Our hard work has finally paid off. Totally Dublin, a second-rate culture blog for the city of Dublin, Ireland, wonders if we are the most sexist site on the whole internet

An even more disheartening (because you can’t even blame it on the WKD-induced brain mush and null emotional maturity of college students) website is very much active and depressingly serious Return Of Kings (includes the extremely popular articles “How To Be With Four Women At The Same Time (Because One Is Never Enough)” and the equally grim ‘You-Go-Girlism Is More Toxic Than Feminism: The Insidious Effects Of Irresponsible Female Ego-Boosting”).


We only get a small mention in the mostly incoherent article written by Laura Gozzi, but I think I speak for the writers here when I say we appreciate the fact that we are being recognized for our slavish efforts to bring masculine truth to the ignorant masses. I hope that in 10 or 20 years the content we are publishing today will be seen as “common sense” or “obvious” to the next generation, though I’m not holding my breath.

There is only thing left to ask you, dear reader: WYB Laura Gozzi?


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