren’t very talkative on a date and don’t ask tons of questions, unless they’re the “police interrogation” type of questions that they use to see if you’re just a sex tourist.

3. She says it’s her birthday

She might say her birthday is on the day of your date, is coming up very close to your date, or that it just passed (e.g. “it was yesterday”). Of course there’s a possibility that it’s true, but it’s more likely that she’s trying to throw you this hint to get a present or money from you. If she’s using this hint for that purpose, then this also likely won’t be the only scam she’ll attempt.

4. She gives a sob story about her financial situation

She’s hinting for you to give her money, whether she asks for it directly or not. I’ve dated a lot of girls in Ukraine. Even the ones (the good girls) who were extremely poor, struggling, and who lived with multiple people in tiny studio apartments never once mentioned that they needed help, let alone asked for it.

5. She leaves early during the date

This usually happens right after finishing drinks/dinner/etc. She may use you to pre-drink or get fed before meeting her friends, or worse another man.

Before you go on your date, ask if she has plans to go somewhere else after your date, or if she might need to leave early for any reason. You’ll want to know if she will have to be leaving early, or if the evening is all yours. She’ll likely spring the “I have to go because my friends are waiting for me” routine once she’s done consuming the food and drinks you bought her, just in case you might get mad and try to take them from her while they’re still in front of her.


Ask her early on firmly, and then clearly repeat the question in different forms a couple more times to test for congruence in her story. You should see if she’s wavering in her insistence that she won’t be leaving early. It’s not a guarantee that she still won’t take advantage of you and then leave anyway, but when you ask her firmly upfront and repeat it, it makes her think you might get really angry if she lies and helps to push her off to an easier sucker.

6. She asks for cab fare

If she asks for cab fare to meet you on a date, be wary. If you still really want to meet her, then insist on using your own Uber or Uklon app (preferably Uber in case you need to dispute the ride) to send the car to her place to get her, and have the app charge the cost to your card. Don’t pay cash. Watch the route of the car through the app as it comes to make sure she doesn’t make numerous stops to run errands or deviate from the normal route while she’s on her way.

If she insists on using a non-app cash taxi, be extra wary. The scam goes like this: she arrives in a spot where you don’t see her (so you can’t directly pay the taxi with cash yourself) then she’ll tell you she paid the taxi already but you can pay her back, and finally she’ll tell you an amount that is at least double the correct fare so she can make a profit. Often times they won’t even take a cab. They might take the metro or already be nearby, but will ask you for the exaggerated cab fare.

Check any fare using an app before she arrives. If the fare is higher than the correct fare, don’t pay her and immediately walk away, no matter what sob story she gives or even if she follows you down the street for several minutes while yelling at you to “be a man” to shame you into paying her.

7. She orders food without your knowledge

Let’s say you ask her out for a drink, but in Russian she orders food or something else expensive in addition to the drink. Unless you speak Russian, you won’t know it happened until the waiter brings it. She’ll expect you to feel too embarrassed to say anything or turn it away.

Show up early to the venue and find out who your waiter is. Tell him if your date orders food or anything else, other than one drink, to inform you before bringing it. Tell the waiter you won’t pay for it if he brings it without your direct permission. Wine bottles, entrees, chocolates—it’s amazing how they’ll even try to do this for something as minimal as a $4 can of nuts. And no, it’s not a shit test. She already ordered it in Russian knowing you won’t understand. It’s a scam.

8. She directly asks you to buy something for her

This is pretty self-explanatory and especially bad if you haven’t had sex with her yet, regardless of how cheap the item is. Don’t put out an “I have a lot of money” vibe. Don’t do table service. No dinners. Go for walks. If it’s cold and raining, walk in the mall. But don’t buy her a gift. A good girl won’t ask you to buy her things this way, especially when first dating a guy she likes.

9. She refuses to put her arm in yours when it’s offered

Walking arm-in-arm is something Ukrainian women genuinely like, and it’s a very normal thing to do on a first date. After you leave your first date venue, assuming things went fairly smoothly and she likes you, there should be no hesitation whatsoever with this small but significant gesture. It doesn’t matter if she says she wants to see you again or seems interested otherwise. Ukrainian girls who refuse to do this are time wasters and not dating you for the right reasons.

10. She doesn’t want to walk with you in busy areas

Examples of busy areas are Khreschatyk Street or the Maidan area. She fears people will think she’s a foreigner groupie or a prostitute with a foreigner. Although it’s not extremely widespread, this stigma does exist to some extent. If she already has any negative feelings about foreigners in this way, it’s not a good thing for you. She’ll enjoy your spending, and get a kick out of the attention you’re giving her, but more likely than not things won’t go further.

And yes, I consider number nine and ten to be “scams” because you’re being scammed out of your time. It’s time lost that could be spent with a better girl who has true interest for the right reasons.

These are all from my own personal experiences of dating a large number of Ukrainian girls in Ukraine. To further filter out the bad girls, only use dating apps for pipelining so you don’t arrive cold, then stick primarily to day game. Hit the parks, malls, metro stations, and of course the streets, but watch out for red flags and scams.

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