The real point of the Thanksgiving tradition isn’t actually about stuffing ourselves to bursting with turkey and high-carb cheat food. As the name implies, it’s really about counting our blessings. The Manosphere gets bad press sometimes, mainly because crabby feminists don’t like men discussing our interests and concerns. Actually, women indirectly have several benefits from our efforts. Here’s why.

Women like good game

Ladies do appreciate attention from guys they like. However, lame approaches are a big turn-off. Coming on too strong is bad—“Hey, baby, how about it?” and the like. Not showing enough interest is bad—such as beating around the brush too much when she likes him but is frustrated because he never gets to the point. Bad execution doesn’t work—“Um, hi, I think you’re cute. You’re not, like, too busy to talk or anything?”

Also, it’s certainly unproductive to stand around like a dork and cast furtive glances, fearing to make an introduction. Men are socially expected to make the first move, but it takes guts to open a conversation, especially in today’s climate. Women don’t understand this, since Approach Anxiety just isn’t part of their experience. Further, doing it right requires skill. That can make all the difference between crashing and burning versus the beginning of a mutually rewarding relationship. The manosphere is here to help with both items.

People have natural desires, and it doesn’t take an evolutionary biologist to understand why. However, nobody is born knowing how to be cool and smooth. Unfortunately, many guys have terrible game. There are reasons: inexperience, lack of positive male role models, bad examples from Hollywood, and so forth. Some guys really do need even the basics described in detail. Conventional dating advice is old-fashioned and largely ineffective as a guide. The rules of the game changed—the manosphere didn’t cause this, but we tell it like it is and explain what actually does work.

Despite common misconceptions, game isn’t magic tricks or mind control. We’re increasing women’s dating pool of desirable guys, providing more men who are socially calibrated and clued into what they actually want. (That’s not always what women say they want, or even particularly intuitive.) Let’s face it—nobody learns be successful with women by watching chick flicks or the Oprah channel. So the manosphere providing information about what actually works in today’s dating scene is a win-win for everyone.

We encourage women to look better

Not quite my type, I’m afraid

Today’s high-tech convenience and cheap, low-quality food has led to a modern obesity epidemic. By conventional standards, this is not attractive. The feminist solution is to say these standards are wrong, promoting fat acceptance on behalf of women. This doesn’t work because people just like what they like. The pickup artist David Deangelo was really onto something with his slogan “Attraction isn’t a choice.” That one works both ways.

So women who buy into fat acceptance often end up lonely. Yes, that’s because guys are shallow, just as women are shallow when they don’t like short men. Luckily for them, getting slimmer is easier than getting taller! Actually, some guys do appreciate big gals. (I’m okay with that up to a certain point.) However, the most appreciative (chubby chasers) sometimes get criticized for “objectification” or “fetishism” or whatever. What the hell do these feminists want, anyway?

Our words can be harsh, but we’re telling the truth about what else guys really like. Long hair in natural colors is better than lawn mower haircuts and strange colors. Looking like a troll doll isn’t sexy. Men usually prefer natural skin rather than being tatted up like a sailor. Weird body modifications disrespect the human form. If women take heed, they’ll do better themselves in the dating arena.


We encourage men to look better

Needs a gym membership and a few fashion tips

Although feminists try to tell guys what we should prefer, they certainly aren’t urging women to give fat men a chance. Further, although chubby chasers are a niche market among men, that’s basically nonexistent among women. Despite the lack of reciprocity, we understand that people just like what they like. Women appreciate guys who are in shape, and we’re giving them more.

We in the manosphere also are telling guys the painful truth. For us to get ahead in the dating game, we should try to look our best. We also explain how this is done. Every man who takes action and transforms his physique increases the desirable dating pool for women.

As a collateral benefit, this also promotes good health. Everyone who heeds our advice—men or women—adds years to his or her life expectancy. We all can be thankful about that, right?

We want healthy families

We need a lot more of this

The traditional nuclear family model involves a husband and wife and usually two or perhaps more children. Preferably they build their family in young adulthood. Then they stay together for the long haul and don’t cheat on each other. The husband is the breadwinner, and the wife also might work if the kids are in school. Unfortunately, what was once normal and basically expected is no longer so.

The impact on family life is one of the worst results of the sexual revolution. Tradition became unfashionable with the “Me Generation”, giving way to personal whims and poor foresight. Easy divorce was another nail in the coffin. The rate of marriage has dropped to about half of what it once was—the cost/benefit analysis doesn’t look so good to men these days. Last but not least, feminists started spreading propaganda that the nuclear family is oppressive. Unfortunately, doing it their way made things much worse.

Single motherhood is no walk in the park, and is a drain on the welfare system. It makes it difficult for the children too, statistically leading to worse outcomes. A string of boyfriends in Mom’s life isn’t the same as having the father around. Waiting until middle age before trying to have children means reduced fertility and declining populations. Worse, childlessness leads to much grief; in the end, filing TPS reports isn’t as important as having a family. Abortion is emotionally damaging for the mother, and the kid has a lousy day too.

I haven’t even begun naming several other reasons why throwing out tradition was bad, but liberals—and especially feminists—are okay with all that. We in the manosphere disagree. We want strong, happy, stable families again. This is by far the best for individuals—especially the children—and for society. Many of today’s generation—both women and men—grew up in difficult circumstances from all the disorder. We want something better for the youth of the future.

We want good relations between the sexes

A nation where the sexes get along together is natural and normal. Unfortunately, the radical feminists sought to drive a wedge between us to further their political goals, and they’re still at it. Most people believe their propaganda about only wanting equal rights. Therefore, they don’t understand the true goals of feminism and their lack of character, or how extreme it gets. This really has soured the social environment, and that’s good for nobody.

This is why the manosphere refutes toxic radical feminist rhetoric and tells the truth about who they really are. Only when the job is done—which might be a while—can things settle back down to normality.

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