“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” -Bruce Lee 

The above is a quintessential Bruce Lee quote that I live by. In a world where busy is sexy and flaunted as a status symbol, we must channel fortitude in our everyday life to do less; particularly, when it comes to selecting women.

It’s near impossible to find quality LTR women nowadays. but being mindful of the points below, we eliminate a plethora of time-sucks and low quality mates, thereby saving precious time and energy for the best women out there.

1. A woman who has slept with much older men and prefers it. Would a father or male role model allow his teenage girl be taken by men decades older unless there was a specific reason?

2. A woman who falls for “black guy” game. She will tend to be loud, hyper-aggressive, and impulsive.

3. A woman who dances Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba. Basically any Latin dance, because all it comprises of suggestive lyrics and skimpy attires, where men lead women intimately and rub and touch them. It’s kinda like foreplay to sex.

4. A woman who keeps in touch with her ex-boyfriends and casual sex partners. She should want to let go of any man besides you, because you are her world, and vice-versa.

5. A woman who entertains a swarm of beta-male orbiters, and acts aloof about it. She’s an attention whore who needing constant validation and connection.

6. A woman who flirts with other men overtly or covertly, and doesn’t resist another man’s game. The man’s subconscious rationalizes it as a green light and presses her with bolder moves.

7. A woman who doesn’t have a strong relationship with her family. Strong parenting is the antidote to sluts. Fathers and mothers, please take time to show your girls what they should expect while dating and how they should carry themselves as well how to find lifelong mates.


9. A woman who doesn’t have good, healthy examples of what a real, committed, long-term relationship looks like. Otherwise they believe that a relationship is always easy with no troubles, disagreements, or fights. And the moment it gets difficult, they deem you as being “controlling” and they move on to the next guy.

10. A woman who has a career in massage, dance, modeling, or acting. It’s a bad sign if she needs to use her physical body or looks to get paid.

11. A woman who lies to you and withholds information from DAY 1 or DAY 100. Self-explanatory.

12. A woman who never fights for your time, attention, and love. But gives the whole world unceasing empathy and unconditional love.

13. A woman who moved out really early from her parents home or lived in a different country and traveled to many cities. Yes, she has slept with lots of men that you know nothing about, and still thinks she deserves a solid, good man.

14. A woman who values the opinions of her girlfriends or anyone else, over yours. Not a keeper!

15. And most importantly, a woman who doesn’t want to grow in all areas of her life, every single day. Instead she might use logic, such as “you don’t like me the way I am” or “you’re trying to change me” or some sort of bullshit along those lines. Nope! “I love who you are, but I also want you to keep improving yourself everyday girl. And I’ll promise to do the same.”

We men must realize that meeting good women is not about doing more, but having the patience and perseverance to do less. Good luck out there my brothers.

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