The nationalism of Poles was on full display in Warsaw on Saturday, November 11 when 60,000 marched to commemorate Poland’s Independence Day. Many of those called for an end to the European migrant crisis. It was nearly a hundred years ago, following the armistice that ended the First World War, the country emerged from long-term Austrian, German, and Russian rule.

The Polish mass demonstration is a victory for many reasons, not least for the relative silence it created in Poland’s atrocious leftists. In the eyes of most foreigners, the center of Polish leftism is Warsaw or Poznan (ROK proprietor Roosh would say Warsaw, whereas I would say Poznan). Whatever the case, the Polish SJWs counter-protesting the main march comprised a mere few thousand and were relegated to mostly watching events unfold in one of their traditional bastions.

With Germany plummeting to its post-World War II nadir and steadily killing itself, Poland’s political situation is much more promising. Not even the usual Western accusations of “neo-Nazism” dissuaded the incumbent government from describing the Polish nationalist march as a success. A few more eccentric marchers were cherry-picked and paraded as being reflective of the whole group, despite the obvious problems with calling Poles, whom Hitler and the Third Reich loathed, “Nazis.”

This was the real story:

Normal, decent Poles were simply interested in the preservation of their country, culture, Roman Catholicism, and, more broadly, a healthy and self-respecting Europe.

Maintain your frame and the rest follows

For a European conservative, Polish President Andrzej Duda is actually conservative.

The impressive display of Polish patriotism did not come from nowhere. As a former member of the communist bloc, Poland is a net recipient of European Union funds. Nevertheless, this has not stopped the country from regularly protecting its interests and opposing Western-style “progress.” Notwithstanding recent protests in favor of abortion, the country is decidedly against this practice and gay marriage. In addition, the Law and Justice Party-led government has consistently stuck up its proverbial middle finger when called upon to take in non-European “refugees.”


Inasmuch as I detest Civic Platform, the main Polish “leftist” party, its policies are far less moronic than its equivalents in Western Europe. Poland is a good example of a once economically feeble society that has still managed to preserve its core cultural base. Instead of purely whoring itself out for Western funds, the Polish state has been relatively resistant. This state of affairs is under marginal threat at the moment, but developments are far from deleterious in 2017.

What to do if you are a Pole, Hungarian or Westerner in Eastern Europe

It’s not just Poland: Hungary is another superb illustration of a healthy and nationalistic society, as are large elements of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

These are great times to be either a nationalist-minded Eastern European or a foreigner living in Eastern Europe. Although there are some appalling trends afflicting segments of the Polish and general Eastern European populations, especially amongst women, a widespread refusal to accept mass migration remains an extremely positive aspect of living here.

In light of Eastern Europe’s basic self-respect, both locals and foreigners should capitalize on the regional political situation. Now is the time, regardless of where you come from, to forge connections with Eastern European nationalists in areas where you live. For me, this experience has been liberating, as I was so used to the restrictive, politically correct atmosphere back home in Australia. The friendships you can create in this environment are beyond description, particularly for those of us who attended overly leftwing universities and grew up in socially liberal Western communities.

New fights are coming and we should all take heart from Poland’s encouraging display of national pride and opposition to globalism.

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