Social justice is like a termite infestation, ripping its way through the body politic and leaving nothing but sawdust in its wake. The latest victim is Tinder, the quasi-useful phone app for finding loose women to have one-night stands with. As part of the rollout of Tinder Reactions, a new feature that allows users to call out people who act in “annoying” or “harassing” ways, Tinder posted an ad called “The Menprovement Initiative” that attacked “douchebags” using their platform.

The absurdity of this video should be self-evident—Tinder was so terrified of the counter-reaction that they shut down comments and likes/dislikes on their YouTube channel—but let’s go through it anyway.

Beyond the ridiculous of having a snarling spinster-cum-tranny like Whitney Cummings posing as a “relationship expert,” the “harassing” male behavior that the ad attacks consists of men being self-employed, working out, and doing things to better themselves. Basically, if you’re a man who does anything at all, Tinder hates you.

Moreover, contrary to what the Strong, Independent Women™ in the video claim, it is girls, not men, who are behaving badly on Tinder. While once a useful method of finding girls to hook up with, Tinder has become flooded with flakes, fatties, scammers, and other detritus of the female species. Outside of Eastern European countries, Tinder has become worthless to the average man, and this new ad is all the more reason why they should abandon it.

Tinder Is A Fraud

When Tinder was initially launched in 2012, it was an effective means of finding slutty girls for casual sex. While hookup apps have been popular among homosexuals for years, Tinder was able to succeed where previous heterosexual apps had failed by marketing itself as a social networking application instead of a means to find easy sex. This allowed women to use the app without feeling like whores, because they could rationalize themselves as only using it to meet people.

Since then, however, Tinder has steadily declined in quality due to both greater social trends and poor decisions on the part of the app’s designers. Most notably, the introduction of Tinder Plus and Tinder Boost several years ago stripped the app of much of its usefulness. While no one can begrudge Tinder for wanting to make money, both Plus and Boost essentially throttled the accounts of most male users, making it more difficult to find women without spending good amounts of money. I strongly suspect that even paid male users are having their accounts throttled, because if they can find sex (or love) easily, they’ll be less likely to drop $10 or more a month on Tinder.


More importantly, Tinder has singularly failed to rein female misbehavior and fraud on its app. Women on Tinder have become notoriously flaky, refusing to answer messages when they match with men or matching with them long after they’ve left the area the man is in (this is very common with American and Western women vacationing in eastern Europe). Tinder also allows women to use old and inaccurate pictures to hide their aging and obesity; I recently went on a Tinder date with a Westernized Hungarian girl who was thirty pounds heavier than her pictures showed.

Even worse, the new Tinder Gold feature, which allows women to look at and Like men’s profiles for faster matching, has been taken over by scammers. When I was using Tinder on a trip through Ukraine and Poland last week, I repeatedly got Likes from obvious scam profiles that tried to redirect me to a Polish-language camwhore site.

While Tinder ignores these blatant female abuses of their platform, they’re all too happy to film expensive ads shaming men for innocuous behavior such as going to the gym and vaping. This is despite the fact that men are necessary for Tinder to work; it’s male thirst and the male desire for sex and companionship that keeps the app profitable and popular.

Get Off The Ride, Get A Refund

It’s clear that Tinder has been converged by leftist women who have forgotten what made the app successful: it facilitated hookups between men and women. Indeed, the women in the “Menprovement Initiative” seem deluded as to how Tinder actually works. For example, one of their complaints about “douchebags” is that they “don’t introduce you to [their] friends,” as if any self-respecting man would parade around some slut he met off a hookup app.

While I’ve had success using Tinder in Hungary, Ukraine, and Poland, I’m unwilling to invest my time and money into an app run by people who hate me for being a straight white man. Because of this, I urge you to uninstall Tinder from your phone and cancel your Tinder Plus and Gold subscriptions (if you have them). In the West, Tinder has already become useless due to female entitlement, obesity, flaking, and fraud, so this should be an easy decision for many men.

Tinder’s management has made it clear that we aren’t welcome on their platform, so we should stop giving them money and watch their business crumble. The easiest way to combat SJW-converged companies is to stop rewarding them with our time and dollars. There’s no reason to use a service or platform run by people who hate you.

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