1. Don’t be a follower on your free time

People do a lot of things they don’t want to do. This can be acceptable for some course of employment or obligations to friends and family. But where I have a problem with it is when people feel obligated or coerced into doing things they don’t like in the guise of leisure and entertainment. Peer pressure and social conformity are powerful tools. Doing things for enjoyment because you think others do them for enjoyment is beta.


2. Having fun should be fun.

Logic would dictate if do something that you like, you must like doing it. I have seen the “go along to get along” and herd conformity in activities such as watching sports, drinking to excess, following social trends, and doing things they see other people have fun doing. I’ve also seen the flip side of that in that people avoid activities they enjoy because they fear might be found to not be mainstream or “trendy”. It seems to be a symptom of a living a life not of your own.


3. Observing the herd in the wild.

Watching a wannabe hipster choke down  a craft beer he doesn’t like while wearing the uniform of the “non conformist”  to fit in with the crowd to pretend he’s having fun is one example. There can be many causes for this. One might be the need to fit in. He might feel the need to imitate those who are actually having fun. Or it might be he just doesn’t have the stones to tell people he doesn’t like doing such things so the cycle continues. In the end though it doesn’t matter his motivation because he cheated himself out of fun and the pursuit of his own leisure and happiness. Seems like a rather hollow existence to me.


4. Have at it.

Herd creatures like women and girlie men fall victim to conformity to the point where it interferes with their leisure. Or it might be that being part of the herd is more fun than anything else to them, either case I do not care. The target audience of this website is masculine men  and they should pursue what they want to do, not what they’re told to do. If you like doing something then don’t stop doing it because somebody else doesn’t like what you doing.

Caveat: unlawful activity is unlawful, also this is not an excuse to play World of Warcraft. If pounding club bitches through the mattress is your thing, have at it. If you like building as SR 71 blackbird model jets repeatedly because they are all black and have no external armament, have at it. If you like being mechanically asphyxiated with synthetic fiber leggings while you rumble your girl’s ovaries by displacing volume in her pelvic cavity, have at it.



5. Don’t be a social zombie.

Speaking of conformity in social norms, it is wise to look into the motivations behind certain influences in society  when it wants you to act a certain way. Some influences are rather benign and lookout for the best interest of society, such as not stuffing your face with lard every day. Other influences are not as altruistic and they could actually be the opposite of the benign ones such as fat acceptance.

Some marketing campaigns are designed to motivate people to do something for fun. Marketing might be social political and/or material. People drink Bud Light mostly because they see the ads plastered everywhere and their friends do as well. An easy way to identify the more weak-minded in society is by comparing liquor trends with advertising budgets. Some of these weak individuals actually become free advertising for the company’s when they say silly things like “Ciroc is the best”. If you do things because other people are doing it or you think it is the cool thing to do or because you have to in a certain environment (socially speaking, not legally), then you might actually not be thinking with your own mind.


6. Broadening horizons through leisure.

I discovered trolling certain people. I came up with a game that only seems to work on the East Coast and in liberal cities but it’s rather fun to play. It is a game to draw out the betas and rustle their jimmies. I order a rum drink that is either pink or white and is served in a martini glass with a pineapple, cherry, or whatever fruit I can think of. As I sit at the bar, quite a few people will make a comment.  If that comment is insulting, 100% of the time it came from a beta. This might be the one instance where a beta  feels safe confronting and insulting somebody in such an environment.

Like an ant lion laying in wait, I relish when they stumble into my trap. Usually they say something along the lines of “why didn’t you order a man drink?” I reply with “I didn’t realize beverage selection was the measure of a man, I always thought it was the capacity for violence.” At this point the beta and/or omega usually becomes visually perturbed and I continue “You measured me as a man with your method, can I measure you according to mine?”

I find this game fun on so many levels. First of all, the betas are reminded of what they really are. Second is that it is intriguing to women who might be watching. Third, it is intellectually agile enough to make the academic types butthurt. I’ve noticed two things while playing this game. One is actual alpha males never ask anything about my beverage selection other than curious questions. Another is I actually like most of these fruity drinks and I order them outside of this game because I enjoy them.


7. Conclusion.

Have fun doing something because you like it and be your own man. Common sense would dictate the wearing a bathing suit to funeral might not be the greatest idea. Don’t be somebody’s unwitting pawn to meet their sales numbers because you felt the need to belong. Make decisions with your own mind. But to paraphrase Topgun: don’t have your ego write checks your body can’t cash.

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