ROK is wrongly understood by its opponents as misogynistic. The truth is that we want nothing but the best for everyone, women in particular. Although we may sometimes enjoy the cultural decline and the YOLO slut behavior which leads to easier casual sex, many are looking for a cultural renaissance that will be beneficial for both sexes.

In the meantime, the encounters with the opposite sex are limited to a small number of friends, acquintances, family, relatives, co-workers, girlfriends, and the brief encounters that come along with casual sex. Masculine men prefer to associate wither other males, or perhaps rather stay alone, and there are good reasons for that.

Although there are a significant number of females with pleasant personalities, many of us have encountered some really toxic such along the way that can tell us what is wrong about the current culture. It is like they represent a certain negative tendency in our society.

1. The female friend who can’t stop calling and think that men and women are equally talkative

When you were younger, it could be beneficial to have female friends and acquaintances. You used social circles to meet other girls.  When some of those drop off you usually replace them with more males. However, one girl that I only had made out with and was not the slightest interested in just couldn’t stop calling me.

She called me pretty much every single night and wanted to talk about her relationship problems and the dullest of the dullest of things in her petty everyday life. A phone call doesn’t have to be that tiresome if it is brief, but this one didn’t know anything of that. Nor did she take notice of me hinting about studying, going to the gym, or cooking afterwards.

At some point I just had to say no, so I stopped answering her damn phone calls. Not surprisingly that made her desperate to reach me, and she started calling three times more. Eventually we talked and I concisely explained that I didn’t want to talk to her anymore. Our “mutual” relationship didn’t give me anything. She became upset, of course, and said she was going to unfriend me on Facebook (oh no!). Funny thing is that I met her in Stockholm several years later and she wanted to add me back again.

2. The backpacker bitch who cannot take a joke and gets mad over nothing

You go to places like the Philippines to have an easy lay, not to talk to fat-tatted Western girls. Especially those who have loud mouths or completely lack humor.


Somewhere on Cebu I and some other travelers were playing a typical drinking game, and for some reason I made a joke about the vagina of an Aussie girl, a six or seven with a super-bitchy attitude. It wasn’t even personal against her, just random wittiness, but still she had to make nasty comments about me for the rest of the play round.

Then in the middle of a karaoke session I just went when she was supposed to start singing, and the look in her eyes was that of pure ire. I thought she was going to stab me.

3. The spoiled one who doesn’t understand that men and women are different

Sometimes I write about the same topics on social media that I do here, and it has happened that I have uploaded girl pics and party photos on my social media accounts (often erasing most of them after being in a LTR).

One Swedish girl, an acquintance of mine who is a spoiled young girl, just couldn’t take it. She said that she wanted to vomit because of my lifestyle and how I talked about Swedish girls, and after a conversation on Facebook Messenger, she unfriended me and stressed that three other girls that we both know were about to do the same. After another trip to East Asia I made a point of stating that Orientals have a better demeanor than Western girls, on average. She then unfriended me.

Perhaps it would help her if she noticed that men and women are different. A guy who sleeps around a bit are not hurting himself, while a girl does. Overall just complete cry-baby behavior for nothing.

Three worthy mentions

4. The 40-year-old former colleague, whom you always were nice and helpful to, but have heard about your player lifestyle and now hates you.

5. The young social justice warrior who wants to get you fired for writing that it’s easier to get laid in Tokyo with thin girls.

6. The stalker girl whom you slept with once and now tries to contact you by calling, Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, e-mail and whatnot.


Although normal men are imperfect, we should not have to deal with borderline crazy girls and women for no reason. There are enough of real bad man to put the blame on. The best advice is to be very selective with the females you associate with and remove yourself from them as fast as possible if bad signs occur.

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