There was once a time when women acted like ladies. Some time ago, this all changed. They stopped speaking and acting liked women and started tattooing themselves from head to toe while adopting the personalities of low-class men.

Going all the way back to the 1950s, we find women still in their purest form. They mostly wore skirts and dresses when going out in public and “getting a tattoo” was unheard of for anyone but a sailor. Feminism barely existed, because why would a woman want to act in a way that would turn off men?

How Women Spoke In The 1950s vs Today

Intelligent, educated women from yesteryear spoke differently from the women you encounter on the street today. Whether it came from strong, parental upbringing, their favorite movie stars, or their weekly cotillion classes, ladies back then sounded more ladylike than their present day counterparts.

Contrast that to today’s average woman who fumbles her way through the English language, sounds unimpressed and tired of life, and seems to offer very little in the way of conversation. The superficial chatter uttered by women today is also usually accompanied by a bad case of vocal fry which only adds to the unattractiveness of their speech.

Most of these women could learn a lot by watching movie actresses from years past. One of these is Grace Kelly who with her Mid-Atlantic accent embodied exactly how an educated woman should sound.

Notice how feminine her voice is compared to the women of today. The tone is soft and she doesn’t end her sentences with a croaking vocal fry like so many girls now often do.

As mentioned in the video, vocal fry makes the person sound world-weary about the topic at hand. It’s just unattractive to hear a woman talk like this and yet we see all of the Hollywood puppets like Kim Kardashian with this speech pattern. Girls everywhere watch this and then start to emulate their role models. And now we have an epidemic of this nonsense on our hands.

And if vocal fry wasn’t bad enough, women these days now have the propensity to swear. Once again, they were taught this from their “role models” on TV. It started with movies and has now spread to the reality TV scene where profanity gushing from these women is constantly bleeped out.

This unladylike type of behavior would never be allowed back in the 50s because the men who ran the networks and studios didn’t want their wives or daughters talking like that. But now there is a new element running the studios and in control of our media and they are perfectly fine with allowing women to swear as much as they like. You can hear women hurling expletives around their friends, boyfriends, husbands, and even their kids when out in public.

Of course no woman who does this can be considered a lady. Grace Kelly would never be seen acting this way, which just goes to show you that women like her are no longer being emulated. Women seem to be more interested in speaking however they want to and declaring themselves liberated instead of holding themselves to a higher standard.

How Women Acted In The 1950s vs Today

A young woman in the 50s grew up in a good family with a father and mother who were determined to make a marriage work. Because of this, she was raised by a loving father whom she grew up to trust and respect. Wanting her family’s respect and that of others in her community, she was courteous to others. She strived to act like the female stars she saw on the silver screen who would be her role model.

1950s Refined Women

This is what a lady should look like

The persona of what a woman wanted to project was one that expressed to men that she was a good catch; that one day she’d be a loving wife to a man who wanted to marry her. Contrast this to the women of today. Bitchy and masculine are just a couple of adjectives I can use to describe today’s women. They have no grace, no warmth, and no innocence left from what they once were. On top of that, they don’t respect themselves or others.

Today's Women

Women that never attended finishing school

They’re told that being shy is a weakness and are advised to act “strong.” But what that really means is masculine, obnoxious, and domineering. This little ploy by the left-wing media is the usual game of taking one word and giving it another meaning.

With a lot of today’s young women growing up in single-parent households without a father, they immediately distrust men from the get-go. Her mother bad-mouthing her ex and other men she dates only further serve to make things worse.

By the time the young woman is out of the house and on her own, her view of men has already been radically changed from her 1950s counterpart.

What Will Become Of Women?

Women, who were once soft-spoken, warm, and graceful, have lost all of those wonderful traits that made them so attractive. They’ve descended into an abyss of low-brow behavior that should be repulsing to both men and women alike. Then again, we now live in a society where dignity has been removed from our culture. So maybe it’s no surprise that we now have an epidemic of women who are no longer ladies.

As for the women from the 1950s who were once held in such high regard, they are now looked down upon by the mass media as being weak, manipulated, and out of date. It’s no wonder then that today’s women don’t try to copy that outdated model of what a woman once was and what a lady should be.

Women’s magazines and TV shows tell them it’s okay to dispose of all the womanly traits their grandmothers had as they are no longer useful in today’s society.

It’s easy to see that the mainstream media and their puppets are mostly to blame for this plague upon our women as they’ve clearly been steered in the wrong direction by the wrong people. Because of this, the only way to change the tide is to remove the current decision-makers in our media and replace them with the types of people that want to see women return to being women. Only then can we begin to return to a dignified and cultured society.

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