A compilation of documents have been released by a subversive Swedish website and subsequently relayed by the aptly named GangRapeSweden.com, which details how between 2004 and 2014, 82% of the rape cases where perpetrators were caught, tried, and proven guilty were committed by migrants and non-Swedes with a vast majority of them coming from Africa and Muslim countries.

The documents is a shockwave for the ruling Liberal Swedish government, as they tried to sweep the issue under the rug for so long, suing reporters, and dissidents that pointed at the obvious patterns of crime in Sweden, all showing the flaws of the pro-immigration policy of the country.

An extremely inconvenient truth

Migrants in Sweden are guilty of 82% of the rape cases in the country, yet they represent around 10% of its total population (just under ten million inhabitants).

The whistle blowers took the time to calculate the factors and chances of non-Swedes committing rape and compared it to actual Swedes who were also sentenced. These court protocols were publicly available but they delivered a hard blow to the enablers of multiculturalism by compiling it.

By analysing their foreign-sounding names, country of origin and legal citizenship, they were able to differentiate between ethnic Swedes and migrants possessing a Swedish passport (an essential element that should be applied to criminal statistics and why it is illegal in so many countries) and paint a pretty good picture of the problems immigrants bring in Sweden.

Why making the difference is so important. “Non-Swedish” proves that those migrants still have Swedish passports. In the same document, ethnic Swedes are indeed labelled as coming from “Sweden”.

Notice that the heaviest sentences are almost entirely given to those who are not coming from Muslim or African countries

Why is this important?

This data confirms what every mind not infected by the multicultural death cult already understood. The countless stories of mass rapes at concerts, gang rapes of children being recorded by migrants, or the crackdown lead by the government on journalists being a bit too curious did not happen accidentally. This is hard factual evidence that migrants bring crime and the Swedish government is hiding it.


What happens in Sweden when you point out facts.

Huge numbers of convicted rapists were released with only a slap on the wrist (usually about a hundred hours of community service) or treated as a minor that received suspended jail time, costing millions of Swedish kronor to the country and its legitimate citizens.

These ridiculous sentences are given for crimes as serious as aggravated or gang rape on women, children, and even men. The correct response would be to impose heavier sentences and deport them back to their place of origin, but the documents show that this rarely happens.

Sweden’s next move

I am convinced that if such statistics were compiled and published in France, Germany, or Great Britain, the whole multiculturalist house of cards could collapse. Facts tend to be very intolerant and problematic.

Collaborators will resort to two strategies now: call it “fake news” while trying to censor further uncomfortable revelations or claim that Swedish society and modern Swedes, some of the most harmless and tolerant people on the planet (their downfall), are inherently racist and “systemic intolerance”, “problematic values”, “police brutality”, “toxic masculinity,” or whichever invented ailment du jour are responsible for the rape epidemic brought by third-world invaders, instead of pointing at their high-profile and known enablers.

Swedish newspapers that dared to publish the story, like Friatider, are actually being sued for only relaying the information.

Nul ne peut sauver l’homme qui veut se noyer

The data provided spans from the 10th May 2004 and the 8th January 2015, which means that these stats only report rapes for a period preceding the Refugee Crisis that had the time to be processed by the snail-paced Swedish Legal system.

Only God knows how dreadful the numbers would look if the same type of documents is released in five years time, taking into account the first exactions of the massive wave of migrants when they were resettled in Sweden.

Evolution of the foreign-born population of Sweden.

One can only wonder if such damning evidence, blatant lies ,and obvious flaws of the suicidal policies the Swedish government has been implementing for so many years will trigger any reaction of self-preservation among a majority of Swedes. I believe that the black-pilled ones among us are not holding their breath.

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