There is an interesting tendency that I personally see every day: many of my North American red pill colleagues and friends consider Russia as a symbol of masculinity, patriarchy, and resistance to globalism and emancipation.  Such points of view always put me, a person who was born and raised in Moscow, in a cognitive dissonance, because even though you won’t see gay parades and blue-haired transsexual freaks in Russia like in Canada, my country of residence, you will definitely be surprised that’s it not that favorable for a masculine man. In fact, Russia is one of the worst places for men.

As predictable, it all started with communism.  Once the Russian Empire was usurped by Western-backed communist forces, they implemented propaganda of “Dekulakization”. Basically, they brainwashed the entire lower “disadvantaged” class into destroying the rich “kulak” farmers, who were defamed as “responsible” for any economic, political, and demographic injustice in the early days of the Soviet Union.

Destroy kulak as a class!

“The rich privilege” termination was more than successful: the kulaks, the most powerful and influential men, being the foundation for one of the greatest empires, were savagely pulverized except those who managed to flee the Soviet Union.  In addition to seizing the means of production and slaughtering more than 20 million of their own, communism nullified the institution of traditional patriarchal family.  Bolsheviks simply introduced a new set of laws prioritizing females over males and constantly persecuted the Orthodox Church, a main institution of traditional values.

This achieved the concealed enslavement of men present and future. Fathers were legally prohibited from being actual chiefs for their families.  So any vital decisions for the fate of younger family members ended up in hands of anybody—their mothers, teacher, the Komsomol, but never fathers.

Government was gaining control over the future brainwashed male population by using the empowerment of women as a tool, protected at all levels from a man’s influence or being a part of traditional family. They did this by creating the Cult of Mother, sponsoring abortions, and allowing women in government positions while pushing them into becoming astronauts, pilots, and metallurgists.

Long live the Soviet women’s equality!

Down with the “Kitchen Slavery”!

A weak man has only one type of relationship: being suppressed by a dominant woman and, provided he somehow receives limited sex, granting her one or two children for her disposal to be raised as her servants. This vicious cycle repeated generation after a generation in the Soviet Union.


That’s why the USSR was relatively strong and advanced for a few decades until its male population became totally weak, culminating with its collapse in 1991. Finita la commedia. The country was left in ruin.

Was it a global conspiracy or a simple mistake? It can take volumes to answer this question, but the funniest thing is that legislation has barely changed since 1991, despite the capitalism and government changes that followed after perestroika. Let’s look at some examples of blatant, yet surviving and imposed anti-male legislation.


Our constitution is still compromised when it comes to fatherhood. A man is legally separated from his children in case of divorce. He has no right to decide whether child lives or get murdered by abortion, but if man ducks alimony he will be screwed really hard by law enforcement. Russia has the same shit as in Western Societies, except abortions are even more prevalent. The official total number of abortions per year is around 700,000. The “unofficial” one can be up to few million.

Health care

The State Duma of Russian Federation (legislation) allocates huge funds for female programs, female health, and motherhood support. When it comes for fatherhood and male health, the allocation is absolute zero. Meanwhile, cardio-vascular disease and cancer statistically affects more men than women (the life duration of an average man is 17 years less than average woman’s).

Equality before the law

In modern Russia, women get 3-4 times less prison sentences than men for the same crimes. Moreover, we have a lot of amnesties extra derogations for women as defined by the Criminal Code.  It can be surprising for you, but the majority of judges are women. As you know, women have a natural tendency to ally against men.

Mandatory draft

The real men serve their country!

At 18 years of age, every man is on the hook for military service. He is deprived of almost every civil freedom and right. The horrors of Russian draft army are known to everyone. Since antiquity, is has been known that the best army can only be made out of professionals, with slaves being the worst soldiers.  That’s why Russia was totally screwed in Afghanistan when they had sent male teenagers to fight against well-armed and trained Muslim militants.


The age of government retirement is 55 for women and 60 for men, but the average lifespan of men is only 58 (it’s 72 for women). In practice, a woman is likely to enjoy pension benefits for about 17 years longer than a man. Would a country that cares about men have such a policy?

So, my comrades, if you are currently banging Svetlana and planning to get settled in Russia, you might wanna think twice. If things go wrong with her, or you have trouble finding employment, you’ll be more screwed in Russia than in the West.

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