1. Becoming aware of the scourge.

One day I went over a lady friend’s house to do my thing and something horrible happened. She told me she was no longer cool with our casual arrangement. I was confused. I didn’t remember allowing her to dictate the terms of our “relationship”. I asked her if she was feeling alright. She informed me that some guy brought her to church. I told her I did not care what she does when I am not around and asked her why her clothes were still on. She attempted to explain what being a good Christian is to me but I zoned out and focused on the lavish bible with its gold trim and leather cover on the nightstand. At that moment I had the shocking epiphany that I was cock-blocked through time and space by god. This church going gentleman with his fancy bible and attempts to turn a bad girl good ruined my Tuesday afternoons for awhile.  On that day I realized something must be done.


2. Who is the enemy?

What is a “white knight”? In reality, a white knight  is a man that irrationally places women on a pedestal and acts as her doormat and slave. In the white knight’s mind, he is her righteous defender and honorable consort, personifying the ideals of chivalry. What would cause a man do to this? It could be mental illness, indoctrination, or ignorance. Whatever the cause, the problem exists and must be dealt with.


3. Why must they be fought?

In my short time on this planet I have realized that white knights are more dangerous than the silly jokes they appear to be. They are the enablers of certain deleterious social movements, behaviors, and attitudes that plague our society. Various elements they support work against the interests of me and other men like me. I’ve also noticed that while those they support might have certain protections, white knights do not. No one will defend a white knight and so they are vulnerable.

Why strike them wherever they may lurk? They are a cancer that tends to spread if not stamped out as soon as possible. With their weak minds and lack of knowledge of the world they are easy targets. Depending on how devious you are and how hard you want to crush them, there are many methods to combat this pathogen. Some white knights might be reformed and cease being white knights, others will be oblivious and continue with their ways, and some might double down on their beliefs, but the effort must be made.


This article is not a “how to” in engaging the white night but a call to arms to take the fight to them. They are a worm that eats at the apple of masculinity. A lot of the groups they enable would not be able to  stand without the support of white knights. These quislings need to be treated for what they are and deserve no mercy.

4. Conducting operations against them.

Usually their motivation to be a white knight is the key to destroy them. If they put a woman on a pedestal due to some bizarre belief of chivalry, use the dark soul of a woman against them. If they are motivated by the suicidal altruism of liberalism, serve them up some delicious “cultural enrichment”. The sky is the limit. An agile mind come up with many devious and dastardly  methods to bring the battle to the white knights.


In a previous article I mentioned the game where I would order fruity drinks to draw certain types out of the woodwork. Another method I use at the bar to engage the white knight is exploitation. If I observed a white knight that likes to buy drinks for the ladies, I’ll send my lady friend over to get one from him and bring it to me. I make sure he sees this. Most of the time he remains quiet and possibly questions his belief system. Sometimes he’ll say something along the lines of “I bought that for her” to which I reply “and she gave it to me”. Rarely they question the manners of the woman exploiting them but if they do I tell them to look into how the world really goes round.

5. Why we fight.

To anyone who knows medieval history and the feudal system, the current revisionism of chivalry is an abortion that does not apply to men these days. Odds are you are do not speak French, are a vassal of some lord, or have a license to kill. Fantasy play has its time and place. It is cool as a child or maybe at a medieval fair, but not at a bar or in a modern city.


If you find yourself acting like a white night, stop it. If you see someone acting like a white knight then “see something say something”. If enough men take up this crusade there will be positive change. Such change could include better sex ratios at the club, less female entitlement complexes, and a general return to the natural order.

Like a timid soldier cautiously moving down a block for fear of improvised explosive devices, white knights will think twice before they shit up a place with their nonsense after being hammered a few times. They should feel safe nowhere.

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