I had to pull the new comments system, at least temporarily, because their backend had some serious adware problems that were slowing down people’s computers. We’re now using a completely stock system that doesn’t have ratings or sorting. In the next day or two, I will experiment with various plugins to improve what you’re seeing now and also fixed the broken “Comments” links.

To display an avatar with your comments on the stock system, register an account with Gravatar. Then enter the same email you registered with them in the email address field below. Your avatar should automatically be displayed. Commenting rules still apply.


Unfortunately, a lot of comments have been lost. I couldn’t recover Disqus comments left since August and the new commenting system was not syncing properly, so no comments left on it have been imported. Prepare for several weeks of commenting instability, where things don’t work and comments disappear. Keep me informed of any problems you’re seeing. I’ll get things stabilized eventually.

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