I watch that “Doomsday Preppers” show on the Discovery Channel, which displays people who prepare to survive some form of societal collapse. I have always found it odd that none of them never really plan to exploit the opportunity. They just seem to exist to continue existing. I have yet to see a wannabe warlord stockpiling weapons, ammunition and a logistical tail to support his own army that would make any Afghan chieftain proud. It seems to me that a lot of these people hoping for a collapse just can’t make it in today’s status quo and will most likely be just as successful in the future as they are now (which is not that successful).

Commentary on the decline

To paraphrase Bane’s saying in the Dark Knight Rises; are you ready for the next era of Western civilization? In this day and age of money printing, drone strikes, broad daylight decapitation and leftist worldviews crumbling, the future is bright for an agile mind. Such a mind should be able to find opportunities in a changing and fluid environment. The changing status quo could present an opening or just more closed doors depending on who and what you are. Just like the Decepticons tossing their brethren off of Astrotrain in the Transformers movie, when the government gravy train starts slowing down, it will be the weakest that get tossed off first.


The spiral has begun to rotate

This is already happening with this supposed sequester and will continue to get better or worse depending on how you favor the current paradigm. Government grants for pseudoscience, social justice, advocacy groups, and any other federal largesse are starting to dry up. The reduction of disposable income is starting gum up the works of a materialistic society. The coming change in atmosphere will only lead to more opportunity for new markets, plans, and schemes. The current system is not nimble and many of its dependents will be selected out in one form or another.



Are you getting ready?

Readiness entails more than talking about it or thinking about it. It takes action. Action is not accomplished making Facebook posts about political stories. One cannot become a good gunfighter by watching fpsrussia videos on YouTube. Buying Powerball tickets isn’t rational financial planning. As it has been said, preparation is the key to success. Pounding weights at the gym is a whole lot more productive than reading a muscle magazine. Reading books is a whole lot better guide than taking financial advice from TV. Taking positive actions to improve one’s position is always a good move.

The future will be bright, for some…

Instead of worrying about the future, one can learn to enjoy the downward spiral. While it might be harsh times for everyone, those who have been coddled and put on a pedestal in the current system will feel the most pain. Imagine watching that women’s studies professor having to turn tricks to keep her apartment warm or depend on the protection of a man to keep her safe from “youths”. That smarmy hipster won’t be able to enjoy his ethical coffee and those tears will be delicious. The words driven, cry, and lamentations come to mind. In conclusion it is better to be the ant than the grasshopper.

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