The “Try Guys” at Buzzfeed, or as Trump branded it, “that failing pile of garbage”, shot one more of their asinine click-bait videos where they visited a lab,  to determine which of them was “scientifically” the most attractive. One of the tests involved a testosterone level reading. As we reported earlier, the quartet of man-children displayed low testosterone levels, comparable to those of elderly men. They tried to downplay it but the red pill crowd smelt the blood and went for the throat.

They flaunt what should be shamed

Here is the Hooktube link to the original video (it allows you to observe their flaws without funding them through Youtube views). It brings us the living additional proof that epicentres of liberal and left-leaning values like Buzzfeed turn men into weaklings if they are exposed long enough to their toxic influence.

Leftist values, websites, writers and their audience have (supposedly) male attributes but are closer to homosexuals and women than men. Left means low-T, it is that simple.

Breaking news: Liberals are weaker

Those xirs specialise in short, sassy videos with bright colours, simple words, a lot of swearing and comical sound effects. It reveals a serious problem where the “news” plastered on every social media feed directed at a young, gullible audience shape their opinion into thinking that those runts are sane, normal people.

Those Try Guys constantly behave like homosexuals, are paid to get fingers up their rectum, dress in drag and reek of weakness and low confidence.

I have written in the past that leftists are repulsive. We now have the confirmation that in addition of being the ideology of the world’s rejects, Left-leaning politics and leading a life following its principles turn men weaker on the long run.

Witnessing liberal low-T manlets like the Buzzfeed crew, their effeminate mannerism and high-pitched squeals triggers two types of reaction:

  • Disgust, indifference and rejection from feminine women
  • Incredulity, contempt and borderline violent hostility from masculine men

Wolves bear their fangs the same way before mauling subordinate rivals

This is the passive, beta Homo Progressivus that Liberalism creates and the ruling Kabala can control with ease.

Reading their faces was sufficient

This is not how adult men’s chins, jaw lines and facial structures should look like. Those soft faces are bloated, the physical testimony of a life spent guzzling carbonated drinks, gorging on processed food and Frankenmeat. A life of video games, insecure Facebook posts at three in the morning and sexual solitude.

Above are the high testosterone faces of the men that can fight and get women. Sharp square jaws, prominent cheek bones and lean faces combined with low body fat. Reader, this is how your facial features should look like.


9 easy ways to be the opposite of those soyboys

“Poz, Feelz and Enrichment: The Show”

I advise you not to watch more than a minute of their clips. I wanted to sock them all in the nape to put them out of their misery. I recently stopped watching clips that I know would make me angry. If the problem (like the plague of Left-leaning ideologies) is already clearly known, no point exposing yourself further. Finding ways to eradicate it is more productive. Here is how:

  • Practice intense competitive sports: the key is that they should put you in a situation where that “fight or flight” tense sensation is common, triggered by external aggression, pain or danger. Choose specific team sports such as rugby, hockey and American football, or individual sports like martial arts (including full-contact, regular sparring, actual risk of being knocked out or full-force grappling), climbing, big game hunting etc.
  • Avoid eating these: processed food, licorice, soy products, flax, food prepared in plastic containers, beer, raffinated sugar etc.
  • Cut down on cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol.
  • Get plenty of restful, quality sleep: Stop using any device with a screen one hour prior to bed time. Do a calm activity, read or meditate until then. Lie in total darkness. More on that topic here.
  • Eat food that triggers the production of testosterone: red meat (with moderation), pork, eggs, fish, game, poultry, veal, fat, nuts, cruciferous vegetables and drink a lot of water.
  • Game women: Approaching and sleeping with beautiful girls will raise your testosterone.
  • Lift often and heavy. Use compound lifts.
  • Stop masturbating and remove pornography from your life.
  • Get a lot of natural sunlight and vitamin D.

On les aura à l’usure

Return Of Kings has published extensive articles on how to boost your testosterone, avoid what lowers it and the issues linked to that phenomenon:

Holes in the narrative like that testosterone reading must be exploited to their maximum extent. Be a man, be right-wing and be proud of it. The stone-cold blade of reality must puncture the oestrogen-caked hearts of liberals. This is the only language they understand.

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