You can’t help but marvel at what’s going on with the Weinstein phenomenon and the cannibalism of the left. The advent of the New Puritans, feminism’s “Children of the Corn”, has elevated their orthodoxy to religious levels, and what new religion isn’t enraptured with its doctrines and prolific in its zealotry?

Humans have an innate need to believe in a higher power, and since the left has eschewed belief in the Judeo-Christian God, it was only a matter of time until they filled that hole with something else. I’m struck by two analogies:  Frankenstein and Puritanism.

In Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, young Dr. Victor Frankenstein creates a grotesque and unnatural monster, who being unable to fit into human society, and loathing itself, goes on a killing spree across the countryside, tormenting its creator by killing his friends and loved ones.

It coerces Victor into creating for it a similarly abhorrent mate (cucked pajama boys, anyone?), but the monster exacts revenge by killing Victor’s new bride on their wedding night. These tragic events in Victor’s life ultimately lead to his death, but Frankenstein finds Victor’s death has not brought him the peace he sought; instead his crimes have left him isolated and alone. As it vows to kill itself, it disappears into self-imposed exile and is lost in darkness.

The left has created its own aberration, a Feminist Frankenstein. The motivation was different. Under the guise of equality and female empowerment, it was a weapon used to strike down its enemies. Since the election it has aggressively and successfully targeted its opponents with charges of sexual harassment. It ended the careers of Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling, and arguably the lives of Roger Ailes, and Bolling’s son.

The left wanted these scalps badly and were very pleased. But then something unexpected happened: the monster believed in its own purpose, and it didn’t differentiate between left and right. It went on a rampage exposing the dark perversions and open secrets of liberal Hollywood—sexual assault, rape, pedophilia. The carnage continues with near daily new victims.

The Feminist Frankenstein of spurned hypergamy, and the newly minted legal doctrine of turning “morning after regret” for poor decisions into sexual assault and rape charges, has set the hills of Hollywood ablaze. But it hasn’t stopped there. Now it is setting its sights on D.C. and their age old privileges of power. It is quite amusing to watch Senator Al Franken’s current spectacle.


This is the left’s fatal mistake; it so expertly wielded the tenets of Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals, particularly of using your opponent’s beliefs against them, that it is becoming  a victim of its own success. You see, you can’t have your beliefs held against you if they are relative and changeable, or simply absent. In those cases, one is immune from such an attack.

But the left has gotten sloppy, adopted their own religious tenants, and have inadvertently lost their immunity to that strategy.  Free from a belief in God, they loosely subscribed to a variety of secular humanism, atheism, moral relativism, and the stalwart of the sexual revolution, feminism. But their freedom from any real or strict orthodoxy gave them a free pass to do as they pleased while attacking their opponents for doing the same.

Those in power are never truly that much different from one another, whatever their politics. Narcissistic and given to enjoying the spoils of their power, they have always reveled in privileges not afforded to the masses, and are probably all equally as guilty.  However, since they derive their power from the people, be it programmed by the popular culture or media, they still are answerable, to an extent, to their constituent fan bases. And establishing a new religion for the leftwing fan base has upset the status quo. Now their fans are actually expecting them to live up to their own dogma.

As with any faith based belief system, faith is the evidence of things not seen. Under this belief, the rule of law and the fundamental tenet of innocent until proven guilty no longer really matter. Evidence is not necessary and, in fact, is discouraged. We are told victims should be believed without evidence, and subsequently, guilt must rightly be assumed, no matter the circumstance, how far back in the past the event occurred (20-30 years), or the lack of evidence or hazy recollection. One should have “faith” the accuser is telling the truth due to their gender and perceived power imbalance. Now that they have their own rigid, unfettered, and Puritanical belief system, it is consuming their own.

For most of my life, I’ve watched the left bludgeon the right with their beliefs, wielding “family values” like a weapon of mass destruction against conservatives. Now they are reaping what they’ve sown. In less than a month, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Al Franken, Andy Dick, and Louis C.K. have falledn. The list grows longer each day.

History does surely repeat itself, and I am gripped with excitement to watch these New Puritans burn their own at the stake. I just have one question: who’s going to bring the marshmallows?

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