Thanks to the internet, the science of bro has started to shoot its way into skinny virgins bookmarks on Google Chrome everywhere throughout the nation. While the general concept is good, and some of the statements are coincidentally factual, there are a lot of dangers out there as well.

As far as the good, the basics come down to common knowledge being displayed in plain English. Basic exercise routines being readily available for free. And there are reviews on almost anything related to being a bro out there.

As far as the bad, well there’s many more.

Bad workout advice

This is pretty much self explanatory. With the surge of internet usage and the ability to get followers for doing practically nothing, there has accidentally been a channel created to allow people who know absolutely nothing about fitness to preach to others about fitness. On top of the terrible advice comes the contradictory information. While anyone who is experienced in fitness can easily tell the bullshit from the facts, it makes it damn near impossible for any new person. What’s even worse for the new people is the impossibility to distinguish the credible from the morons which in the end leaves a whole generation of fuck ups on display (like the guy below).

Pointless nutrition advice


If you haven’t already, then I suggest you watch the pre-workout video above. Yes it’s 3 minutes but it’ll both make you laugh and point out the entire flaws with nutrition. That flaw is the fact that no one has any clue what the hell they are talking about. I’ll be honest, I can give you my nutritional advice but my metabolism is going to be different than yours. So while some people paleo works great, others don’t need it, same with 2 meals versus 8 meals.

It’s not a definitive science

The beauty of bro-science is that it’s science in the making. Men experiment with themselves and then tell others what has worked and what hasn’t. The problem is that what works for one man will not necessarily work for another. While this general concept is great, many men will get frustrated with the fact that bro-science isn’t a definitive science like the kind taught in school, and therefore it’s lack of foundation hints at a lack of credibility.

Is it even worthwhile?

Despite several large flaws, bro-science is still something that should garner respect, especially as an offshoot of the manosphere. While perfection may not be a definitive quality of bro-science yet, the discoveries for men are just and useful. The key is to take anything from bro-science with a grain of salt. The knowledge present is enough to boost your quality of physical fitness to an extreme rather quickly, but if you’re not careful you can wreck it just as quickly. Think of it as an apprenticeship rather than college. If you find a decent teacher, you’ll be good.

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